6 Things You Need to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Appointments

Going shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, emotional, stressful, or joyful — and sometimes it's all of those things at once! Is it any wonder so many brides cry when they first step into a gown or finally choose "the one"? As with so many scenarios, the key to having a successful wedding dress appointment is to come prepared. It's ok you're not entirely sure what style, silhouette, or designer you want; there are other ways you can approach this most important day with all of the information you need. We sourced some etiquette expert-approved advice on this. It's useful for all types of brides-to-be, though be warned: There's nothing that can prevent you from tearing up!

• A strapless bra — to give you the versatility to try on all gown styles. You may buy a specific nude or white bra or bustier and a slip after selecting your gown.

• Sheer control-top panty hose or regular sheer panty hose.

• Shoes the same heigh you'll wear on your wedding day (a one-and-a-half to two-inch heel is comfortable for dancing); buy wedding shoes to match the style of dress before the first fitting.

• The hairstyle you plan on (or are thinking of) wearing on your wedding day. If you're undecided on a 'do, then you can plan one around the kind of dress you get.

• Photos or tearsheets of dress styles you like. If nothing comes to mind, bring a photo of a celebrity style icon for inspiration.

• Photos and/or a description of your ceremony and reception site.

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10 Brides Reveal the Songs They Banned at Their Wedding

The right music has the ability to enliven your crowd and really get your reception going. But even one bad song can kill the mood on the dance floor. Worse, the wrong musical choice can make it seem like someone else's celebration entirely. We asked our readers to share the songs that made their "absolute do-not-play" list and which tunes engaged girls are planning to ban. (Perhaps it's time that DJs get the memo about "Macarena" and "The Electric Slide"?)

"'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen! For some reason, it just irritates me when they play that at weddings." — Krysteen Z.

"I banned the majority of my husband's metal music. Wink." — Jennifer L.

"I haven't had my wedding yet but 'The Chicken Dance,' 'Macarena,' and 'Electric Slide' will not happen! They are over done and over played. They no longer have the significance and fun they once had." — Annalis P.

"'What Did the Fox Say?' Stupidest song ever!" — Audrey O.

"I'm going to ban Taylor Swift. Ugh! Then my fiancé is banning what he calls 'the song about divorce,' 'I Will Survive'." — Andrea E.

"I definitely do not want 'I Had the Time of My Life' from Dirty Dancing as the last song of the night. Too overplayed!" — Jai D.

See More: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Ceremony Music

"'The Love Shack' — It's a little ol' song that drives me crazy!" — Marie P.

"We told the band specifically not to play 'California Dreaming.' My husband absolutely hates it and it's a bit cliché. But they played it anyway, straight after first dance — disaster!" — Sarah F.

"'All of Me' is way too overdone. I didn't want to hear it at my wedding." — Qiana M.

"'Who Let the Dogs Out.' My dad has an embarrassing drunken dance he does to that. Sob!" — Rachel W.

Jolène M. Bouchon is a regular contributor to Brides.com and a freelance writer.

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Watch Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller Hilariously Recount His Botched Proposal

[embedded content]

Sure, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell held the "World's Worst Wedding," but from the sounds of it, T.J. Miller had the world's worst proposal.

During an appearance on Conan last night, the Silicon Valley star breached the topic of marriage when he couldn't pronounce the word "fiancé," calling his betrothed, Kate Gorney, his "wife" because he cannot say the word "fiancé" out loud. "Fia-che" and "fian-kay" are versions of the word that came up, but no smooth-sailing "fiancé."

Then, he told Conan that his proposal "hurt so much" — literally. He explained that he popped the question at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "because she is a work of art," he punnily explained. He decided the special spot would be underneath a rock installation.

See more: The Best TV Proposals Ever

"What they don't tell you," he said, "is that when you get down on your knee to propose, just don't do it so quickly. I went down fast, and it really hurt my knee."

"I went down fast," he continued, "and I went down hard, and it hurt so much...You have to hide that because it's a really romantic moment."

"I was literally in a rock and a hard place," he quipped, hilariously recounting the flupped proposal to the late night host.

"But I got through it, and she said yes, which was really exciting," he said, concluding, "Well, she didn't say yes, she said, 'Well, OK.' But we're really, really excited."

You need to watch the hilarious interview above. And, if his proposal is any indication, their wedding is going to be a riot!

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Steal the Marchesa Bridal Beauty Look for Your Own Wedding Day

Marchesa Beauty Look Fall 2015

Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We're always waxing poetic about that you-but-better beauty look, so we felt validated when we saw the fresh-faced, rosy-cheeked models backstage before Marchesa's Fall 2015 bridal presentation. "For your wedding, Bobbi [Brown] always says to do your daytime look amped up a bit," says makeup artist Kim Soane of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, who created the look for the show. "Don't do your party makeup. It's about finding yourself at your most beautiful." Here's how to steal the look for your own big day.

1. Perfect your base.
Start off with a layer of tinted moisturizer and then layer with foundation. (They used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick at the show.)

2. Color match.
"With bridal, the neck and décolletage are usually on display, but one of the biggest problems is mismatched skin," says Soane. After applying foundation, lightly blend a matte bronzer (skip the shimmery stuff) between your face and neck.

3. Stick to blue-based pink blush.
"Even if you have a warm complexion, you can still use cool pink," Soane says. "Coral can look orange in photos. Cool tones photograph better." Bobbi's tip? Pinch your cheeks — that's your perfect pink. (Oh, and while we're at it, you don't need to contour like a Kardashian. Blush alone is best for bridal, Soane says.)

See more: The Best Bronzers for Fair-Skinned Brides

Bobbi Brown Makeup Palette

Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

4. Groom your eyebrows — and then mess them up.
"We started with perfect brows," Soane says. "Then Georgina [Chapman] took a look and wanted them messier so that they looked more natural. We used the Brow Shaper to mess them up — it's like mascara for your eyebrows."

5. Use eye shadow on your lower lash lines.
Soane traced a thin strip of eyeliner along the models' top eyelids, but for the bottom, she used brown powder eye shadow. "It's a great trick to shape the eyes," she says. "It helps them stand out in photos."

See more: How to Master Winged Eyeliner for Your Big Day — Straight from Lauren Conrad's Makeup Artist!

6. Brighten your eyes.
Soane used a soft gray shade (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Heather) to keep eyes neutral, but still vivid. (Her tips: Stay away from eye shadow in shades of apricot and red, since it can make you look tired.)

7. Let your lips be the finishing touch.
Go with a creamy soft pink lipstick one shade darker than your natural lip color.

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Lauren Conrad Reveals the Hardest Part of Wedding Planning

Lauren Conrad married William Tell

Photo: Getty Images

Newlywed Lauren Conrad stunned in not one, but two beautiful wedding dresses when she wed William Tell last month. But even for the fashionable former reality TV star and Paper Crown designer, finding the right look for her wedding day was a challenge.

"It's really hard because it's so much pressure on one day, you've gotta pick one look," Conrad said at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which was her very first outing as a married woman, according to Us Weekly.

But as we already know, Conrad didn't heed her own advice! Instead of choosing just one dress, she picked two styles (one by Monique Lhuillier, the other was courtesy of Badgley Mischka) that complemented each other.

See More: Go Inside Lauren Conrad's Italian Honeymoon

As for her bridesmaids, Conrad made sure her closest friends felt special on the wedding day, too. Her 12 'maids donned mismatched (and stylish!) blush gowns from Conrad's clothing line. But dressing her girls in pretty gowns wasn't all Conrad did for her favorite girls. The thoughtful bride put together an incredible gift package for each lady, which included a delicate rose gold necklace, a floral robe and matching romper, a cat-eye mask, and a monogrammed vintage handkerchief.

"My bridesmaids were such an important part of the entire process of getting married. From my bachelorette party to my bridal shower (and everything in between), these girls planned and partied with me for months," Conrad shared on her website. "So, to show them how much I love them and how lucky I felt to have them by my side on my big day, I put together a package of gifts for each of them.

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Wedding Planning at Work? Lunch-Break Links Brides-to-Be Need to See

You'd never plan your wedding at work (cough, cough) — but your lunch break is a whole other story! For your #WeddingWednesday lunchtime, we rounded up gorgeous real weddings, pretty style details, and helpful tips from across the web. Our favorite recent wedding blogs feature great ways to inject color into your wedding — from a quirky vintage wedding with tons of bold hues to a soirée with just one tone.

How do you tie together a wedding that incorporates quirky TV details with retro flair? By throwing in lots of color! This real wedding vibrant and fun, thanks to the Arrested Development-inspired banana stand and yellow ties, shoes, and flowers. —POPSUGAR

No matter who you are, surely Southern California evokes thoughts of citrus. This real wedding at The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa smartly features grapefruit-hued bridesmaid dresses, mini oranges on table settings, and pops of pink everywhere. It's fun and classic, all at the same time. —Brides

Now that we're well into fall, the hues of the season are all around. This styled shoot provides fresh insight into infusing autumnal colors into a wedding, from deep plum-colored flowers to red lips. Fall is all about darker tones, and this palette is a great jumping-off point. —Green Wedding Shoes

Why dress your bridesmaid in solid colors when you can pick a pattern that has several of them?! We love these eight floral looks that work great for a fall or winter wedding. —Brooklyn Bride

Flowers usually provide much of the color in a wedding — so what happens when you forgo fresh blooms for paper bouquets? You get creative! This woodsy affair has unexpected touches, like colored glasses and bright paper fans that make it feel vibrant and alive. —Ruffled

They say that when you mix all colors together, they turn white. In that light, this all-white Bali wedding perfectly fits with the theme of the rest of this week's blogs. The crisp ivory shade extends from the wedding dress to the shoes, flowers, and the tablecloths. It's luxurious and exotic. —100 Layer Cake

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9 Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding-Day Fear

Brides Reveal Wedding Fears

Photo: Getty Images

Unless you're literally the chillest bride on planet earth, chances are, you're currently freaking out about such things like face planting down the aisle, a tornado touching down mid-ceremony or no one showing up to your wedding at all. Rational or not, you're completely convinced the worst will happen and nothing, not even logic, can stop you from stressing. Rest assured though, you're in very good company. We asked a bunch of real brides to reveal their biggest wedding-day fears.

"I'm worried about running out of time the morning of the wedding and not having enough time to get everyone's hair and makeup done." — Ingrid V.

"I have the strangest fear that our wedding cake will fall over when we cut it! We're only having a two-tiered cake, but I made a Pinterest cake stand and I'm nervous that when we cut it, it will fall and come crashing down all over my dress, shoes and the floor." — Allison B.

"My biggest fear is having someone spill red wine on my dress!" — Diana R.

"I have a fear of tripping as I walk down the aisle or falling down the stairs as my hubby and I walk away from the altar! I do love wearing heels though." — Tanya W.

"I have a slight fear of rain since it's an outdoor ceremony, but my biggest fear is getting too intoxicated." — Katie A.

"I'm getting married in April, and my biggest fear is that things won't begin on time. Indian weddings are notorious for starting late so I'm scared the entire schedule will be off!" — Aishwarya

"Not fitting into my dress!" — Andria C.

"My wedding is a little less than a year away, and I'm already having a recurring fear that I won't wake up in time to get my hair and makeup done. For some reason I think that I will let me phone die and be alone in my apartment and won't wake up in time. Then I'll be confronted by knocks at the door and complete chaos." — Shayna M.

"When my sister was the same age as our flower girl (two years old), she ran down the aisle and jumped on my aunt's dress so I'm worried that will happen to me too! Also, our ring bearer is very young, and I'm just hoping he doesn't cry throughout the entire ceremony!" — Lauren H.

What's your biggest wedding-day fear? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson Spills Major Proposal Details!

Duck, duck, love! Newly-engaged Duck Dynasty star John Luke Robertson, who proposed to his girlfriend Mary Kate McEacharn on his 19th birthday last weekend, opened up to Us Weekly about his proposal and betrothal to his girlfriend of six months.

