6 Things You Need to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Appointments

Going shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, emotional, stressful, or joyful — and sometimes it's all of those things at once! Is it any wonder so many brides cry when they first step into a gown or finally choose "the one"? As with so many scenarios, the key to having a successful wedding dress appointment is to come prepared. It's ok you're not entirely sure what style, silhouette, or designer you want; there are other ways you can approach this most important day with all of the information you need. We sourced some etiquette expert-approved advice on this. It's useful for all types of brides-to-be, though be warned: There's nothing that can prevent you from tearing up!

• A strapless bra — to give you the versatility to try on all gown styles. You may buy a specific nude or white bra or bustier and a slip after selecting your gown.

• Sheer control-top panty hose or regular sheer panty hose.

• Shoes the same heigh you'll wear on your wedding day (a one-and-a-half to two-inch heel is comfortable for dancing); buy wedding shoes to match the style of dress before the first fitting.

• The hairstyle you plan on (or are thinking of) wearing on your wedding day. If you're undecided on a 'do, then you can plan one around the kind of dress you get.

• Photos or tearsheets of dress styles you like. If nothing comes to mind, bring a photo of a celebrity style icon for inspiration.

• Photos and/or a description of your ceremony and reception site.

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10 Brides Reveal the Songs They Banned at Their Wedding

The right music has the ability to enliven your crowd and really get your reception going. But even one bad song can kill the mood on the dance floor. Worse, the wrong musical choice can make it seem like someone else's celebration entirely. We asked our readers to share the songs that made their "absolute do-not-play" list and which tunes engaged girls are planning to ban. (Perhaps it's time that DJs get the memo about "Macarena" and "The Electric Slide"?)

"'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen! For some reason, it just irritates me when they play that at weddings." — Krysteen Z.

"I banned the majority of my husband's metal music. Wink." — Jennifer L.

"I haven't had my wedding yet but 'The Chicken Dance,' 'Macarena,' and 'Electric Slide' will not happen! They are over done and over played. They no longer have the significance and fun they once had." — Annalis P.

"'What Did the Fox Say?' Stupidest song ever!" — Audrey O.

"I'm going to ban Taylor Swift. Ugh! Then my fiancé is banning what he calls 'the song about divorce,' 'I Will Survive'." — Andrea E.

"I definitely do not want 'I Had the Time of My Life' from Dirty Dancing as the last song of the night. Too overplayed!" — Jai D.

See More: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Ceremony Music

"'The Love Shack' — It's a little ol' song that drives me crazy!" — Marie P.

"We told the band specifically not to play 'California Dreaming.' My husband absolutely hates it and it's a bit cliché. But they played it anyway, straight after first dance — disaster!" — Sarah F.

"'All of Me' is way too overdone. I didn't want to hear it at my wedding." — Qiana M.

"'Who Let the Dogs Out.' My dad has an embarrassing drunken dance he does to that. Sob!" — Rachel W.

Jolène M. Bouchon is a regular contributor to Brides.com and a freelance writer.

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Watch Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller Hilariously Recount His Botched Proposal

[embedded content]

Sure, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell held the "World's Worst Wedding," but from the sounds of it, T.J. Miller had the world's worst proposal.

During an appearance on Conan last night, the Silicon Valley star breached the topic of marriage when he couldn't pronounce the word "fiancé," calling his betrothed, Kate Gorney, his "wife" because he cannot say the word "fiancé" out loud. "Fia-che" and "fian-kay" are versions of the word that came up, but no smooth-sailing "fiancé."

Then, he told Conan that his proposal "hurt so much" — literally. He explained that he popped the question at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "because she is a work of art," he punnily explained. He decided the special spot would be underneath a rock installation.

See more: The Best TV Proposals Ever

"What they don't tell you," he said, "is that when you get down on your knee to propose, just don't do it so quickly. I went down fast, and it really hurt my knee."

"I went down fast," he continued, "and I went down hard, and it hurt so much...You have to hide that because it's a really romantic moment."

"I was literally in a rock and a hard place," he quipped, hilariously recounting the flupped proposal to the late night host.

"But I got through it, and she said yes, which was really exciting," he said, concluding, "Well, she didn't say yes, she said, 'Well, OK.' But we're really, really excited."

You need to watch the hilarious interview above. And, if his proposal is any indication, their wedding is going to be a riot!

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Steal the Marchesa Bridal Beauty Look for Your Own Wedding Day

Marchesa Beauty Look Fall 2015

Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We're always waxing poetic about that you-but-better beauty look, so we felt validated when we saw the fresh-faced, rosy-cheeked models backstage before Marchesa's Fall 2015 bridal presentation. "For your wedding, Bobbi [Brown] always says to do your daytime look amped up a bit," says makeup artist Kim Soane of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, who created the look for the show. "Don't do your party makeup. It's about finding yourself at your most beautiful." Here's how to steal the look for your own big day.

1. Perfect your base.
Start off with a layer of tinted moisturizer and then layer with foundation. (They used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick at the show.)

2. Color match.
"With bridal, the neck and décolletage are usually on display, but one of the biggest problems is mismatched skin," says Soane. After applying foundation, lightly blend a matte bronzer (skip the shimmery stuff) between your face and neck.

3. Stick to blue-based pink blush.
"Even if you have a warm complexion, you can still use cool pink," Soane says. "Coral can look orange in photos. Cool tones photograph better." Bobbi's tip? Pinch your cheeks — that's your perfect pink. (Oh, and while we're at it, you don't need to contour like a Kardashian. Blush alone is best for bridal, Soane says.)

See more: The Best Bronzers for Fair-Skinned Brides

Bobbi Brown Makeup Palette

Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

4. Groom your eyebrows — and then mess them up.
"We started with perfect brows," Soane says. "Then Georgina [Chapman] took a look and wanted them messier so that they looked more natural. We used the Brow Shaper to mess them up — it's like mascara for your eyebrows."