For starters, John Luke, the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson, described how he and Mary Kate have known each other for far longer than their courtship would seem to indicate. "We actually met four years ago at a Christian summer camp," he said. Their connection furthered during high school chemistry class. "There was some chemistry!" he added. "I had tried to date her before, and she kept turning me down! I just kept at it and she finally said yes!"

When they finally started dating in March, John Luke's father Willie was certain that Mary Kate was indeed the one for his son. "I just knew," he told Us.

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The duo, who share a deep, unwavering religious faith, capped off an exciting six months with John Luke's adorable proposal last weekend, which he planned under the guise of a birthday celebration. "I made a photo album of pictures from all the way from camp four years ago to now," he said. "She thought she was just coming over to hang with me until the birthday [party]."

The ruse worked; Mary Kate paged through the album uneventfully, until she got to the end. "We got to the last two pages, and I had a note written," said John Luke. The note said, "Love you so much...we've had so many adventures with each other, and I can't wait for the rest of our lives."

The next page upped the ante — it had a picture of an engagement ring! "She looked up at me, and when she looked up, I had the ring in my hand," Robertson said of the round 1.1 carat ring. "I said, 'Mary Kate McEacharn, will you marry me?' And she started crying."

Those tears were mixed with much disbelief, according to Mary Kate. "I honestly had no idea," she said. "We were just going through the book and having a great time laughing and looking at the pictures...I think I went into a stage of shock. I was just like, 'Is this for real?' He was like, 'Yeah.'"

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How to Get the Bridal Shower of Your Dreams (Without Annoying Your Bridesmaids)

Though the maid of honor traditionally plans the bridal shower — often with the help of the other bridesmaids — there's no reason you can't give her a little helpful guidance. Just tread lightly, though, because you don't want to cross the line into bridezilla territory. To get the bridal shower of your dreams without stepping on anyone's toes, follow these four simple steps:

1. Suggest a few dates that work with your schedule.
Since your maid of honor has the huge task of figuring out everyone's schedules and deciding on a date, try to be as flexible as possible and throw out several dates that work.

2. Put everyone in touch.
If some of your bridesmaids don't know each other very well, take the time to introduce everyone. And if getting your entire bridal party together in person is too difficult, logistics-wise, then write a group email to all of your bridesmaids, sprinkling in a few fun tidbits about each person — where they live, what they do, how you met, and your favorite thing about her.

See More: 7 Must-Have for Your Bridal Shower

3. Create the guest list.
Instead of waiting to be asked, be a thoughtful bride-to-be and have your bridal-shower guest list at the ready. Make sure that everyone who's invited to the shower is also invited to the wedding, and don't go overboard with the guest list — remember that your bridesmaids will be generously footing the bill for this party, so try your hardest to keep the guest list to your closest friends and family.

4. Drop a few hints.
If you have an idea of the type of shower you'd like, you could try to subtly drop a few hints ("Wouldn't it be nice if it was held outdoors?"), but refrain from making flat-out demands. You could also recruit a shower spy: Share your ideas with a trustworthy bridesmaid who can help steer your maid of honor in the right direction. Now's also the time to let your attendants know if you'd like to play games at the shower or if you'd prefer to skip that tradition (the same goes for the opening of gifts).

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A Fresh, Romantic Wedding at the Denver Art Museum

"Yes, it happened," says April Pinon, 29. "My husband, Matthew Anderson, and I met at a bar." It was the spring of 2012, and April was at a Kansas University basketball watch party (she's an alum). "Matthew wasn't a basketball fan, but now he pretends very well!" she laughs.

A year and a half later, the night before heading on a two-and-a-half week cruise through the Mediterranean, April and Matthew met their friends for a send-off happy hour. When they got home, April found the house full of roses and a huge wrapped box on the dining room table. She opened the box to find a framed photo of their home and a letter Matthew had written to her. "When I turned around to hug him, he got on his knee and asked me to marry him. It hasn't felt like real life since," April says.

A mere eight months later, the Colorado residents invited 185 guests to join them at the Denver Art Museum on June 7th, 2014 for a modern, romantic wedding planned by Bella Event Design and photographed by Ashley Sawtelle.

The bride chose accessories to match the venue, wearing strappy silver sandals by Jimmy Choo and dangling statement earrings to complement her soft updo. She carried a full bouquet of white peonies, accented with greenery.

April fell in love with her Anna Maier gown's ivory lace and petal-like detailing. "I knew Matthew would love it," she says.

April's bridesmaids wore blush lace dresses that complemented her gown. They carried slightly smaller bouquets of white and blush peonies.

The ceremony took place in front of a cluster of vases filled with white hydrangeas and floating candles. April's parents walked her down the aisle to "This Year's Love" by David Grey. Matthew and April didn't write their own vows: instead, they exchanged the vows that her sister and brother-in-law said at their wedding in 2010.

During cocktail hour, guests dined on mini crab cakes and a Pad Thai station as they sipped the bride's and groom's choice of cocktails (a Cosmo for her, a Manhattan for him).

The reception was decorated in shades of white and gray, with mirrored accents.

The couple sat at a sweetheart table sat at a white lacquer table topped with hydrangeas, roses, and candles. Round tables were topped with cascading orchids, while others featured mirrored toppers and boxes full of roses.

"Matthew's main priority was to make sure no one left hungry," says April. After a meal of grilled salmon and beef tenderloin, guests were treated to vanilla and chocolate cake, topped with fondant ruffles, as well as a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream bar, complete with mix-ins.

"We traveled so much over the year before our wedding," says April, "so we took an unconventional honeymoon." The duo rented an RV and road-tripped through Colorado for a week, stopping for excursions like white-water rafting and hiking, as well as roasting s'mores and playing with their 6-month-old puppies. "We had the most incredible time enjoying each other in such a simple way," says the bride.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Denver Art Museum || Wedding Planner: Bella Event Design || Bride's Wedding Dress: Anna Maier || Shoes: Jimmy Choo || Hair: Salon E || Makeup: Liz Boyle Makeup Artistry || Bridesmaids' Dresses: BHLDN || Groom & Groomsman's Attire: John Philbeck || Engagement Ring: Sam L. Majors || Florist: Design Works || Invitations: From the Heart Graphics || Paper Goods: Richard's Notebook || Music: ceremony - Ribbons & Strings Ensembles, reception - Soul X || Catering: Palettes || Cake: Kelley Kakes || Ice Cream Bar: Cold Stone Creamery || Rentals: Event Rents || Photo Booth: Bamboo Booth || Videography: Wedit || Photography: Ashley Sawtelle

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Find Out What Role Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's Beloved Dog Will Play in Their Big Day! (Plus, More Exclusive Wedding Details)

Look what else we saw at @mark_zunino! @andi_dorfman & @joshmurray11 lookin' fine as always � Photo: @laurenfrankfort #brideseverywhere #BridalFashionWeek #BridesFashionWeek

View on Instagram

The past few months have been a whirlwind for former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. From whittling down 25 suitors to just one lucky guy, Josh Murray, to getting engaged and then moving in together in Atlanta, these two are now ready to hit the ground running with wedding planning. And their first stop to start sorting out every little detail for their perfect big day? Bridal Fashion Week!

Amongst the many runway shows these two lovebirds attended hand-in-hand was Mark Zunino's Fall 2015 runway show yesterday at Kleinfeld in New York City. "This has been our first step right here," Andi told Brides of their planning process following the runway show. "I keep telling Josh and everyone everything revolves around the dress. So step number one is go start looking at dresses."

They're also considering the time and place of their nuptials, but haven't nailed down an exact date yet. Luckily, one location stands out in the running: Atlanta! Conveniently the two lived in the same city before coming on the Bachelorette. "I think we would ideally like for [the wedding] to be in Atlanta," Andi explained. "Our family is all on the east coast so that would be great to have it there. As far as when, we like spring, we like summer — the sooner the better. We're ready to roll."

They're not set on any décor or color scheme, but whatever they choose will be simple and sophisticated. "Josh and I want something that's chic and elegant, but unique," she explained.

See more: The Best TV Proposals Ever

One thing that is settled? Josh has free reign when it comes to food. "I will definitely be doing the food," Josh excitedly announced. "I will be taste testing everything. I will be drinking every form of alcohol just to make sure that's all clean and all good. The wines, I will make sure the wines are all great ..." The former pro-baseball player is open to other wedding tasks, too, adding, "Whatever de-streses her, though, I will help her out."

As for their family's involvements, one member will have a clear-cut role in the wedding: Josh's beloved dog Sabel! "We're trying to figure it out. Is she bringing down the rings or does Josh walk down with her?" Andi continued. "But Sabel will definitely be involved," Josh concluded.

And, for the question everyone has: Will the wedding be televised? "We don't know yet," Andi said. "We're totally into it though," Josh added. "We have a good followers, a lot of supporters and fans that would love to see it and we want to continue that journey and end it with them."

Fingers crossed that they will!

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Watters Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory rosegold beaded strapless sweetheart neckline fit flare chapel train wedding dress vida 7041b

We are constantly amazed by how designers turn their inspiration into beautiful works of art. The starting point for the Spring 2015 Watters ”Oriental Pearl” collection was art itself — specifically, the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas. Inspired by the remarkable art and the rich history of the East and West, designer Vatana Watters worked graphic details, handcrafted embroidery and opulent pearl and crystal beadwork into elegant, modern silhouettes. The result is an exquisite collection infused with old world charm, and filled with lavish, chinoiserie-inspired motifs.

“Vatana was inspired by the lavish collection of Imperial Jewels on display, dating back to the 17th century. The Imperial Jewel collection influenced the extravagant beading on corsets and complex pearl and crystal details. The calligrapher’s energetic brushwork inspired sophisticated, body contouring dresses in bold lace patters, accentuated with perfectly placed, cut layered embellishments. The rich history of the East and West gave birth to classic silhouettes in luxurious fabrications and contoured neckline in sculpting baroque lace, an homage to the captivating dynamic and elegant past.”

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory rosegold beaded strapless sweetheart neckline fit flare chapel train wedding dress vida 7041b zoom

watter bridal spring 2015 strapless scallop sweetheart neckline blush chapel train fit to flare colored wedding dress zarrin 7060b

watter brides bridal spring 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline almond beaded embroidery a line wedding dress nyra 705bb

watter brides spring 2015 bridal illusion neckline crystals on illusion tulle soft spanish net chapel train trumpet wedding gown isa 7084b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal ivory stretch silk charmeuse tank top chemise top 7009b silk organza ballgown skirt pirya skirt 7009b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal long sleeves plunging neckline fit flare sweep train wedding dress aziza 7054b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal long sleeves plunging neckline fit flare sweep train wedding dress aziza 7054b back

watter brides spring 2015 bridal off the shoulder deep v neckline sweep train fit flare wedding gown mila 7014b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal short sleeve illusion neckline sheath wedding gown beilin 7059b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless almond sheer plunging neckline jewel corset a line wedding gown kian corset 7062b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless almond sheer plunging neckline jewel corset a line wedding gown kian corset 7062b zoom

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless sheer plunging neckline beaded leaf embroidery sheath wedding gown lalai 7083b

watter brides spring 2015 bridal sleeveless sheer plunging neckline beaded leaf embroidery sheath wedding gown lalai 7083b back

watter brides spring 2015 bridal strapless sweetheart ivory a line sweep train asher 7000b

watter wedding dresses spring 2015 bridal kaliah light nude strapless sweetheart neckline crystals bodice top ball gown skirt priya 7009b

Photos courtesy of Watters. For details, visit Watters.

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Things Remembered Personalized Wedding Jewelry + Giveaway – Sponsor Highlight

things remembered personalized pocket watch groom best man wedding gift

You plan every detail of your wedding, right down to the color of the soles of your shoes (they have to match your bridal theme!), naturally you’d want your wedding day jewelry to be special too.