5. Use eye shadow on your lower lash lines.
Soane traced a thin strip of eyeliner along the models' top eyelids, but for the bottom, she used brown powder eye shadow. "It's a great trick to shape the eyes," she says. "It helps them stand out in photos."

See more: How to Master Winged Eyeliner for Your Big Day — Straight from Lauren Conrad's Makeup Artist!

6. Brighten your eyes.
Soane used a soft gray shade (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Heather) to keep eyes neutral, but still vivid. (Her tips: Stay away from eye shadow in shades of apricot and red, since it can make you look tired.)

7. Let your lips be the finishing touch.
Go with a creamy soft pink lipstick one shade darker than your natural lip color.

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Lauren Conrad Reveals the Hardest Part of Wedding Planning

Lauren Conrad married William Tell

Photo: Getty Images

Newlywed Lauren Conrad stunned in not one, but two beautiful wedding dresses when she wed William Tell last month. But even for the fashionable former reality TV star and Paper Crown designer, finding the right look for her wedding day was a challenge.

"It's really hard because it's so much pressure on one day, you've gotta pick one look," Conrad said at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which was her very first outing as a married woman, according to Us Weekly.

But as we already know, Conrad didn't heed her own advice! Instead of choosing just one dress, she picked two styles (one by Monique Lhuillier, the other was courtesy of Badgley Mischka) that complemented each other.

See More: Go Inside Lauren Conrad's Italian Honeymoon

As for her bridesmaids, Conrad made sure her closest friends felt special on the wedding day, too. Her 12 'maids donned mismatched (and stylish!) blush gowns from Conrad's clothing line. But dressing her girls in pretty gowns wasn't all Conrad did for her favorite girls. The thoughtful bride put together an incredible gift package for each lady, which included a delicate rose gold necklace, a floral robe and matching romper, a cat-eye mask, and a monogrammed vintage handkerchief.

"My bridesmaids were such an important part of the entire process of getting married. From my bachelorette party to my bridal shower (and everything in between), these girls planned and partied with me for months," Conrad shared on her website. "So, to show them how much I love them and how lucky I felt to have them by my side on my big day, I put together a package of gifts for each of them.

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Wedding Planning at Work? Lunch-Break Links Brides-to-Be Need to See

You'd never plan your wedding at work (cough, cough) — but your lunch break is a whole other story! For your #WeddingWednesday lunchtime, we rounded up gorgeous real weddings, pretty style details, and helpful tips from across the web. Our favorite recent wedding blogs feature great ways to inject color into your wedding — from a quirky vintage wedding with tons of bold hues to a soirée with just one tone.

How do you tie together a wedding that incorporates quirky TV details with retro flair? By throwing in lots of color! This real wedding vibrant and fun, thanks to the Arrested Development-inspired banana stand and yellow ties, shoes, and flowers. —POPSUGAR

No matter who you are, surely Southern California evokes thoughts of citrus. This real wedding at The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa smartly features grapefruit-hued bridesmaid dresses, mini oranges on table settings, and pops of pink everywhere. It's fun and classic, all at the same time. —Brides

Now that we're well into fall, the hues of the season are all around. This styled shoot provides fresh insight into infusing autumnal colors into a wedding, from deep plum-colored flowers to red lips. Fall is all about darker tones, and this palette is a great jumping-off point. —Green Wedding Shoes

Why dress your bridesmaid in solid colors when you can pick a pattern that has several of them?! We love these eight floral looks that work great for a fall or winter wedding. —Brooklyn Bride

Flowers usually provide much of the color in a wedding — so what happens when you forgo fresh blooms for paper bouquets? You get creative! This woodsy affair has unexpected touches, like colored glasses and bright paper fans that make it feel vibrant and alive. —Ruffled

They say that when you mix all colors together, they turn white. In that light, this all-white Bali wedding perfectly fits with the theme of the rest of this week's blogs. The crisp ivory shade extends from the wedding dress to the shoes, flowers, and the tablecloths. It's luxurious and exotic. —100 Layer Cake

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9 Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding-Day Fear

Brides Reveal Wedding Fears

Photo: Getty Images

Unless you're literally the chillest bride on planet earth, chances are, you're currently freaking out about such things like face planting down the aisle, a tornado touching down mid-ceremony or no one showing up to your wedding at all. Rational or not, you're completely convinced the worst will happen and nothing, not even logic, can stop you from stressing. Rest assured though, you're in very good company. We asked a bunch of real brides to reveal their biggest wedding-day fears.

"I'm worried about running out of time the morning of the wedding and not having enough time to get everyone's hair and makeup done." — Ingrid V.

"I have the strangest fear that our wedding cake will fall over when we cut it! We're only having a two-tiered cake, but I made a Pinterest cake stand and I'm nervous that when we cut it, it will fall and come crashing down all over my dress, shoes and the floor." — Allison B.

"My biggest fear is having someone spill red wine on my dress!" — Diana R.

"I have a fear of tripping as I walk down the aisle or falling down the stairs as my hubby and I walk away from the altar! I do love wearing heels though." — Tanya W.

"I have a slight fear of rain since it's an outdoor ceremony, but my biggest fear is getting too intoxicated." — Katie A.

"I'm getting married in April, and my biggest fear is that things won't begin on time. Indian weddings are notorious for starting late so I'm scared the entire schedule will be off!" — Aishwarya

"Not fitting into my dress!" — Andria C.

"My wedding is a little less than a year away, and I'm already having a recurring fear that I won't wake up in time to get my hair and makeup done. For some reason I think that I will let me phone die and be alone in my apartment and won't wake up in time. Then I'll be confronted by knocks at the door and complete chaos." — Shayna M.

"When my sister was the same age as our flower girl (two years old), she ran down the aisle and jumped on my aunt's dress so I'm worried that will happen to me too! Also, our ring bearer is very young, and I'm just hoping he doesn't cry throughout the entire ceremony!" — Lauren H.

What's your biggest wedding-day fear? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson Spills Major Proposal Details!

Duck, duck, love! Newly-engaged Duck Dynasty star John Luke Robertson, who proposed to his girlfriend Mary Kate McEacharn on his 19th birthday last weekend, opened up to Us Weekly about his proposal and betrothal to his girlfriend of six months.

For starters, John Luke, the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson, described how he and Mary Kate have known each other for far longer than their courtship would seem to indicate. "We actually met four years ago at a Christian summer camp," he said. Their connection furthered during high school chemistry class. "There was some chemistry!" he added. "I had tried to date her before, and she kept turning me down! I just kept at it and she finally said yes!"

When they finally started dating in March, John Luke's father Willie was certain that Mary Kate was indeed the one for his son. "I just knew," he told Us.

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The duo, who share a deep, unwavering religious faith, capped off an exciting six months with John Luke's adorable proposal last weekend, which he planned under the guise of a birthday celebration. "I made a photo album of pictures from all the way from camp four years ago to now," he said. "She thought she was just coming over to hang with me until the birthday [party]."

The ruse worked; Mary Kate paged through the album uneventfully, until she got to the end. "We got to the last two pages, and I had a note written," said John Luke. The note said, "Love you so much...we've had so many adventures with each other, and I can't wait for the rest of our lives."

The next page upped the ante — it had a picture of an engagement ring! "She looked up at me, and when she looked up, I had the ring in my hand," Robertson said of the round 1.1 carat ring. "I said, 'Mary Kate McEacharn, will you marry me?' And she started crying."

Those tears were mixed with much disbelief, according to Mary Kate. "I honestly had no idea," she said. "We were just going through the book and having a great time laughing and looking at the pictures...I think I went into a stage of shock. I was just like, 'Is this for real?' He was like, 'Yeah.'"

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How to Get the Bridal Shower of Your Dreams (Without Annoying Your Bridesmaids)

Though the maid of honor traditionally plans the bridal shower — often with the help of the other bridesmaids — there's no reason you can't give her a little helpful guidance. Just tread lightly, though, because you don't want to cross the line into bridezilla territory. To get the bridal shower of your dreams without stepping on anyone's toes, follow these four simple steps:

1. Suggest a few dates that work with your schedule.
Since your maid of honor has the huge task of figuring out everyone's schedules and deciding on a date, try to be as flexible as possible and throw out several dates that work.

2. Put everyone in touch.
If some of your bridesmaids don't know each other very well, take the time to introduce everyone. And if getting your entire bridal party together in person is too difficult, logistics-wise, then write a group email to all of your bridesmaids, sprinkling in a few fun tidbits about each person — where they live, what they do, how you met, and your favorite thing about her.

See More: 7 Must-Have for Your Bridal Shower

3. Create the guest list.
Instead of waiting to be asked, be a thoughtful bride-to-be and have your bridal-shower guest list at the ready. Make sure that everyone who's invited to the shower is also invited to the wedding, and don't go overboard with the guest list — remember that your bridesmaids will be generously footing the bill for this party, so try your hardest to keep the guest list to your closest friends and family.

4. Drop a few hints.
If you have an idea of the type of shower you'd like, you could try to subtly drop a few hints ("Wouldn't it be nice if it was held outdoors?"), but refrain from making flat-out demands. You could also recruit a shower spy: Share your ideas with a trustworthy bridesmaid who can help steer your maid of honor in the right direction. Now's also the time to let your attendants know if you'd like to play games at the shower or if you'd prefer to skip that tradition (the same goes for the opening of gifts).

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A Fresh, Romantic Wedding at the Denver Art Museum

"Yes, it happened," says April Pinon, 29. "My husband, Matthew Anderson, and I met at a bar." It was the spring of 2012, and April was at a Kansas University basketball watch party (she's an alum). "Matthew wasn't a basketball fan, but now he pretends very well!" she laughs.

A year and a half later, the night before heading on a two-and-a-half week cruise through the Mediterranean, April and Matthew met their friends for a send-off happy hour. When they got home, April found the house full of roses and a huge wrapped box on the dining room table. She opened the box to find a framed photo of their home and a letter Matthew had written to her. "When I turned around to hug him, he got on his knee and asked me to marry him. It hasn't felt like real life since," April says.

A mere eight months later, the Colorado residents invited 185 guests to join them at the Denver Art Museum on June 7th, 2014 for a modern, romantic wedding planned by Bella Event Design and photographed by Ashley Sawtelle.

The bride chose accessories to match the venue, wearing strappy silver sandals by Jimmy Choo and dangling statement earrings to complement her soft updo. She carried a full bouquet of white peonies, accented with greenery.

April fell in love with her Anna Maier gown's ivory lace and petal-like detailing. "I knew Matthew would love it," she says.

April's bridesmaids wore blush lace dresses that complemented her gown. They carried slightly smaller bouquets of white and blush peonies.

The ceremony took place in front of a cluster of vases filled with white hydrangeas and floating candles. April's parents walked her down the aisle to "This Year's Love" by David Grey. Matthew and April didn't write their own vows: instead, they exchanged the vows that her sister and brother-in-law said at their wedding in 2010.

During cocktail hour, guests dined on mini crab cakes and a Pad Thai station as they sipped the bride's and groom's choice of cocktails (a Cosmo for her, a Manhattan for him).

The reception was decorated in shades of white and gray, with mirrored accents.

The couple sat at a sweetheart table sat at a white lacquer table topped with hydrangeas, roses, and candles. Round tables were topped with cascading orchids, while others featured mirrored toppers and boxes full of roses.

"Matthew's main priority was to make sure no one left hungry," says April. After a meal of grilled salmon and beef tenderloin, guests were treated to vanilla and chocolate cake, topped with fondant ruffles, as well as a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream bar, complete with mix-ins.