Things Remembered allows you to engrave heartfelt messages on beautiful, affordable wedding day jewelry — from a pocket watch for the groom to a lock and key bangle for you. These keepsake pieces are thoughtfully-designed and engraved by artisans with years of experience, making them wonderful as gifts for your groom, a token of thanks for your bridesmaids, or a memento for yourself to mark a very special day.

Wedding Day Gifts for Her

Here are some lovely gift ideas for the bride or ladies in your bridal party:

things remembered personalized wedding gift bride multi chain bracelet heart charm engraved

This Multi-Chain Bracelet features 12 delicate chains with a toggle clasp and polished silver heart-shaped charm. Engrave a favorite quote on the front and your initials or wedding date on the back, and then add a design or a custom wedding logo* for a really unique piece. This bracelet comes in a beautiful filigree box, which is free with any jewelry purchase, when personalized.

things remembered personalized wedding jewelry gift bride vintage flower bracelet engraving

The Vintage Flower Bracelet is perfect for the romantic bride! This feminine bracelet features a Victorian-inspired floral design set with CZ stones. You can personalize both the front and the back of the charm with your monogram, date or phrase. To complete the look, get the matching necklace and matching earrings.

Wedding Day Gifts for Him

Handsome personalized gifts for the dapper groom and the best men in his life:

things remembered personalized gift for groom best man leather bracelet rose gold cuff links

This Black Leather Braided Bracelet is a gift he’ll want to use every day! Engrave your initials and wedding date on this modern, masculine accessory which features a braided leather cord and stainless steel cylinder. The understated design is sleek enough for the wedding day, yet sturdy enough for daily wear.

For the finishing touch, how about a pair of Stainless Steel and Rose Gold Cuff Links engraved with his initials? These come in a Tri Tone Valet Box, which is free when engraved, so they also make a great thank you gift for his best man.

For more awesome ideas to personalize your wedding, check out Remembered Weddings.

Goodies for the Bride and Groom

With a $150 minimum purchase, you get a FREE custom wedding logo that you can use on everything from your invitations and thank you notes to your engraved flutes and cake server set.

With over 600 conveniently-located stores nationwide, creating your personalized keepsake is easy. Or just order online for home delivery or same-day in-store pickup. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for Things Remembered’s complimentary bridal newsletter to receive your complimentary keepsake heart, custom engraved just for you.

We know you love giveaways, and here’s one you don’t want to miss! Enter below to win a vintage flower bracelet + black leather bracelet set, complete with custom engraving^! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
^ Terms and conditions apply

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3 Ways to Include Absent Guests in Real Time at Your Wedding

Including Absent Guests in Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

No matter where you decide to get married, there will always be some very important family or friends who cannot attend the festivities. The neat thing is that modern technology has made it possible to share your wedding in real time with some of those people who cannot be there with you to celebrate. Of course, you can always have a really good wedding video made to share with everyone after the wedding, but if you want people to feel like they're right there with you, wherever you are, here are three good ways to do it:

1. Live-streaming the wedding ceremony via Skype or Google Hangouts is a great way to make missing VIP wedding guests feel like they're right there with you. To do this discreetly so that it doesn't take away from the professional ceremony photos, you'll want to have somebody seated in the front row holding the iPad or other digital device you're filming on as low as possible. It can also be mounted on a tripod to the side, but that won't be adjusted if somebody moves out of frame unless you have somebody standing there with it, which puts them in the middle of many of your photographer's shots. More important: find out ahead of time whether the location where you're getting married is "wired" or can support enough of a "hot-spot" connection to stream video in real time. Worst case scenario, somebody can go upload the video and send it from a connection nearby the minute the ceremony is over. Quick (but important) note: If you're live-streaming, be sure to mute the viewers on the other end who may forget that their chitter-chatter can be heard by everyone around the recording device.

See More: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Guests Have an Absolute Blast

2. Facebook lets you create events and invite specific people — creating a page where your friends, photographers and other guests can post pictures and videos as things happen. By creating a special event page, the content is only visible to invitees. Meaning that you're not rubbing your wedding in the face of anyone who wasn't invited and may have hurt feelings. You can choose which pics to share on your public page later on.

3. Twitter and Instagram give brides and grooms the opportunity to create a hashtag in advance and let all their friends back home know about it. The hashtag can be artistically posted in strategic locations at the wedding to remind guests that live-posting during the events is encouraged. Many couples say this is also a fantastic way to organize all the candid pictures from your friends — even easier than being tagged on Facebook.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

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How Not to Have an Awkward First Kiss

Tips for a Not Awkward First Kiss

Photo: Neal Peters Collection

You've made out with your guy a million times so you figure your first kiss will be a breeze; you've totally got this. Then the wedding finally arrives and your stomach is all in knots and you just bumped heads trying to lock lips in front of everyone. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. To avoid a potentially embarrassing moment on your big day (albeit a really funny story later down the line), heed the advice of these wedding planners, who know all too well about first kiss awkwardness.

Practice makes perfect
The easiest way to approach your first kiss, according to Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events, is to treat it like you're on stage and practice, practice, practice. "Know what foot you will step forward with and where your arms will go," she says. "Also, it's critically important to kiss longer than you think is necessary to ensure the photographer gets a great shot. If it's a quick peck, they could miss it!" (Think Drew Barrymore in the Wedding Singer — she practices several different types of first kiss with Robbie before her big day! But you should probably practice with your actual groom ...)

Do stay true to yourself though
Keep in mind that this is the man of your dreams, not some hunky actor on screen, so if you don't give long, passionate kisses in real life, you may not want to do so on your wedding day, warns Greg Jenkins, founder of Bravo Productions. "When you make drastic or severe changes at a moment's notice or catch someone by surprise, there is a greater chance that an awkward situation will be created," he notes. Which brings us to our next point...

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Don't surprise each other
If your guy plans on doing something a little extra, like a dramatic dip, during the first kiss, make sure you're both on board and know about it beforehand, advises Blake Bush, associate wedding planner and event designer at Pure Luxe Bride. Otherwise, you might wind up on the ground!

Stop overthinking it
Practice makes perfect but only if the final kiss both looks and feels natural. "I always tell my clients to never overthink any given moment of the ceremony and to do what comes natural," says wedding planner Alicia Falango, owner of Alicia K Designs in San Francisco. "This gives them less to 'remember'. It's when they are trying to do everything correctly that they fumble and are unnatural," she points out.

Hug it out
Speaking of keeping it natural, Crystal Lequang, owner at Amazae Special Events, suggests hugging first and then going into the kiss. "Often we get so fixated on the kissing part that we don't realize that we usually embrace before we kiss anyone."

Ask your pastor or officiant to step aside
Although it probably won't be that weird having someone standing behind you while you lock lips, you might not like how the pictures turn out after the fact. Instead, Bush recommends politely asking your pastor or officiant to step aside for the pic because, let's be real, who wants an officiant photo bombing your first kiss!?

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The Hottest Honeymoon Sex, According to Real Brides

Tips for Hottest Honeymoon Sex from Real Brides

Photo: Getty Images

Ever wonder what your honeymoon will really be like? If you've got your fingers crossed for a week of steamy, can't-keep-your-hands-off-each-other-for-two-seconds sex, then these brides have some good news to share. Because they're here to confess that their post-wedding days included some of the hottest sex they've ever had! Read on for the details — as long as you're not at work!

"We got it on in the shower — an alfresco shower!"
One bride was delighted to find that the Napa Valley cottage she and her new husband had rented for their California honeymoon included an outdoor patio, complete with its own shower. "I was rinsing off after a relaxing afternoon spent by the pool when my husband surprised me by joining me in the shower," she says. "I didn't expect to get naked out there — after all, I was still in my bikini! — but pretty soon, we were both in our birthday suits going at it outdoors. There was something really sexy about doing it outside. I mean, no one could see us, but we definitely had to keep quiet so no one would hear us!"

See More: What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Marriage

"He focused on me the entire time."
On her wedding night, one bride got a very sexy gift from her new husband: Two back-to-back orgasms before they had sex. "I went into our wedding night thinking of course we'd have sex, but that wasn't exactly new for us," she says. "So the surprise was that my husband didn't get straight to it — he laid me back and told me that he wanted me to enjoy myself first. And I did. Twice. If only every time was like that!"

"I did a strip tease for my husband."
A few days into their honeymoon, one bride sneaked into their hotel room's bathroom and slipped on some sexy lingerie and her husband's button-down shirt. "I came out with the shirt buttoned up so that he couldn't see what was underneath," she explains. "I pushed him back onto the bed so that he was sitting at the edge, popped on some music and started unbuttoning the shirt. Let's just say he had trouble keeping his hands to himself and waiting for me to come to him as I kept taking items of clothing off."

Now it's your turn! Do you have any steamy stories to share? Tell us on Twitter at @BRIDES!

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How to Find a Passage for a Ceremony Reading

Wedding ceremony reading ideas

Photo: Jonas Peterson

Whether you and your groom compose your own poem or prayer to accompany your vows or choose a verse from another source for your wedding ceremony, a brief reading is a lovely way to express any special thoughts you may have. You might also include close friends or siblings by asking them to recite the reading for you. This is a great way to include people whom you could not in your bridal party. The best time for readings to be offered is before the vows and after the exchange of rings (although some officiants will have other recommendations). Guests may enjoy following along with their own copy of the reading, perhaps included in a wedding program. Be sure to consult with your officiant or clergymember for approval, as well as other suggestions. Here, some places to look for inspiration, and how to do it.

Sacred Scripture: To find meaningful readings, ask your clergymember for suggestions or check your local library for compilations of wedding readings, and be sure to look on the Internet. Read many translations before you choose your Scripture selections. Keep the passage short — generally a few sentences are enough to convey your message. Don't only look at verses pertaining to love and marriage; perhaps one that refers to happiness sums up your thoughts perfectly.

Poetry: The works of e.e. cummings, Robert Frost, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sara Teasdale, Percy Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Keats, and Shakespeare are all popular. Also consider the work of Pablo Neruda and Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet).

Novels and plays: Writers such as John Updike, Thornton Wilder, D. H. Lawrence, Emily and Charlotte Brontë, Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Gift from the Sea) and Gabríel García Marquez offer great inspiration.

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Dax Shepard Asked Kristen Bell to Do What?

[embedded content]

Just when you think that they can't get any more adorable, they do. We've already confirmed that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are a unique, cute, and undeniably hilarious couple. One thing we didn't realize, though, is just how comfortable these two are with one another. They're so tight that Dax recently asked Kristen to help him shave his nether-regions for a nude scene in his upcoming film This is Where I Leave You.

After detailing his lanky physique on Conan last night, Dax explained that all is tame on his backside — except for, what Andy Richter aptly called a "forest in the valley."

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"My deep fear was that it would look like a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack," Shepard explained to Conan. "So I asked Kristen — the beautiful Kristen Bell that people can already not understand why she's with me."

When Conan asked why exactly would he subject the beautiful Kristen Bell to such horror, he hilariously explained further: "She's the only person I would feel comfortable — well, I didn't even feel comfortable with her doing it," he joked. "It was a terrible experience."

The best part? Kristen totally went with it, humming 1980 classic from the band Lipps Inc. "Funkytown."

Seriously, if they're not the most hilarious married couple we don't know who is. Their daughter Lincoln — and baby number two! — are two very lucky kids with these two goofballs as parents!

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Kelly Faetanini Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal beaded gown detachable off the shoulder neckline draped beaded sleeves sheath gown elana

Hold on to your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Wedding Inspirasi is shifting into high gear to embrace the flood of gorgeous 2015 bridal collections, hot off the New York Bridal Market runways. Today’s featured collection is by Kelly Faetanini, and oooh, what a stunning collection! Some of the gowns literally shine and sparkle – with gold lamé underlay, crystal beading or metallic print accents—while others smolder with a sophisticated glamour imbued with Baroque opulence.