"We traveled so much over the year before our wedding," says April, "so we took an unconventional honeymoon." The duo rented an RV and road-tripped through Colorado for a week, stopping for excursions like white-water rafting and hiking, as well as roasting s'mores and playing with their 6-month-old puppies. "We had the most incredible time enjoying each other in such a simple way," says the bride.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Denver Art Museum || Wedding Planner: Bella Event Design || Bride's Wedding Dress: Anna Maier || Shoes: Jimmy Choo || Hair: Salon E || Makeup: Liz Boyle Makeup Artistry || Bridesmaids' Dresses: BHLDN || Groom & Groomsman's Attire: John Philbeck || Engagement Ring: Sam L. Majors || Florist: Design Works || Invitations: From the Heart Graphics || Paper Goods: Richard's Notebook || Music: ceremony - Ribbons & Strings Ensembles, reception - Soul X || Catering: Palettes || Cake: Kelley Kakes || Ice Cream Bar: Cold Stone Creamery || Rentals: Event Rents || Photo Booth: Bamboo Booth || Videography: Wedit || Photography: Ashley Sawtelle

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Find Out What Role Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's Beloved Dog Will Play in Their Big Day! (Plus, More Exclusive Wedding Details)

Look what else we saw at @mark_zunino! @andi_dorfman & @joshmurray11 lookin' fine as always � Photo: @laurenfrankfort #brideseverywhere #BridalFashionWeek #BridesFashionWeek

View on Instagram

The past few months have been a whirlwind for former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. From whittling down 25 suitors to just one lucky guy, Josh Murray, to getting engaged and then moving in together in Atlanta, these two are now ready to hit the ground running with wedding planning. And their first stop to start sorting out every little detail for their perfect big day? Bridal Fashion Week!

Amongst the many runway shows these two lovebirds attended hand-in-hand was Mark Zunino's Fall 2015 runway show yesterday at Kleinfeld in New York City. "This has been our first step right here," Andi told Brides of their planning process following the runway show. "I keep telling Josh and everyone everything revolves around the dress. So step number one is go start looking at dresses."

They're also considering the time and place of their nuptials, but haven't nailed down an exact date yet. Luckily, one location stands out in the running: Atlanta! Conveniently the two lived in the same city before coming on the Bachelorette. "I think we would ideally like for [the wedding] to be in Atlanta," Andi explained. "Our family is all on the east coast so that would be great to have it there. As far as when, we like spring, we like summer — the sooner the better. We're ready to roll."

They're not set on any décor or color scheme, but whatever they choose will be simple and sophisticated. "Josh and I want something that's chic and elegant, but unique," she explained.

See more: The Best TV Proposals Ever

One thing that is settled? Josh has free reign when it comes to food. "I will definitely be doing the food," Josh excitedly announced. "I will be taste testing everything. I will be drinking every form of alcohol just to make sure that's all clean and all good. The wines, I will make sure the wines are all great ..." The former pro-baseball player is open to other wedding tasks, too, adding, "Whatever de-streses her, though, I will help her out."

As for their family's involvements, one member will have a clear-cut role in the wedding: Josh's beloved dog Sabel! "We're trying to figure it out. Is she bringing down the rings or does Josh walk down with her?" Andi continued. "But Sabel will definitely be involved," Josh concluded.

And, for the question everyone has: Will the wedding be televised? "We don't know yet," Andi said. "We're totally into it though," Josh added. "We have a good followers, a lot of supporters and fans that would love to see it and we want to continue that journey and end it with them."

Fingers crossed that they will!

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Watters Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory rosegold beaded strapless sweetheart neckline fit flare chapel train wedding dress vida 7041b

We are constantly amazed by how designers turn their inspiration into beautiful works of art. The starting point for the Spring 2015 Watters ”Oriental Pearl” collection was art itself — specifically, the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas. Inspired by the remarkable art and the rich history of the East and West, designer Vatana Watters worked graphic details, handcrafted embroidery and opulent pearl and crystal beadwork into elegant, modern silhouettes. The result is an exquisite collection infused with old world charm, and filled with lavish, chinoiserie-inspired motifs.

“Vatana was inspired by the lavish collection of Imperial Jewels on display, dating back to the 17th century. The Imperial Jewel collection influenced the extravagant beading on corsets and complex pearl and crystal details. The calligrapher’s energetic brushwork inspired sophisticated, body contouring dresses in bold lace patters, accentuated with perfectly placed, cut layered embellishments. The rich history of the East and West gave birth to classic silhouettes in luxurious fabrications and contoured neckline in sculpting baroque lace, an homage to the captivating dynamic and elegant past.”

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory rosegold beaded strapless sweetheart neckline fit flare chapel train wedding dress vida 7041b zoom

watter bridal spring 2015 strapless scallop sweetheart neckline blush chapel train fit to flare colored wedding dress zarrin 7060b

watter brides bridal spring 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline almond beaded embroidery a line wedding dress nyra 705bb

watter brides spring 2015 bridal illusion neckline crystals on illusion tulle soft spanish net chapel train trumpet wedding gown isa 7084b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory stretch silk charmeuse tank top chemise top 7009b silk organza ballgown skirt pirya skirt 7009b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal long sleeves plunging neckline fit flare sweep train wedding dress aziza 7054b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal long sleeves plunging neckline fit flare sweep train wedding dress aziza 7054b back

watter brides spring 2015 bridal off the shoulder deep v neckline sweep train fit flare wedding gown mila 7014b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal short sleeve illusion neckline sheath wedding gown beilin 7059b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless almond sheer plunging neckline jewel corset a line wedding gown kian corset 7062b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless almond sheer plunging neckline jewel corset a line wedding gown kian corset 7062b zoom

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless sheer plunging neckline beaded leaf embroidery sheath wedding gown lalai 7083b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless sheer plunging neckline beaded leaf embroidery sheath wedding gown lalai 7083b back

watter brides spring 2015 bridal strapless sweetheart ivory a line sweep train asher 7000b

watter wedding dresses spring 2015 bridal kaliah light nude strapless sweetheart neckline crystals bodice top ball gown skirt priya 7009b

Photos courtesy of Watters. For details, visit Watters.