“Scintillating and lustrous, the Fall 2015 collection is inspired by the drama and grandeur of the Baroque period. As ornate and exuberant as this notable era, this season embodies glistening metallic, golden intricacies and lush leather. Luxuriantly adorned and architecturally eminent, the gowns exemplify the spectacle and charm of this distinct time in history.”

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal collection fit to flare silk satin gown v neck knife pleated tulle skirt illusion back allori

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless scallop sweetheart neckline leather metallic baroque sheath gown maisa

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal collection sweetheart neckline ballgown pleated crisscross bodice cut out back clara

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal off the shoulder a line chiffon gown draped detachable sleeves giovanna

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal off the shoulder detachable beaded neckline criss cross bodice cut out back fit to flare gown katerina

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal silk chiffon a line v neck gown illusion waistband beaded fringe sleeve emeline

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal silk satin fit to flare off the shoulder sheer neckline cap sleeves gown dasha

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal strapless fringe neckline cut out back silk sheath gown jules

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 bridal v neck illusion half sleeves chantilly lace jorgette

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline leather bodice tulle ballgown perla

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline leather bodice tulle ballgown perla zoom

kelly faetanini wedding dress fall 2015 strapless sweetheart neckline open back metallic motif a line gown luisa

Photos courtesy of Kelly Faetanini. For details, visit Kelly Faetanini.

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Modern Trousseau Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal storm strapless french alencon lace wedding dress oversized bow gray tulle skirt

How’s your Monday going? Right now, we’re drooling over Modern Trousseau’s brand new collection. The Fall 2015 Modern Trousseau bridal collection is designer Callie Tein’s most experimental work to date, and we are just in love with the beautiful use of color and texture combinations. There’s an opulent gold brocade gown with a high-low hemline, an exquisite grey tulle gown with contrasting lace overlay (above, Storm) and a strapless A-line adorned with in X & O beading (below, Kush)!

“My Fall 2015 Bridal Collection is all about playing with textures, pushing limits, and asking the question: “What if?” As in, “What if we combined delicate lace with the softest French tulle, and designed a gown every bride could fall in love with?” Or, “What if we embellished tulle with metallic thread and covered it with crystals and pearls?” We began with questions prior to designing each style, and pushed ourselves to respond to the needs and desires of our most sophisticated and fashionable brides from around the world. Enjoy!” ~ Modern Trousseau’s founder & designer, Callie Tein.

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 kush strapless modified a line gown x o beading motif

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 kasey sleeveless guipure lace sheath gown

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 catalina veil shown with mina strapless wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 gwen tulle v neck wedding dress draped bodice

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 layla strapless blush wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 layla strapless blush wedding dress train

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 mina strapless thai silk ball gown wedding dress

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 opal crystal pearl beaded fit flare wedding dress matching jacket

modern trousseau bridal fall 2015 porter chantilly lace wedding dress straps

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal ada strapless wedding dress

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal ada strapless wedding dress close up bodice bliss headband

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal shelby beaded chiffon gown with straps

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal sloan strapless fit and flare wedding dress

modern trousseau fall 2015 bridal spencer strapless wedding dress princess seams three quarter lace jacket

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 honor strapless ball gown high low hemline skirt

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 pride gold brocade ball gown matching jacket fur trim

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 rain blush fit flare gown

modern trousseau wedding dresses fall 2015 raven couture strapless bridal gown with matching lace jacket

Photos courtesy of Modern Trousseau. For details, please visit Modern Trousseau.

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4 Wedding Ideas That Sound Great in Theory, But Aren't in Real Life

Wedding Ideas That Sound Good But Aren't in Real Life

Photo: Getty Images

You know how some clothes only work on the runway? Well, some weddings only work on Pinterest. The photos you find are great for garnering inspiration. However, the ideas you get from those same photos don't always pan out the way you thought they would in real life.

A Remote Outdoors Wedding
While the ambiance of getting married in a field overlooking the mountains sounds super dreamy in theory, the reality of it (bugs, blazing hot sun and no shelter) is a whole lot less glamorous, according to Kristen Ley, owner of Something New for I Do. "Styled shoots are often romanticized," she explains, "and it's easy to get sucked in by the pretty details. Pull off the outdoor wedding you want to achieve, but not at your guests' expense."

Asking a Friend or Family Member to Officiate
Unless your cousin Becky is a uniquely skilled public speaker, this cute little touch can spiral into a stage fright fiasco real fast, warns special events producer Richard O'Malley. "There's a lot of pressure on your friend or family member to get it right; they've never done this before, and unlike the bride and groom, they are looking directly at the crowd."

See More: 7 Fresh Takes on the Wedding Guestbook

Wish Lanterns, Candles and Sparklers
The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is starting a forest fire, or worse, having a drunken guest go up in flames! "Amongst the most obvious of things that seem like a good idea but can potentially turn out to be a big problem are candles at a windy outdoor venue, or anything involving fire, such as wishing lanterns or sparklers, around highly intoxicated people," points out Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner.

DIY Projects
Some projects are simply best left to the professionals, like your flowers, food, photos and music, for example. These things aren't worth the stress or later regret of doing it yourself, trust us. For brides hoping to save a buck on crafty DIY projects, keep in mind that your final product may not turn out as pin-worthy as what you saw online, cautions wedding planner Kia Martinson, founder of ESTOccasions. Then, you're actually out money.

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What We're Pinning: Incredible Wedding Shoes

Follow BRIDES's board Wedding Shoes on Pinterest.

Shoes. What bride-to-be (or woman, for that matter) can't live without gawking over a pair or two every day? The answer is no one. When it comes to wedding shoes, the ante is upped even higher. Gone are the days when a pair of white satin heels sufficed; nowadays, brides are opting for fun, colorful, sparkly, or otherwise unique footwear to go with their wedding dress. Anything's fair game, from sky-high Christian Louboutin pumps, to funky sneakers, to sensible (yet stylish) flats.

Browsing through Pinterest proves that the spirit of creative wedding shoes is alive and well. We love pinning these ideas, from simple pumps to beachy sandals, to our "Wedding Shoes" board so that our followers can find some amazing inspiration. We picked a few of our favorite pins that show just how cool wedding shoes can be, for your viewing pleasure. Read about them below and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest for more wedding ideas of all kinds!

Best shoes on Pinterest Christian Louboutin

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

First and foremost, we know how important it is to pin what's on the market right now. Shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, who crafted the perfectly sparkly pair seen above, inevitably create footwear that we (as well as brides) fawn over. If you weren't considering a blinged-out pair of pumps for your wedding, you might just after seeing this pin on our board!

Best shoes Pinterest sneakers

Photo: Courtesy of Shirley Low

Often, we source wedding ideas from our Facebook followers. These cute, personalized sneakers, for example, were submitted as part of a callout for great wedding shoe ideas, and we knew they were perfect for Pinterest! They're unique, fun, and absolutely adorable.

The real brides we feature on Brides.com always wear amazing shoes with their wedding dresses. The sequined gold flats seen above were worn by a Philadelphia bride for her fun-filled, whimsical wedding. They perfectly prove why flats are often a great idea for a wedding, even one filled with luxe gold details!

Like what you see? Check out all of our honeymoon pins on Pinterest and don't forget to follow BRIDES

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Justin Timberlake Shares a Rare Intimate Photo with Jessica Biel Just Days Before Their Two-Year Wedding Anniversary

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are arguably one of the most private (not to mention busy!) celebrity couples. And while they don't open up about their private life often, the married duo recently shared an intimate moment on Instagram while vacationing in New Zealand.

With their two-year anniversary just five days away (the pair wed on October 19, 2012 in Southern Italy), it's no surprise Justin and Jessica are spending some quality time together. According to Us Weekly, the pair have been apart since Justin has been traveling across Europe and Australia on his 20/20 Experience World Tour. But, in an apparent effort to be together for their anniversary, Jessica joined her husband in Auckland, New Zealand this week.

Justin took to Instagram to share a series of photos along the New Zealand coastline before finally uploading the sweet snap, seen above, where he's sitting with his arm wrapped around Jessica. While the photo itself is incredible (look at those views!), this rare private moment between the married couple feels even more special.

See More: Check Out Jessica Biel's Pink Giambattista Valli Wedding Dress, and 10 Other Celebrity Brides Who Didn't Wear White Down the Aisle

And while they're certainly adamant about keeping their married life private, there's no shortage of love between Justin and Jessica. In 2013, Justin told Ellen DeGeneres that he was still so smitten with his new wife. "Every once in a while, I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking," Justin said. "I have this moment where I'm like, 'If you never make a good decision — if you only make bad decisions — for the rest of your life, you made one really good decision."

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What Not to Wear If You Want to Be Comfy on Your Wedding Day

Beauty may be pain for some brides but not you! No, you'd rather be able to breathe as you eat and feel light as a feather as you float around the dance floor. You're a girl who values comfort, which is why we've put together this little list of all the things you shouldn't wear if staying cozy on your big day is at the top of your own list.

High Heels
Think a day at the office is rough on your feet? Your wedding will be way worse, warns Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision: Wedding and Event Planning Services. "From standing throughout the ceremony to mingling during cocktail hour to dancing the night away, your feet will totally thank you if you don flats." And you'll be a much happier bride, in turn, too. In fact, in owner of Weddings in Vieques Sandy Malone's entire planning career, she's never seen a bride keep her shoes on all night long when dancing was involved. "Choose something that's cute if it's seen but comfortable to wear for six to eight hours straight," she advises. "And if you must have something high and special for pictures, get your dress hemmed for the lower shoes." Otherwise, you'll be tripping all over the dance floor and making some very painful memories!

Heavily Beaded Gowns
Looking at all those gorgeous ornate gowns in bridal magazines can be absolutely mesmerizing. However, you have to remember that the average wedding dress weighs anywhere from five to 10 pounds without beading, points out certified green event designer Veronica Cole. "Now, add beading and that weight can increase to 15 to 20 pounds depending on the style," she says. "Do yourself a solid instead, and stick with something simple made from light and airy fabrics, such as silk, cotton or organza."

See More: Trending Now: Bow Wedding Accessories

Dresses with Boning
Corset wedding dresses and strapless gowns with boning can be a huge nightmare for any bride who takes her comfort seriously. "Though these style of dresses give you tons of support and curves, over time the boning can start to dig into your skin," explains Allongo. Short girls will feel it more in their hips, while tall girls will feel it more in their ribs. If you're still dead set on one though, Allongo suggests making sure you have the length of the boning checked during your alteration. Also, find out if your seamstress can replace it with a piece that fits your torso better.

Strapless Dresses
It's certainly not impossible to find a strapless wedding dress that stays up all night, but if you're not into boning (see above) or you don't want to safety pin your bra to your dress (it's been done before!), you might want to opt for a less fussy style.

Uncomfortable Undergarments
Sure, Spanx can seriously suck you in, but if you can't stand wearing them in your every day life, your wedding day definitely isn't the time to suck it up. Same goes for thongs, corsets, shapewear and panties that are impossible to pee in.

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Meet Amal Clooney! George's New Wife Officially Changed Her Name

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wedding

Photo: Getty Images

In the past few weeks, British barrister Amal Alamuddin married George Clooney, made headlines for her Oscar de la Renta wedding dress, maybe (or maybe didn't) go on a honeymoon, and now she's back to work with a brand-new name!

Amal's London law firm, Doughty Street Chambers, now lists the Oxford-educated human rights advocate as Amal Clooney on its website. Armed with her new, Hollywood A-list surname, Amal is back on the job in a big way. She's currently in Greece advising the Prime Minister and other officials on how to reacquire the contested Elgin Marble artifacts.

See more: 98 of the Most Bridal Red Carpet Looks Ever

According to People, Amal will advise the Greek government on its "legal options," and is accompanied by a delegation of Doughty Street Chambers barristers led by Geoffrey Robertson, the human rights lawyer who successfully argued for the return of Tasmanian Aboriginal artifacts from Britain's Natural History Museum.

Her first big post-wedding assignment is notable not just for its timing, but also for the attention its bringing to Greece. "The media frenzy and uproar alone will be beneficial [for Greece]," a senior government official anonymously told People. "It will recast international attention on the case [of the Parthenon Marbles] and the injustice that has been done."

Ever the stylish career woman, she was pictured headed off to several meetings in Athens clad in a green-and-white dress and her diamond wedding band.

As for her new husband, he's been busy getting back to work, as well. George surprised legions of fans at a panel at New York Comic Con for his upcoming film, Tomorrowland.

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Watch This Adorable 5-Year-Old Boy Propose to Demi Lovato

[embedded content]

Move over, Wilmer Valderrama, there's another man trying to steal Demi Lovato's heart!

During her concert in Moline, Illinois a five-year-old boy named Grant proposed to the pop star on stage. How could she say no to that gesture?

Oh and by the way guys...... I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱�👰�������� thank you to my future husband Grant... #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour

View on Instagram

She posted a picture of the little popping the question with the caption: "Oh and by the way guys...... I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you to my future husband Grant... #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour"

It all began when Grant attended the concert with his family and they brought a sign, presumably written by Grant, that said: "Demi, I have a ring for you."

See more: Watch Harry Styles Propose to a Fan

Naturally, the singer was intrigued and invited the boy on stage, at which point she said: "You are the cutest little boy ever."

When Demi asked to see the ring, the boy had forgotten it, but thankfully, his family swiftly passed it forward. She then said, "I think, because you're up here, we should make it official." She had to show him how to get down on one knee, which was even cuter than if he had done it outright. "Demi, will you marry me?" to which she squealed and said "I will," and then asked him to seal the betrothal with a kiss on the cheek.

Luckily, Grant's parents captured the special moment for everyone to see and posted a video of the proposal on YouTube (above). Alongside the video the boy's mother, Cassidy Burt, wrote: "Grant just turned 5, so we took him to see his (and our) favorite artist, Demi Lovato ... yet again!" She pulled him up on stage and he proposed to her! They are now happily 'engaged' & we are thrilled!" We're sure he is too. Sorry, Wimer, looks like this little one beat you to the punch.

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8 Cute Alternatives to the Ring Pillow

Traditionally, the ring bearer carries the couple's wedding bands down the aisle, and the rings are usually secured to a small pillow with ribbon (though, sometimes couples opt for faux rings, in case any mishap should occur!). But if you're looking for a unique idea that perhaps better complements your wedding style and aesthetic, then keep reading because we rounded up eight of our favorite cute and clever ring pillow alternatives.

Olive Wreath (above): A small wreath fashioned from olive branches is an elegant-yet-rustic idea.

Shell Ring Holder: This silver-plated keepsake from BHLDN is the perfect for a wedding ceremony by the sea.

Stack of Books: If you and your grooms are literary types, stack your favorite tomes and tie the rings with color-coordinating ribbon.

Compass: A vintage compass is an apt choice for a couple that loves to travel.

Embroidery Hoop: DIY brides, check this out: Turn a simple embroidery hoop (with your own stitched details) into a crafty ring holder.

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One Couple's Foggy Fall Wedding in Wisconsin

Though Jill Druschke and Jason James met and live in Los Angeles, the pair knew that a "destination" wedding in the bride's home state of Wisconsin would fit the bill. "It was the perfect combination of accessibility and a fun adventure for our friends," says Jill. So on October 5, 2013, 10 months after Jason proposed, the couple celebrated their wedding with 95 guests at Whistling Straits, a championship golf course at The American Club in Sheboygan, WI.

They made sure to bring some Los Angeles sensibility to their Midwestern celebration, topping the tables with a deep burgundy-and-pink color scheme and serving a locally sourced menu. Keep reading to see the details, photographed by m three studio.

"I wanted a dress that was simple and not overly bridal," says Jill. She ordered her dress from J.Crew on a whim, and it ended up being the perfect choice. She paired the sweetheart neckline with an Alexis Bittar necklace with a leaf design and Kate Spade pumps with gold glitter-covered heels.

"My grandmother gave me a blue embroidered handkerchief from the '40s to carry in my pocket. It was my something old, new, borrowed and blue!" says the bride.

Jill's bouquet featured deep burgundy dahlias and white ranunculus. Jason paired his blue suit with a pink and burgundy tie and a dahlia boutonniere.

A little drizzle couldn't stop the bride and her father from getting down the aisle. Jason and Jill wrote their own vows, and a family friend who is a judge performed the ceremony.

The couple didn't have a ring bearer because they were worried their three-year-old nephew would be too young, but they gave him a very important job: blowing bubbles with his bubble gun after the first kiss!

Jill and a friend made the DIY place cards, embossing bride and groom, heart, and champagne glass designs.

The wedding party sat at a long table decorated with vines and clusters of pink and burgundy roses, ranunculus, and dahlias.

Guests' tables featured small square vases filled with pink and burgundy blooms, lit with floating candles. The couple chose a seasonal dinner of local walleye, strip steak, and chicken marsala. Instead of a signature cocktail, the bride and groom served something their California friends had never seen before: New Glarus Spotted Cow beer, a brew that's only available in Wisconsin.

The venue's specialty sponge cake, layered with lemon cheesecake, was topped with pink and burgundy dahlias and roses.

After a first dance to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Wedding Song," Jill and her dad took the floor for their father-daughter dance. Halfway through a sentimental tune, the DJ scratched the music, the bride and her dad pulled out microphones, and their entire family lip-synched "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. "It was just like when we were little kids," Jill says.

Jill and Jason hope couples remember the most important part of the day: that you'll be married when it's over. "Make sure to enjoy the day with the people you love," she says.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Whistling Straits || Wedding Planner: Trina Moynihan of The American Club || Bride's Wedding Dress: J.Crew || Shoes: Kate Spade || Jewelry: Alexis Bittar || Hair: Kohler Waters Spa at the American Club || Makeup: Jennifer Kessler of Natural Radiance || Groom's Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna || Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands: Jewels by Joe || Florist: The American Club || Invitations & Paper Goods: Wedding Paper Divas, Paper Source, DIY by the bride || Music: Scott Thomas of Sweet Sounds of Music || Catering & Cake: The American Club || Favors: Beerntsen's Confectionary || Photography: m three studio

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5 Easy Ways to Slim Down Before Your Wedding

Wedding Day Exercise

Photo: Getty Images

Finding the time to get to the gym every other day while planning one of the biggest moments of your life is nearly impossible. In-home workouts cut down on the travel time and keep you closer to home (where you might be needed), but even that takes away from the energy you will need for tastings, fittings, and a whole host of other meetings before your wedding day rolls around. Well we have ways to slim down with little to no effort and guess what? Some of them actually involve buying food! We tapped world-renowned fitness expert Nicole Winhoffer for tips on how you can look your best on your big day.

Add these foods into your diet to aid in the slimming down process.
Artichokes, avocados, eggs, pickles, and raspberries can help the weight fall off, but those aren't all. Winhoffer suggests, "Asparagus as it is a natural diuretic steamed with no oil or sauce; hot water and lemon as that combination cleanses your digestive track and eases bloating; puréed broccoli soups which you can eat before a meal to fill you up — boil the broccoli in water, hand blend, and add hot sauce for flavor.

Get in three meals a day when you are looking to lose weight and keep it off.
"I believe 3 meals a day suffices," states Winhoffer. She continues, "You should eat carbs before noon, as your body will burn more fat if you cut glucose calories. Working out after you eat the carbs is definitely the best choice as carbs give your body energy. You should stop eating after 7 p.m. it will be hard but with this discipline, you will see quick results."

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A healthy diet doesn't mean much without exercise.
It is definitely hard to combine both healthy eating with frequent gym sessions, but they go hand-in-hand. Winhoffer states, "Sweating keeps skin glowing, releases toxins, regulates horomones, gets you in touch with your sensuality, connects your muscles, and keeps skin tight. Women must workout to feel their bodies for this important day!" We couldn't agree more!

High-energy workouts that make you feel powerful and pinpoint the areas you would like to work on are the ones to go for.
"My workouts are efficient, to the point, target problem areas, use all muscles all the time, and are sexy," expresses Winhoffer. "When I work out, I teach women to feel their bodies. That's how women become more beautiful ... When they are in touch with their deepest selves. Killer music, new moves, no stopping, cardio, and toning always." With notable clients including Madonna, Stella McCartney, and Mya, we'd say that Winhoffer's routines are definitely top-notch and effective!

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Exercise and meditation are crucial leading up to your big day.
Managing your stress throughout the wedding planning process is one of the most difficult things to do and it can seem nearly impossible. "Calm your mind by working out," suggests Winhoffer. "This action, brings you to the present moment. Thinking gets in the way. Secondly, meditate every morning. Feel your skin, breathe, and bring your utmost focus to your breath. It's essential!"

Having a friend or family member as a partner to help you stay on track isn't as important as building out a monthly calendar and figuring out when you will be exercising ahead of time.
"When it comes to a workout ally, it depends who it is!"Winhoffer declares. "Sometimes having a buddy helps because you have a responsibility to answer to them, but they have to be motivating, positive, and cannot drag you down in the slightest. Creating a monthly schedule and planning what days you will work out, where, and how will lead you in the right direction."

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The 5 Friends Every Bachelorette Party Needs

Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

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While the definition of the "perfect bachelorette party" may vary greatly from bride to bride, everyone can agree that the most important ingredient is a great group of friends to help you celebrate. If you're starting to think about your own bridal bash, keep in mind this very important list of the five friends every bachelorette party needs.

The Shutterbug
If it wasn't photographed, it didn't happen, right? Well... no, but this pal seems to think so. While you might find her snap-happy ways annoying at times, in the end you'll be grateful to have a collection of photos from one of your most beloved wedding events. Just one little disclaimer: Make sure she knows what you'd like kept off social media well in advance of the party.

The Party Starter
No bachelorette party is complete without one firecracker to spice things up. This friend loves to crank up the tunes, pour everyone a drink and make sure the mood is festive (all necessary ingredients for a successful bash).

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The Fearless One
You know the friend — she's the one who's never afraid to approach a group of strangers, get an upgraded seat on an airplane or politely inquire about an on-the-house bottle of bubbly for the blushing bride. In short, she's never afraid to ask for what she wants and she's the perfect girl to have by your side as you soak up your celebrations.

The Mom
A fourth round of body shots with that rowdy bachelor party always seems like a good idea at the time, but alas ... it's usually not. Make sure there's at least one levelheaded friend in your corner that knows when it's time to shut the party down.

The Planner
It's a harsh reality, but bachelorette parties don't plan themselves. Enter, The Planner. This friend is Type A in the very best way. She's never met a to-do list she didn't like, and loves to organize down to the smallest of details. While she may not get all the glory she deserves, the party wouldn't go on without her — which kind of makes her the most important pal of all!

Bonus: We're giving away an all-expense paid bachelorette party in Puerto Rico for one bride-to-be and two of her best girls. Click here to enter and for more info!

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Don't Need Extra Presents? Here Are 3 Registry Alternatives

If you and your future husband are already living together, or received a ton of home goods from your engagement parties and showers, you likely are considering not registering for wedding gifts. And that's perfectly fine! Not every couple is comfortable registering for wedding presents, and not everyone needs or wants tangible items. Alternatives, like the following, can fulfill your wishes, can help your guests with gift selection, and may even spread your happiness in unexpected directions.

Charitable gifts: Couples who don't want gifts might steer guests to special charities and nonprofit services. Give close family and friends a list of the causes and contact information you consider worthwhile and ask them to inform other guests. Established charities will notify you of donations made in your name. Keep in mind that some people may prefer to give more traditional gifts regardless, so be gracious if this does occur.