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Things Remembered Personalized Wedding Jewelry + Giveaway – Sponsor Highlight

things remembered personalized pocket watch groom best man wedding gift

You plan every detail of your wedding, right down to the color of the soles of your shoes (they have to match your bridal theme!), naturally you’d want your wedding day jewelry to be special too.

Things Remembered allows you to engrave heartfelt messages on beautiful, affordable wedding day jewelry — from a pocket watch for the groom to a lock and key bangle for you. These keepsake pieces are thoughtfully-designed and engraved by artisans with years of experience, making them wonderful as gifts for your groom, a token of thanks for your bridesmaids, or a memento for yourself to mark a very special day.

Wedding Day Gifts for Her

Here are some lovely gift ideas for the bride or ladies in your bridal party:

things remembered personalized wedding gift bride multi chain bracelet heart charm engraved

This Multi-Chain Bracelet features 12 delicate chains with a toggle clasp and polished silver heart-shaped charm. Engrave a favorite quote on the front and your initials or wedding date on the back, and then add a design or a custom wedding logo* for a really unique piece. This bracelet comes in a beautiful filigree box, which is free with any jewelry purchase, when personalized.

things remembered personalized wedding jewelry gift bride vintage flower bracelet engraving

The Vintage Flower Bracelet is perfect for the romantic bride! This feminine bracelet features a Victorian-inspired floral design set with CZ stones. You can personalize both the front and the back of the charm with your monogram, date or phrase. To complete the look, get the matching necklace and matching earrings.

Wedding Day Gifts for Him

Handsome personalized gifts for the dapper groom and the best men in his life:

things remembered personalized gift for groom best man leather bracelet rose gold cuff links

This Black Leather Braided Bracelet is a gift he’ll want to use every day! Engrave your initials and wedding date on this modern, masculine accessory which features a braided leather cord and stainless steel cylinder. The understated design is sleek enough for the wedding day, yet sturdy enough for daily wear.

For the finishing touch, how about a pair of Stainless Steel and Rose Gold Cuff Links engraved with his initials? These come in a Tri Tone Valet Box, which is free when engraved, so they also make a great thank you gift for his best man.

For more awesome ideas to personalize your wedding, check out Remembered Weddings.

Goodies for the Bride and Groom

With a $150 minimum purchase, you get a FREE custom wedding logo that you can use on everything from your invitations and thank you notes to your engraved flutes and cake server set.

With over 600 conveniently-located stores nationwide, creating your personalized keepsake is easy. Or just order online for home delivery or same-day in-store pickup. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Things Remembered’s complimentary bridal newsletter to receive your complimentary keepsake heart, custom engraved just for you.

We know you love giveaways, and here’s one you don’t want to miss! Enter below to win a vintage flower bracelet + black leather bracelet set, complete with custom engraving^! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
^ Terms and conditions apply

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3 Ways to Include Absent Guests in Real Time at Your Wedding

Including Absent Guests in Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

No matter where you decide to get married, there will always be some very important family or friends who cannot attend the festivities. The neat thing is that modern technology has made it possible to share your wedding in real time with some of those people who cannot be there with you to celebrate. Of course, you can always have a really good wedding video made to share with everyone after the wedding, but if you want people to feel like they're right there with you, wherever you are, here are three good ways to do it:

1. Live-streaming the wedding ceremony via Skype or Google Hangouts is a great way to make missing VIP wedding guests feel like they're right there with you. To do this discreetly so that it doesn't take away from the professional ceremony photos, you'll want to have somebody seated in the front row holding the iPad or other digital device you're filming on as low as possible. It can also be mounted on a tripod to the side, but that won't be adjusted if somebody moves out of frame unless you have somebody standing there with it, which puts them in the middle of many of your photographer's shots. More important: find out ahead of time whether the location where you're getting married is "wired" or can support enough of a "hot-spot" connection to stream video in real time. Worst case scenario, somebody can go upload the video and send it from a connection nearby the minute the ceremony is over. Quick (but important) note: If you're live-streaming, be sure to mute the viewers on the other end who may forget that their chitter-chatter can be heard by everyone around the recording device.

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2. Facebook lets you create events and invite specific people — creating a page where your friends, photographers and other guests can post pictures and videos as things happen. By creating a special event page, the content is only visible to invitees. Meaning that you're not rubbing your wedding in the face of anyone who wasn't invited and may have hurt feelings. You can choose which pics to share on your public page later on.

3. Twitter and Instagram give brides and grooms the opportunity to create a hashtag in advance and let all their friends back home know about it. The hashtag can be artistically posted in strategic locations at the wedding to remind guests that live-posting during the events is encouraged. Many couples say this is also a fantastic way to organize all the candid pictures from your friends — even easier than being tagged on Facebook.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

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How Not to Have an Awkward First Kiss

Tips for a Not Awkward First Kiss

Photo: Neal Peters Collection

You've made out with your guy a million times so you figure your first kiss will be a breeze; you've totally got this. Then the wedding finally arrives and your stomach is all in knots and you just bumped heads trying to lock lips in front of everyone. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. To avoid a potentially embarrassing moment on your big day (albeit a really funny story later down the line), heed the advice of these wedding planners, who know all too well about first kiss awkwardness.