Financial registries:,/strong> Check with your bank or investment house about financial gifts; some now have registries for savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. There are even registries for couples who are saving for down payments on houses or automobiles. One caveat: If you want monetary gifts, let your family and friends tell others. Don't initiate discussions about your desire for funds or imply that money matters most to you.

Honeymoon registries: You've probably heard about this one; it's becoming a wildly popular option. Now available through many travel companies and agents and on individual websites like honeyfund.com, these registries allow guests to contribute to a couple's honeymoon-trip fund. Just be sure you work with a reputable company and that they have a system for advising you of each person's gift.

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Wedding Beauty Countdown: Get Picture-Perfect Nails in No Time

Wedding Manicure

Photo: Arthur Belebeau

Whether you have two months, 30 days, or one week, we'll get you gorgeous in time for your wedding! We recently revealed how to get wedding-ready hair by the time you say "I do", but now we're tackling your bridal manicure. Follow this guide, filled with pro tips, to get the prettiest fingertips by the time you step foot down the aisle.

At 60 Days: Grow Strong Nails
Your engagement-ring selfie was just the beginning. For picture-perfect digits on the big day, try these tips.

Dial up your diet: If you boost key vitamins and minerals at least two months out, you'll see a difference, says Today nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer. Lean protein is crucial, as is iron (found in dried fruit, turkey, and spinach), zinc (nuts, Greek yogurt), and biotin (wheat bran, salmon, avocados).

Take a gel time-out: No question, a gel mani (the shin! the chip resistance!) is a brilliant choice for your wedding. But in the run-up, give your nails a breather. "If gel isn't removed correctly, it can leave ridges that take ages to grow out," says Nadine Abramcyk, of New York's Ten Over Ten salon.

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Go easy on the buffing: "You can buff every so often to smooth ridges," says Lisa Logan, nail artist to stars like Beyoncé and Queen Latifah. "But doing it too much can thin nails."

At 30 Days: Find Your Perfect Nude
Bring your makeup bag and add some scotch tape to your next mani. "Grab some nudes that most closely match your foundation," says Gina Carney, founder of nail brand RGB. "Then apply a piece of tape to each nail and paint a different shade on each one." Step outside and view your options in the daylight.

Try classics: Estée Lauder's Nudite is universally flattering, says Julie Kandalec, of NYC's Paintbox salon. Also gorge: Essie's Maemoiselle for fair skin and Zoya's Flynn for darker tones.

Skip opaque and skew sheer instead: Color isn't the only variable in finding a pretty nude. "An opaque shade is less forgiving, while a semi-opaque glides into the cuticle more softly," says Kandalec.

At 7 Days: Act like a Model
In the home stretch, you have to protect those mitts! Professional hand models tell you how.

Dunk 'em: To deep-clean your nails, Ellen Sirot (a.k.a. the "supermodel of hands") recommends soaking in a 50/50 mix of water and white-wine vinegar for a few minutes. If your nails have yellowed from too much red or dark lacquer, a dip in denture cleaner — no joke! — can lighten the unsightly stains.

Soften up: Sirot suggests exfoliating hands with a DIY scrub of olive oil and sugar (1/4 teaspoon each). Mix together, massage in, and leave on for two minutes. After rinsing, pat dry and apply hand cream to still-damp skin.

Factor in some down time: It can take lacquer 15 minutes to harden into its smudge-proof best, so plan ahead. Get your nails done the day before your wedding, and block out as much drying time as possible. "If there's any way to just sit still, do it. There are a ton of quick-dry products, but the only way to really let polish harden is to take the time," says hand model Ashly Covington. So hands off that phone!

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You'll Never Guess What Russell Brand Said About Being Married to Katy Perry

Russell Brand Katy Perry Loved Marriage

Photo: Getty Images

He speaks! Russell Brand opened up about marriage to Katy Perry on The Today Show this morning in a way he never has before. During an interview with Matt Lauer the comedian dished that he actually "loved" being married to Katy Perry for the 14 months that they remained hitched.

"I really enjoyed it," Brand said of the "Dark Horse" songstress. "Katy Perry is an amazing person."

And while he enjoyed their time together, he admits it wasn't always perfect and that real life got in the way. "What happened was after you get married, like anyone who's been married or come out of a relationship, you obviously have a lot of expectations," Brand added about their split post 2010 nuptials. "And if those expectations don't work out, then it's probably time to grow a big beard and walk around in pajamas. That's my advice."

After documenting the lead up to their divorce in her documentary Part of Me, Katy Perry, for her part too, has been quite vocal about her split from the British funnyman.

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"Now I know — first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away," she recently told Rolling Stone. "Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love. I went through my 'return of Saturn,' is what they call it."

Though it ended, it seems like they learned a lot of important lessons from their relationship. They don't seem to be doing to shabby, either. Brand is busy promoting his new book Revolution, and Katy Perry was just named this year's Superbowl Halftime performer.

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Is 'N Sync Reuniting at Lance Bass's Wedding?

Lance Bass Michael Turchin Wedding N'Sync Reunion

Photo: Getty Images

Lance Bass is ready to say "I do" — and not just to his fiancé Michael Turchin! Bass and Turchin are working on planning their dream wedding, but the former boybander is scheming up another important event to take place during his nuptials: an 'N Sync reunion!

That's right, the groom-to-be is checking everything off his to-do list, from their attire to the guest list, and now, the music. In June, Bass told ABC News that Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and JC Chasez would all be in attendance at the ceremony and reception. "I don't think anything will be planned, but the guys better be there, if not I'll kick their a**," he said. "We are all musicians. There will be a stage, there will be a band, so I'm sure if you see that on stage, people are going to be popping up and doing whatever they want to do, that will be open mic for anyone else."

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He may have been unsure about a special performance months ago, but in recent days it seems Bass has locked down his former bandmates for a special reunion. E! News reports that Bass says there will be "tons of amazing, secret performances" on his big day.

When it comes to the rest of Bass and Turchin's planning, they're dealing with many of the same challenges couples often face. One particularly tricky problem to tackle? The guest list. Their initial invite list came in at a whopping 600 people, but the grooms quickly learned they had to cut it in half.

"It's so hard, we're still getting it down," Bass said. "I've already had people emailing me really upset that they didn't get an invite, and no one has gotten an invite yet. There's going to be a lot of drama with this list, that's for sure."

At least the members of 'N Sync known their invites are secure!

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Your Weekly Wedding Horoscope: October 13, 2014

Wedding Horoscope

Photo: Getty Images

Even if communication issues threaten to derail your wedding plans this week, fear not, because balance will soon be restored. Astrologer Ally Mead from SassyPsychic.com breaks it all down for you in her horoscopes below.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
With Mercury still retrograde in your relationship sector, what you say is extremely important now. If your weddings plans depend on sharing the load, do double and triple check every detail you personally nail down, including travel plans, and communicate them as calmly and clearly as you can to your partner. So much can be lost with an offhand comment. Don't let that loss be yours.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
With Saturn opposing your Sun and solidifying your relationship sector, moving toward greater commitment is part of your birthright. Just make sure you don't get so caught up in the whole planning process that you forget to have fun with your partner. Leave the heavy wedding stuff behind for a night and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Since your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in fellow air sign Libra, you may be feeling a little under the weather or just off somewhat. Your big day is very important but so is your health. Get some additional sleep, drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and veggies, of course. What may seem like over the top self care at other times is simply smart now.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Transformative Pluto is traveling through your house of marriage now, and so much is changing. As you move from engaged to hitched, be sure to bring your important allies along for the ride. From close family to lifelong besties, co-workers and even Pilates buddies, you'll want to avoid the toxic and embrace those friends that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. After all, they're the ones that will keep you sane and remind you of the true meaning of marriage throughout the wedding planning madness.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Jupiter in your sign, on a bad day, can give you a little more confidence than others can handle. But it can also make you incredibly lucky. You may find that booking your favorite band or adding another dozen flower arrangements happens with the greatest of ease as long as this expansive planet is on your side. Just be certain to share that magnanimous mood with others.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
With powerhouse Pluto currently moving through your house of romance, family and fun, you're craving fresh ways to make your nuptials deeper and more meaningful across the board. Good thing this planet's got your back. Be a little less controlling as you embrace the sometimes-messy nature of love, family and friends.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Your sign is known for its ability to balance in extreme circumstances. This month, as Mercury retrograde gets sandwiched between two eclipses, you'll need all the help you can get. Idiosyncratic Uranus in your relationship sector shows that the more you can love yourself, flaws and all, the more you'll keep that balance steady and radiate good will as the beautiful bride you are.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Whimsical Jupiter, planet of luck, is forming a difficult aspect to your Sun now. It's such a beneficent force though, so not to worry. As it opens up your travel sector, you might find yourself a bit obsessed with planning the honeymoon. Do you want to spend your vacay lounging on an exotic beach with your honey or going the active route, with hikes and hot cocoa in the mountains?

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Assertive Mars has been making its way through your sign as of late, giving you a big burst of energy for all things wedding planning. Getting up early presents no problems at all, and you might even discover that you don't need caffeine to complete the tasks on your to-do list. If you're having trouble sleeping, try a little hot milk or meditation to bring on the zzz's and sweet dreams.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
With loving Venus forming a difficult aspect to your sign now, you may find that things don't always go according to plan, particularly when it comes to your wedding. Remembering why you fell for your fiancé will connect you to the beautiful life you'll share, rather than the stress of caterers, photographers and florists.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Mars will spend this month bolstering your sign and giving you some additional fire in your belly. Though some may want to test your perseverance, you're not to be denied. If you want a certain bridesmaid dress, you'll travel to the ends of the earth to find it, with a smile on your face. Getting the details right is what makes you happy.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Taskmaster Saturn is illuminating the area of your chart that needs to learn new lessons, which sometimes come the hard way. Though you can be sensitive at times, try not to take it personally if your childhood best friend can't make your special day or if your favorite uncle comes down with a cold. With Mercury still retrograde for another week, accidents are bound to happen. Handling them with grace is all you can do.

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3 Tips to Look Perfect in Your Wedding Pictures

Raquel Kelley is an E! Fashion Police producer & wedding blogger living in Los Angeles. While going through the wedding process herself, she felt it was only fair to share with other brides what really happens on the road to the altar. She launched her blog I Guess I Do as an inspirational, yet humorous and realistic take on the world of weddings. It may not be roses, but it will always be true. It's the "Stories Behind The Pretty Pictures."

I know Carly Simon, I know — "You're so vain," but don't we all want to look our absolute best for our wedding pictures? Lord knows we may probably never diet like this again, this could be as good as it gets!

Here are three little tips and tricks to have you looking your best:

1. Because eye said so.
When it comes to wedding makeup, it's easy to go overboard and look like a completely different person. While walking down the aisle, you still want your husband to recognize you. On the big day, the goal should be to look like a 'better version' of yourself.

My biggest trick to achieve this look is with the eyes. False eyelashes should be numero uno on your list. They totally transform the eye and make them pop in pictures. But instead of using the adhesive strips, have someone apply individual lashes instead.

So if one falls off, no big deal, instead of the entire strip popping off. I've lost years off my life due to the anxiety of worrying if my eyelash strips were on straight. No dude likes a girl at the club with the wonky eye.

2. Test before you tan.
Oh, the spray tan — how it can go awry. Yes they may make you look instantly thinner, but only if done right. First off, if you've never had a spray tan before, do not let your first time be the day of your wedding. We can all remember Ross from Friends, "I'm an eight!"

Tans aren't for everyone, but if you want some extra color before the big day, make sure you test it out weeks beforehand. Get a sense of when you like your color best. Lots of times its two to three days after the spray, once the color has had time to settle, which means get the spray a couple days before the wedding.

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Also, be weary of the weather. Once an entire bridal party all got spray tans together, but then walked out only to find it was raining. Rain washes away lots of things, including random parts of your fresh spray tan. So if there is even the slightest chance of rain, bring an umbrella and some long sleeves. The goal is to look lovely not like you have leprosy.

3. Bouquet away from the boobs.
Okay, so this is the most important one yet. My wedding planner kept stressing to everyone to hold their bouquets down by their belly buttons.

With all of the nerves, your first inclination is to hold flowers how you normally would, above your waist. But that's the problem, then no one sees your waist — the smallest part of your body. (Lord knows, we love the waist...)

So in order to show off your entire figure and not block the entire front of your dress, when it comes to flowers think belly buttons and not boobs! You'll notice a major difference in how much slimmer you look in your ceremony pictures just by making that adjustment. If only it were always that easy!

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Find Out What Lauren Conrad Said About Married Life!

Lauren Conrad married William Tell

Photo: Getty Images

Newlyweds Lauren Conrad and William Tell are back from their idyllic Italian honeymoon, and they're still every bit the happy couple they were at their romantic Sept. 14 wedding in Santa Ynez, California.

How do we know? The duo stepped out for their first post-wedding event on Saturday at the 5th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades, California, and were all too happy to gush about their newly-minted union.

"It doesn't feel too different — we felt married before we were actually married," Conrad told Us Weekly of married life. In an all-too cute nod to her Rifle Paper Co.-designed wedding invitations, she wore a floral-printed top for the event from the collaboration she designed with the stationery company through her clothing line, Paper Crown.

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Conrad also dished a bit on their honeymoon, from which she shared plenty of Instagrams. "We did Sicily in Italy and then Santorini in Greece," she said. "I think our favorite part about Sicily was the food. We just had amazing meals everywhere. We rented a car and drove around, it was a beautiful place."

As for Tell's comments on love and marriage? He's already enjoying one visible perk of being a husband. "I could get used to this," the law school grad and former musician (he was a member of the band Something Corporate) said as he pointed to his wedding ring.

It looks like the pair's marriage is off to the right start!

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Front Row at Bridal Fashion Week: The Best Looks from Day Four

Runway Report, Best Looks Day 4

Photo: George Chinsee; John Aquino (2); George Chinsee

Bridal Fashion Week kicked off in New York City! Designers like Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera, Amsale, and more will debut their latest wedding dress collections, and Brides Fashion Director Rachel Leonard will be in the front row for every single show. As part of an ongoing fashion week series, Rachel will spotlight her favorite looks from the day to give our readers insider access to the wedding world's most gorgeous gowns. Inbal Dror, Ivy & Aster, Jenny Lee, and Austin Scarlett were some of the standout shows from day four. Here are Rachel's favorite looks from each collection.

Inbal Dror: Filled sexy yet classic looks, it's no surprise why this was one of the best shows of the day. With off-the-shoulder sleeves and a delicate fringed skirt, this strapless beaded wedding dress is perfect for a glam Gatsby-inspired affair.

Ivy & Aster: The latest collection Ivy & Aster featured boho-cool styles fit for the modern day bride like this pretty, lace-and-tulle A-line wedding dress.

Jenny Lee: While they may seem like contradictory styles, Jenny Lee expertly blended structured corset tops with soft, flowing skirts. The result? Light and airy wedding dress with a ton of style.

Austin Scarlett: Inspired by Gone with the Wind, the latest wedding dresses from Austin Scarlett brought the drama. Flattering silhouettes, expertly-layered details, and just a few perfectly-embellished dresses were shown. This ball gown, complete with a V-neckline and asymmetrical layered skirt, offers elegance and formality all in one.

For more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

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In Season Now: 9 Non-Cheesy Ways to Use Pumpkins as Wedding Décor

If you're having a fall wedding, then you're probably on the hunt for creative ways to incorporate some autumn-inspired elements into your celebration. One fun and affordable way is to work in some fresh pumpkins into your wedding décor (restraint is key, though, or else you risk veering into Halloween territory). To get you inspired, we've rounded up some of our favorite ways to incorporate these decorative gourds into your fall celebration.

Ceremony Backdrop (above): This couple had the clever idea to repurpose rustic wooden ladders to create a fall-focused ceremony altar.

Ceremony Aisle: Lining the aisle with fresh pumpkins is a simple yet striking way to dress up the ceremony site.

Bar Menu: A swipe of chalkboard paint transforms a pumpkin into a creative menu to display at the bar.

Simple Escort-Card Display: For a simple DIY escort-card display, pin a tag printed with each guest's name and table number to a miniature pumpkin and arrange them in alphabetical order.

Place Setting: At the reception, you could also display a mini pumpkin at each place setting.

Carved Table Number: For an easy DIY project, carve out the table-number numerals on individual pumpkins and display them in the center of each reception table.

Modern Table Number: For a more modern look, purchase metal house numbers from your local hardware store and affix them to clean, white pumpkins.

Reception Centerpiece: Ask your florist to use pumpkins as the vessels for your table centerpieces.

Wedding Cake: Top off your dessert with a pair of mini pumpkins carved with "Mr." and "Mrs."

Special thanks to Sean Nestlerode at Torchio Nursery in San Francisco for his help with our "In Season Now" flower series!

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A Preppy Wedding on the Boardwalk in Delaware

Rachael Pearce and Adam Meeks have loved the beach since the beginning. The Maryland natives have known one another since they were kids, and ran in the same circles as they grew up. But it wasn't until the summer of 2007 that they had their first date. "Fittingly, it was a day on the beach," remembers Rachael. Nearly five years later, after four years of long-distance dating, Adam drove from Baltimore to New York, where Rachael was getting her masters' degree, and took her to the North Fork of Long Island for a mini-vacation. "We picnicked on lobster rolls, toured the vineyards, and stayed at a cozy bed and breakfast," Rachael says. On a foggy afternoon, Adam took Rachael to an empty beach and asked her to be his wife. "It was intimate, natural, and romantic. It perfectly represented our relationship," says the bride.

The couple headed back to the beach for their wedding on June 1, 2013. "I grew up spending summers in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware," says Rachael, "and thankfully Adam fell in love with it, too. It was the perfect place to blend old memories with new ones." So the pair tapped Easton Events to design the coastal 'do, and brought in Patricia Lyons to photograph every moment.

Read on to see how they brought their seaside inspiration to life!

The invitation suite combined navy and mint green with a boardwalk theme, including a lighthouse motif and wave-inspired liners.

Rachael kept her look fresh and simple with a strapless silk gown by Amsale. "I loved the oversized bow on the back," she says. She paired her gown with a bouquet of blush and ivory peonies and garden roses, and carried her maternal grandmother's handkerchief and paternal grandmother's pearl necklace. Her diamond and pearl earrings were a wedding-day gift from Adam.

"My bridesmaids' seersucker dresses were the inspiration for our entire wedding," says Rachael. "They were light, beachy, and flirty, but still classic and chic." The seven 'maids included Rachael's sister, Devon, who loaned the bride her own veil for the big day.

The mint green-and-blue ceremony programs included a page describing Rachael's something old (her grandmothers' handkerchief and necklace), something new (her dress), something borrowed (her sister's veil), and something blue (the initials and wedding date embroidered inside her gown).

"My nephew, Beau, was the ring bearer," says Rachael. "He wore a sports coat to match the groomsmen, and carried a 'Here Comes the Bride' flag." After lots of practice, Beau did a great job, using the full-sprint style to get down the aisle to his dad, a groomsman.

The altar at Westminster Presbyterian Church was decorated with two arrangements of honeysuckle, peonies, and roses in vibrant green and blush.

After the ceremony, Rachael, Adam, and their wedding party headed to the beach in Rehoboth for photos while their guests were shuttled to The Clubhouse at Baywood Greens.

Escort cards were displayed during cocktail hour on a wooden table topped with bud vases full of gardenias.

As guests sipped the couple's signature mojitos, they played corn hole on a custom set featuring a lighthouse design and seersucker stripes. "My family loves to play, and we wanted to give our guests something fun to do while we were taking pictures," says the bride.

Inside the clubhouse, tables were topped with arrangements in blush, pin, apricot, mint green, and cream. Centerpieces combined hydrangeas, roses, honeysuckle, and viburnum berries and were lit with candles in rock salt votive holders. Rachael and Adam's chairs were decorated with white roses, greenery, and ribbons.

There was no shortage of sweets at Rachael and Adam's reception. They served lemon cake, filled with fresh strawberries and topped with peonies and garden roses, as well as a spread of cupcakes, mini key lime pies, cake pops, and strawberry shortcake parfaits. "The desserts at the tasting were so good, we couldn't pick just two. So we had them all!" says Rachael.

The guest book was Adam's DIY project. He attached envelopes to the pages of an album, then asked guests to leave a note and seal it with a monogrammed sticker. "After our honeymoon in Greece, we took a picnic to the park to read all the notes," says Rachael. "It was so fun getting to relive the night and read our favorite people's memories, advice, and love notes!"

Ceremony Venue: Westminster Presbyterian Church || Reception Venue: The Clubhouse at Baywood Greens || Wedding Planner: Easton Events || Bride's Wedding Dress: Amsale || Shoes: Jimmy Choo || Hair & Makeup: Lora Kelley || Bridesmaids' Dresses: LulaKate || Groom's Attire: John Varvatos || Wedding Bands: Kuhn's Jewelers || Floral Design: Beehive Events || Invitations & Paper Goods: Cheree Berry Paper || Music: Attraction || Catering: The Clubhouse at Baywood Greens || Cake: Cake Art || Rentals: Festive Fare || Videography: Blue Sky Films || Photography: Patricia Lyons Photography

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Country Singer Jerrod Neimann Is Married! Get the Wedding Details

Jerrod Neiman Married

Photo: Getty Images

Country star Jerrod Niemann married girlfriend Morgan Petek in Puerto Rico yesterday. The "Drink to That All Night" singer said "I do" to his longtime love on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at sunset from atop the historic Spanish fort Castillo de San Cristóbal.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what the world has in store for us as a married couple," Niemann told People.

The country couple hosted 100 guests at their destination wedding and opted for an alternative registry. In lieu of gifts, the brand-new Mr. and Mrs. asked guests to donate to charity.

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Niemann and Petek have been engaged since last October. The singer popped the question during a trip to New Orleans, although, his elaborate plan didn't go exactly as planned. When he brought Petek to ride in a horse and carriage, asking if she'd take one for a spin, she apparently wasn't as gung-ho as he'd imagined.

"We were walking over to Jackson Square, and we turn the corner and see, like, 13 carriages just waiting for someone to rent them," the country star told People post-proposal. "So I'm like, 'Hey, you want to take a ride?' She's like, 'Nah. Horses are supposed to be in pastures, not walking the streets of New Orleans!' I just thought, 'Oh, crap!' I was literally frantic."

Luckily, he's a quick thinker: "We walked over to this statue in Jackson Square, and I just turned to these ladies and said, 'Would you be kind enough to take our picture? I think we might be getting engaged,'" Neimann recounted. "Morgan was like, 'What?' Then I took out the ring. Morgan was crying; the ladies were crying ... It was a cool moment." It sounds like it!

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4 Things to Remember If You Let Your Bridesmaids Pick Their Own Dresses

Many brides are letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses. The girls are usually thrilled — no more wedging yourself into something definitely not designed for your body type just to make your best friend happy about her wedding photos. Letting your bridesmaids choose something that flatters their own form and features can make you a very, very popular bride.

With that in mind, it's also important to remember the bride is supposed to be the central focus in all the wedding pictures, especially during the ceremony. There are some pitfalls to watch out for if you decide to go the variety of dresses route so that it doesn't look like a random collection of friends standing up on the altar. Brides can create unity in their wedding party's appearance by giving their bridesmaids matching jewelry to wear, and with special hair ornaments or flowers. Or even by gifting matching shoes. But if the bridesmaids are all choosing their own dresses, there are some parameters to consider and guidelines you might want to use:

1. Be specific about dress length — while they don't have to be exactly the same, it looks weird when you have a few girls in knee length dresses and one in floor length. Tell them a specific length range from which you want them to choose.