Practice makes perfect
The easiest way to approach your first kiss, according to Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events, is to treat it like you're on stage and practice, practice, practice. "Know what foot you will step forward with and where your arms will go," she says. "Also, it's critically important to kiss longer than you think is necessary to ensure the photographer gets a great shot. If it's a quick peck, they could miss it!" (Think Drew Barrymore in the Wedding Singer — she practices several different types of first kiss with Robbie before her big day! But you should probably practice with your actual groom ...)

Do stay true to yourself though
Keep in mind that this is the man of your dreams, not some hunky actor on screen, so if you don't give long, passionate kisses in real life, you may not want to do so on your wedding day, warns Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions. "When you make drastic or severe changes at a moment's notice or catch someone by surprise, there is a greater chance that an awkward situation will be created," he notes. Which brings us to our next point...

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Don't surprise each other
If your guy plans on doing something a little extra, like a dramatic dip, during the first kiss, make sure you're both on board and know about it beforehand, advises Blake Bush, associate wedding planner and event designer at Pure Luxe Bride. Otherwise, you might wind up on the ground!

Stop overthinking it
Practice makes perfect but only if the final kiss both looks and feels natural. "I always tell my clients to never overthink any given moment of the ceremony and to do what comes natural," says wedding planner Alicia Falango, owner of Alicia K Designs in San Francisco. "This gives them less to 'remember'. It's when they are trying to do everything correctly that they fumble and are unnatural," she points out.

Hug it out
Speaking of keeping it natural, Crystal Lequang, owner at Amazae Special Events, suggests hugging first and then going into the kiss. "Often we get so fixated on the kissing part that we don't realize that we usually embrace before we kiss anyone."

Ask your pastor or officiant to step aside
Although it probably won't be that weird having someone standing behind you while you lock lips, you might not like how the pictures turn out after the fact. Instead, Bush recommends politely asking your pastor or officiant to step aside for the pic because, let's be real, who wants an officiant photo bombing your first kiss!?

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The Hottest Honeymoon Sex, According to Real Brides

Tips for Hottest Honeymoon Sex from Real Brides

Photo: Getty Images

Ever wonder what your honeymoon will really be like? If you've got your fingers crossed for a week of steamy, can't-keep-your-hands-off-each-other-for-two-seconds sex, then these brides have some good news to share. Because they're here to confess that their post-wedding days included some of the hottest sex they've ever had! Read on for the details — as long as you're not at work!

"We got it on in the shower — an alfresco shower!"
One bride was delighted to find that the Napa Valley cottage she and her new husband had rented for their California honeymoon included an outdoor patio, complete with its own shower. "I was rinsing off after a relaxing afternoon spent by the pool when my husband surprised me by joining me in the shower," she says. "I didn't expect to get naked out there — after all, I was still in my bikini! — but pretty soon, we were both in our birthday suits going at it outdoors. There was something really sexy about doing it outside. I mean, no one could see us, but we definitely had to keep quiet so no one would hear us!"

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"He focused on me the entire time."
On her wedding night, one bride got a very sexy gift from her new husband: Two back-to-back orgasms before they had sex. "I went into our wedding night thinking of course we'd have sex, but that wasn't exactly new for us," she says. "So the surprise was that my husband didn't get straight to it — he laid me back and told me that he wanted me to enjoy myself first. And I did. Twice. If only every time was like that!"

"I did a strip tease for my husband."
A few days into their honeymoon, one bride sneaked into their hotel room's bathroom and slipped on some sexy lingerie and her husband's button-down shirt. "I came out with the shirt buttoned up so that he couldn't see what was underneath," she explains. "I pushed him back onto the bed so that he was sitting at the edge, popped on some music and started unbuttoning the shirt. Let's just say he had trouble keeping his hands to himself and waiting for me to come to him as I kept taking items of clothing off."

Now it's your turn! Do you have any steamy stories to share? Tell us on Twitter at @BRIDES!

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How to Find a Passage for a Ceremony Reading

Wedding ceremony reading ideas

Photo: Jonas Peterson

Whether you and your groom compose your own poem or prayer to accompany your vows or choose a verse from another source for your wedding ceremony, a brief reading is a lovely way to express any special thoughts you may have. You might also include close friends or siblings by asking them to recite the reading for you. This is a great way to include people whom you could not in your bridal party. The best time for readings to be offered is before the vows and after the exchange of rings (although some officiants will have other recommendations). Guests may enjoy following along with their own copy of the reading, perhaps included in a wedding program. Be sure to consult with your officiant or clergymember for approval, as well as other suggestions. Here, some places to look for inspiration, and how to do it.

Sacred Scripture: To find meaningful readings, ask your clergymember for suggestions or check your local library for compilations of wedding readings, and be sure to look on the Internet. Read many translations before you choose your Scripture selections. Keep the passage short — generally a few sentences are enough to convey your message. Don't only look at verses pertaining to love and marriage; perhaps one that refers to happiness sums up your thoughts perfectly.

Poetry: The works of e.e. cummings, Robert Frost, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sara Teasdale, Percy Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Keats, and Shakespeare are all popular. Also consider the work of Pablo Neruda and Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet).

Novels and plays: Writers such as John Updike, Thornton Wilder, D. H. Lawrence, Emily and Charlotte Brontë, Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Gift from the Sea) and Gabríel García Marquez offer great inspiration.

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Dax Shepard Asked Kristen Bell to Do What?

[embedded content]

Just when you think that they can't get any more adorable, they do. We've already confirmed that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are a unique, cute, and undeniably hilarious couple. One thing we didn't realize, though, is just how comfortable these two are with one another. They're so tight that Dax recently asked Kristen to help him shave his nether-regions for a nude scene in his upcoming film This is Where I Leave You.

After detailing his lanky physique on Conan last night, Dax explained that all is tame on his backside — except for, what Andy Richter aptly called a "forest in the valley."

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"My deep fear was that it would look like a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack," Shepard explained to Conan. "So I asked Kristen — the beautiful Kristen Bell that people can already not understand why she's with me."

When Conan asked why exactly would he subject the beautiful Kristen Bell to such horror, he hilariously explained further: "She's the only person I would feel comfortable — well, I didn't even feel comfortable with her doing it," he joked. "It was a terrible experience."

The best part? Kristen totally went with it, humming 1980 classic from the band Lipps Inc. "Funkytown."

Seriously, if they're not the most hilarious married couple we don't know who is. Their daughter Lincoln — and baby number two! — are two very lucky kids with these two goofballs as parents!

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Kelly Faetanini Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal beaded gown detachable off the shoulder neckline draped beaded sleeves sheath gown elana

Hold on to your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Wedding Inspirasi is shifting into high gear to embrace the flood of gorgeous 2015 bridal collections, hot off the New York Bridal Market runways. Today’s featured collection is by Kelly Faetanini, and oooh, what a stunning collection! Some of the gowns literally shine and sparkle – with gold lamé underlay, crystal beading or metallic print accents—while others smolder with a sophisticated glamour imbued with Baroque opulence.

“Scintillating and lustrous, the Fall 2015 collection is inspired by the drama and grandeur of the Baroque period. As ornate and exuberant as this notable era, this season embodies glistening metallic, golden intricacies and lush leather. Luxuriantly adorned and architecturally eminent, the gowns exemplify the spectacle and charm of this distinct time in history.”

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal collection fit to flare silk satin gown v neck knife pleated tulle skirt illusion back allori

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless scallop sweetheart neckline leather metallic baroque sheath gown maisa

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal collection sweetheart neckline ballgown pleated crisscross bodice cut out back clara

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal off the shoulder a line chiffon gown draped detachable sleeves giovanna

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal off the shoulder detachable beaded neckline criss cross bodice cut out back fit to flare gown katerina

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal silk chiffon a line v neck gown illusion waistband beaded fringe sleeve emeline

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal silk satin fit to flare off the shoulder sheer neckline cap sleeves gown dasha

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal strapless fringe neckline cut out back silk sheath gown jules

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal v neck illusion half sleeves chantilly lace jorgette

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline leather bodice tulle ballgown perla

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline leather bodice tulle ballgown perla zoom

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline open back metallic motif a line gown luisa

Photos courtesy of Kelly Faetanini. For details, visit Kelly Faetanini.

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Modern Trousseau Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal storm strapless french alencon lace wedding dress oversized bow gray tulle skirt

How’s your Monday going? Right now, we’re drooling over Modern Trousseau’s brand new collection. The Fall 2015 Modern Trousseau bridal collection is designer Callie Tein’s most experimental work to date, and we are just in love with the beautiful use of color and texture combinations. There’s an opulent gold brocade gown with a high-low hemline, an exquisite grey tulle gown with contrasting lace overlay (above, Storm) and a strapless A-line adorned with in X & O beading (below, Kush)!

“My Fall 2015 Bridal Collection is all about playing with textures, pushing limits, and asking the question: “What if?” As in, “What if we combined delicate lace with the softest French tulle, and designed a gown every bride could fall in love with?” Or, “What if we embellished tulle with metallic thread and covered it with crystals and pearls?” We began with questions prior to designing each style, and pushed ourselves to respond to the needs and desires of our most sophisticated and fashionable brides from around the world. Enjoy!” ~ Modern Trousseau’s founder & designer, Callie Tein.

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 kush strapless modified a line gown x o beading motif

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 kasey sleeveless guipure lace sheath gown

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 catalina veil shown with mina strapless wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 gwen tulle v neck wedding dress draped bodice

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 layla strapless blush wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 layla strapless blush wedding dress train

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 mina strapless thai silk ball gown wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 opal crystal pearl beaded fit flare wedding dress matching jacket

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 porter chantilly lace wedding dress straps

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal ada strapless wedding dress

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal ada strapless wedding dress close up bodice bliss headband

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal shelby beaded chiffon gown with straps

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal sloan strapless fit and flare wedding dress

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal spencer strapless wedding dress princess seams three quarter lace jacket

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 honor strapless ball gown high low hemline skirt

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 pride gold brocade ball gown matching jacket fur trim

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 rain blush fit flare gown

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 raven couture strapless bridal gown with matching lace jacket

Photos courtesy of Modern Trousseau. For details, please visit Modern Trousseau.

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4 Wedding Ideas That Sound Great in Theory, But Aren't in Real Life

Wedding Ideas That Sound Good But Aren't in Real Life

Photo: Getty Images

You know how some clothes only work on the runway? Well, some weddings only work on Pinterest. The photos you find are great for garnering inspiration. However, the ideas you get from those same photos don't always pan out the way you thought they would in real life.

A Remote Outdoors Wedding
While the ambiance of getting married in a field overlooking the mountains sounds super dreamy in theory, the reality of it (bugs, blazing hot sun and no shelter) is a whole lot less glamorous, according to Kristen Ley, owner of Something New for I Do. "Styled shoots are often romanticized," she explains, "and it's easy to get sucked in by the pretty details. Pull off the outdoor wedding you want to achieve, but not at your guests' expense."

Asking a Friend or Family Member to Officiate
Unless your cousin Becky is a uniquely skilled public speaker, this cute little touch can spiral into a stage fright fiasco real fast, warns special events producer Richard O'Malley. "There's a lot of pressure on your friend or family member to get it right; they've never done this before, and unlike the bride and groom, they are looking directly at the crowd."

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Wish Lanterns, Candles and Sparklers
The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is starting a forest fire, or worse, having a drunken guest go up in flames! "Amongst the most obvious of things that seem like a good idea but can potentially turn out to be a big problem are candles at a windy outdoor venue, or anything involving fire, such as wishing lanterns or sparklers, around highly intoxicated people," points out Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner.

DIY Projects
Some projects are simply best left to the professionals, like your flowers, food, photos and music, for example. These things aren't worth the stress or later regret of doing it yourself, trust us. For brides hoping to save a buck on crafty DIY projects, keep in mind that your final product may not turn out as pin-worthy as what you saw online, cautions wedding planner Kia Martinson, founder of ESTOccasions. Then, you're actually out money.

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Justin Timberlake Shares a Rare Intimate Photo with Jessica Biel Just Days Before Their Two-Year Wedding Anniversary

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are arguably one of the most private (not to mention busy!) celebrity couples. And while they don't open up about their private life often, the married duo recently shared an intimate moment on Instagram while vacationing in New Zealand.

With their two-year anniversary just five days away (the pair wed on October 19, 2012 in Southern Italy), it's no surprise Justin and Jessica are spending some quality time together. According to Us Weekly, the pair have been apart since Justin has been traveling across Europe and Australia on his 20/20 Experience World Tour. But, in an apparent effort to be together for their anniversary, Jessica joined her husband in Auckland, New Zealand this week.

Justin took to Instagram to share a series of photos along the New Zealand coastline before finally uploading the sweet snap, seen above, where he's sitting with his arm wrapped around Jessica. While the photo itself is incredible (look at those views!), this rare private moment between the married couple feels even more special.

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And while they're certainly adamant about keeping their married life private, there's no shortage of love between Justin and Jessica. In 2013, Justin told Ellen DeGeneres that he was still so smitten with his new wife. "Every once in a while, I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking," Justin said. "I have this moment where I'm like, 'If you never make a good decision — if you only make bad decisions — for the rest of your life, you made one really good decision."

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What We're Pinning: Incredible Wedding Shoes

Follow BRIDES's board Wedding Shoes on Pinterest.

Shoes. What bride-to-be (or woman, for that matter) can't live without gawking over a pair or two every day? The answer is no one. When it comes to wedding shoes, the ante is upped even higher. Gone are the days when a pair of white satin heels sufficed; nowadays, brides are opting for fun, colorful, sparkly, or otherwise unique footwear to go with their wedding dress. Anything's fair game, from sky-high Christian Louboutin pumps, to funky sneakers, to sensible (yet stylish) flats.

Browsing through Pinterest proves that the spirit of creative wedding shoes is alive and well. We love pinning these ideas, from simple pumps to beachy sandals, to our "Wedding Shoes" board so that our followers can find some amazing inspiration. We picked a few of our favorite pins that show just how cool wedding shoes can be, for your viewing pleasure. Read about them below and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest for more wedding ideas of all kinds!

Best shoes on Pinterest Christian Louboutin

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

First and foremost, we know how important it is to pin what's on the market right now. Shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, who crafted the perfectly sparkly pair seen above, inevitably create footwear that we (as well as brides) fawn over. If you weren't considering a blinged-out pair of pumps for your wedding, you might just after seeing this pin on our board!

Best shoes Pinterest sneakers

Photo: Courtesy of Shirley Low

Often, we source wedding ideas from our Facebook followers. These cute, personalized sneakers, for example, were submitted as part of a callout for great wedding shoe ideas, and we knew they were perfect for Pinterest! They're unique, fun, and absolutely adorable.

The real brides we feature on Brides.com always wear amazing shoes with their wedding dresses. The sequined gold flats seen above were worn by a Philadelphia bride for her fun-filled, whimsical wedding. They perfectly prove why flats are often a great idea for a wedding, even one filled with luxe gold details!

Like what you see? Check out all of our honeymoon pins on Pinterest and don't forget to follow BRIDES

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What Not to Wear If You Want to Be Comfy on Your Wedding Day

Beauty may be pain for some brides but not you! No, you'd rather be able to breathe as you eat and feel light as a feather as you float around the dance floor. You're a girl who values comfort, which is why we've put together this little list of all the things you shouldn't wear if staying cozy on your big day is at the top of your own list.

High Heels
Think a day at the office is rough on your feet? Your wedding will be way worse, warns Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision: Wedding and Event Planning Services. "From standing throughout the ceremony to mingling during cocktail hour to dancing the night away, your feet will totally thank you if you don flats." And you'll be a much happier bride, in turn, too. In fact, in owner of Weddings in Vieques Sandy Malone's entire planning career, she's never seen a bride keep her shoes on all night long when dancing was involved. "Choose something that's cute if it's seen but comfortable to wear for six to eight hours straight," she advises. "And if you must have something high and special for pictures, get your dress hemmed for the lower shoes." Otherwise, you'll be tripping all over the dance floor and making some very painful memories!

Heavily Beaded Gowns
Looking at all those gorgeous ornate gowns in bridal magazines can be absolutely mesmerizing. However, you have to remember that the average wedding dress weighs anywhere from five to 10 pounds without beading, points out certified green event designer Veronica Cole. "Now, add beading and that weight can increase to 15 to 20 pounds depending on the style," she says. "Do yourself a solid instead, and stick with something simple made from light and airy fabrics, such as silk, cotton or organza."

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Dresses with Boning
Corset wedding dresses and strapless gowns with boning can be a huge nightmare for any bride who takes her comfort seriously. "Though these style of dresses give you tons of support and curves, over time the boning can start to dig into your skin," explains Allongo. Short girls will feel it more in their hips, while tall girls will feel it more in their ribs. If you're still dead set on one though, Allongo suggests making sure you have the length of the boning checked during your alteration. Also, find out if your seamstress can replace it with a piece that fits your torso better.

Strapless Dresses
It's certainly not impossible to find a strapless wedding dress that stays up all night, but if you're not into boning (see above) or you don't want to safety pin your bra to your dress (it's been done before!), you might want to opt for a less fussy style.

Uncomfortable Undergarments
Sure, Spanx can seriously suck you in, but if you can't stand wearing them in your every day life, your wedding day definitely isn't the time to suck it up. Same goes for thongs, corsets, shapewear and panties that are impossible to pee in.

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