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2. Some dress shops and bridal designers offer a variety of styles available in a palette of colors. You can choose a few specific styles — and pre-designate the exact color — and then let each bridesmaid choose what is most flattering on her.

3. It's popular to offer the girls a color palette to choose from that matches the wedding's color theme — "seaglass colors," for example. Even with that guidance, it's a good idea to give them some swatches to have as example of what you specifically have in mind. Otherwise, what you called "aqua" in your email could turn out to be a teal dress your girlfriend thought was aqua-enough.

4. Be specific about what kind of shoes you'd like your bridesmaids to wear with their dress selections. Especially if their feet will be visible. One bridesmaid in flat sandals standing next to another in platform stilettos with ankle straps just looks weird. And stands out.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

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3 In-Law Horror Stories You Have to Read to Believe

In Law Horror Stories

Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever seen Monster-In-Law — the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, in which the elder actress commits acts so atrocious against her soon-to-be daughter-in-law you can't help but be hysterically horrified — then you might think that these stories from brides were ripped straight from the script. But they weren't — these things actually happened. So grab some popcorn, and thank your lucky stars these tales (hopefully) aren't yours.

"My mother-in-law wore white to my wedding."
Only the bride should wear white on her wedding day, right? Wrong, according to one mother-in-law. "We discussed her attire long before the wedding day, so imagine my shock when instead of wearing the navy dress she told me she'd bought, she showed up in a long, white gown. It was too late to ask her to change, of course, and we look absolutely ridiculous in our family portraits — strangers probably wouldn't know who was the bride if it weren't for my veil!"

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"My father-in-law asked us to have children during his reception speech."
When you have children is a deeply personal decision. But one bride was forced to answer the question at her wedding reception. "We asked family members to offer toasts during dinner," the bride says, "and my father-in-law grabbed the mic and said, 'Starting a family is the most important thing you two will ever do. When do you plan start?' We laughed, thinking he was perhaps making a joke and referencing sex on our wedding night, but he stopped and waited for our answer! In front of all our wedding guests, we had to say that we planned on waiting a few years."

"My mother-in-law told my fiancé I didn't have 'family values.'"
After divulging to her future mother-in-law that she only saw her extended family once a year, this bride got more than she bargained for from the brief exchange. "My family lives in New York, while we live in Ohio," the bride explains. "When I mentioned to my mother-in-law that we only make the drive about once a year to see my aunts and uncles, she pulled my [now] husband aside and told him I clearly don't have family values, and that she was scared over how I would raise our children!"

Do you have any in-law horror-stories to share? Spill them on Twitter at @BRIDES!

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Front Row at Bridal Fashion Week: The Best Looks from Day Three

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2015 Day 3

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone; Rodin Banica; John Aquino

Bridal Fashion Week kicked off in New York City! Designers like Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera, Amsale, and more will debut their latest wedding dress collections, and Brides Fashion Director Rachel Leonard will be in the front row for every single show. As part of an ongoing fashion week series, Rachel will spotlight her favorite looks from the day to give our readers insider access to the wedding world's most gorgeous gowns. Watters, Eve of Milady, Alon Livne, and Samuelle Couture were some of the standout shows from day three. Here are Rachel's favorite looks from each collection.

Watters (far left): In a collection filled with plunging necklines and cool, '70's beach-inspired looks, it was hard to pick only one favorite. But this simple, light and airy strapless A-line wedding dress from Watters is just what we'd want for our seaside nuptials.

Eve of Milady (left, center): The latest collection from Eve of Milady was filled with tons of gorgeous beaded details, feminine silhouettes, and elegant lace creations. We loved this sleek trumpet style, complete with a classic sweetheart neckline and just the right amount of bling.

Alon Livne (right, center): Sexy beaded numbers ruled the emeriging Israeli designer's collection. With a deep v-neckline, glamorous high slit, and perfectly-placed beaded details, this wedding dress would look amazing down the aisle, as well as the red carpet.

Samuelle Couture (far right): This head-to-toe lace wedding dress may seem conservative at first glance — it boasts a high neckline and three-quarter length sleeves — but it's the perfect balance of sexy and demure with plenty of illusion details on the bodice and skirt.

For more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

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Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson Gets Engaged on His 19th Birthday! See the Photos

The Duck Dynasty crew is one of the most well-known families around and they just added a new member into the mix. John Luke Robertson (the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson) proposed to his girlfriend Mary Kate McEacharn on his 19th birthday.

"I am so excited to marry my best friend," John Luke tells Us Weekly reports. "I know my parents married young as well, and they have always been examples of what 'could be' to me. Fast-forward 22 years and they are more in love than ever, and I hope Mary Kate and I are the same way in the years to come. God has truly blessed us."

Robertson popped the question to McEacharn just before the couple took to Instagram to share the momentous news with some really adorable photos. The lucky lady posted one on her page, showing off her new engagement ring, alongside her fiancé who held a sign which read "Future Mrs. Robertson."

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Robertson's sister, Rebecca (the family's adopted foster daughter) also snapped a picture with the just-engaged couple and the trio were all smiles. Her caption for the image read, "She said YES @missmarymcmcmc so excited to be your sister." For the moment, Robertson sported a baseball cap, suspenders, button-front shirt, and trousers, while McEacharn wore a printed dress.

She said YES � @missmarymcmcmc so excited to be your sister 😘

View on Instagram

Also in attendance for the proposal was Dancing With The Stars contestant, Sadie Robertson who came home to celebrate her brother's birthday and the engagement.

John Luke's dad Willie Robertson also wished his son a happy birthday.

19 years ago I welcomed my first son @John316Luke923 into the world! Happy Birthday big boy. The worlds a better place with u in it.

— Willie Robertson (@williebosshog) October 11, 2014

We're sure it was a memorable birthday indeed!

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Do You Really Need to Open Gifts During a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower etiquette tips

Photo: Getty Images

Bridal showers often throw brides — and guests — for a loop. From whose hosting, to who pays, and figuring out the rules of gift-giving, there's a lot left up in the air for this traditional pre-wedding event. But one element of the bridal shower that has stood the test of time and tradition is the custom of opening gifts in front of guests. For some, though, this is one custom they'd wish to skip — it is, after all, time consuming! Here, our etiquette experts weigh in on the event's necessity.

I'm throwing a large bridal shower for my friend. Do we really have to have her open all of her gifts during the party?
The opening of gifts is a bridal shower attraction in and of itself, with guests ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the items purchased for the future Mrs. Propped on a big chair, the bride is supposed to open each gift with a huge smile and put the ribbon from it somewhere on her person. But, depending on the number of guests, it can take a lot of time. Obviously, you aren't constrained to the conventions of tradition, but you may anger a mom, aunt, or grandma by completely dismissing an important moment in the bride's pre-wedding fete. One really great way to save up time from gift-opening, but appease those who look forward to it? Have the bride unwrap presents at the end. Before she starts tearing open cooking sets and monogrammed towels, make sure to thank all of the guests for coming and announce that the bride and family will open gifts following the shower, and all who want to stay are welcome. That way, those guests that want to leave get to exit scot-free, while those who want to indulge in presents can stay for the fun.

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Front Row at Bridal Fashion Week: The Best Looks from Day Two

Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week Day 2 Best Looks

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone; John Aquino; George Chinsee; John Aquino

Bridal Fashion Week kicked off in New York City! Designers like Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera, Amsale, and more will debut their latest wedding dress collections, and Brides Fashion Director Rachel Leonard will be in the front row for every single show. As part of an ongoing fashion week series, Rachel will spotlight her favorite looks from the day to give our readers insider access to the wedding world's most gorgeous gowns. Reem Acra, Claire Pettibone, Monique Lhuillier, and Naeem Khan were some of the standout shows from day two. Here are Rachel's favorite looks from each collection.

Reem Acra (far left): The latest collection from Reem Acra, called "Let There Be Light," focused on highlighting popular bridal trends, like crop tops (seen here), pops of color, and metallic details. This stunning silhouette feels so modern, but still inherently bridal thanks to the touches of lace.

Claire Pettibone (left, center): Gorgeous embroidered lace and boho-styles ruled on Claire Pettibone's bridal runway. We love this sky blue gown, complete with sheer long sleeves, and the perfect addition of metallic details.

Monique Lhuillier (right, center): As always, Monique Lhuillier's newest collection put a huge emphasis on soft, romantic styles. But this two-piece wedding dress is fit for the bride-to-be that loves a little bit of edge mixed into her classic aesthetic.

Naeem Khan (far right): Although Naeem Khan is known for show-stopping wedding dresses, the popular bridal designer also has a way with less conventional styles. Case in point: this ultra-chic two-piece lace ensemble. The sleeveless top and tailored trouser are perfect for the modern bride on her wedding day or at her bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or reception.

For more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

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Get a Look at the Disney Channel's First-Ever Wedding!

The Disney Channel's first-ever wedding happened last night: Did you watch it? Jessie Prescott (played by Debby Ryan) got married to her dreamy fiancé Brooks (played by Pierson Fode) on the channel's smash hit, Jessie. The title of the episode was fitting, named "There Goes the Bride."

In case you missed it, here's what happened: The whimsical nanny has to tie the knot in virtually one day because the man of her dreams, Brooks, secures a job in Africa and has to travel to his new post in just two days. Fortunately for the blushing bride-to-be, she has a dedicated and incredible bridal team who gets her wedding ensemble ready in a cinch.

The engagement and wedding story developed over four episodes which started airing last month and naturally, Jessie's wedding gown, designed by JLM Couture, has been making its own headlines. Ryan actually had a big influence on what her character would wear for her special day. In a video previewing the episode, she said, "It's very age appropriate. It's modest, it's sweet, it's romantic, and it's traditional. Working with the costume designer on this wedding dress has been a passion of mine."

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Jessie's costume designer, Jessica Peel Scott also gave the scoop to Yahoo TV. "It just fit the character so perfectly, and the shape was absolutely beautiful on Debby. We tried a bunch of dresses and that one, we just both fell in love with it." The costume designer continued, "I just had tons of magazines we were going through, in just thinking about who Jessie was and where she came from and what would be a good in-between of where she started and where she is now as a character, and what would be pretty. And this one was one of the first ones I picked, and she and I kept going back to it."

The design also wasn't white. "It's actually a really beautiful blush color, which is really super modern and kind of what's really hip and happening right now in the bridal stuff," Scott added. "We thought that's great, that's a little nod to what's super current, and then the neckline was so pretty and kind of timeless." We agree!

Check out a preview from the episode (and see the wedding dress!) in the below clip.

[embedded content]

What do you think of the Disney Channel's first wedding? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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First Look: Amsale's New Bridal Collection

Sleek lines, smooth fabrics, and fashion-forward silhouettes usually mark Amsale's collections, but texture played a big role in the bridal fashion house's latest designs.

"Luxurious textures run throughout the Amsale collection," the label's inspiration statement explained. "From Lyon Lace to floral jacquards to metallic Chantilly lace. The richness in mixing refined fabrications with Amsale's simple and elegant aesthetic creates a modern regal mood."

Amsale Fall 2015 Floral Wedding Dress

Photo: Getty Images

A sweetheart ball gown and three-dimensional floral jacquard walked the runway and a ruffled mermaid bottoms with silk flowers on the skirt also made an appearance. Plus, we spotted a voluminous a silk organza ball gown with a lace bodice and blooming appliqués on the skirt.

Another fresh take that surprised us (aside from the prevalence of ball gowns as opposed to Amsale's standard sheaths) was another big-skirted number fashioned from metalic lace. The tiers, gilded exterior, and heavy dose of lace was something we haven't seen from Amsale recently.

From some seriously bridal blooms to the big-time skirts, Amsale took a bit of a turn this season. Want to see the rest of the exciting looks? Be sure to check back later for the complete collection in our full slideshow. And, to appease you in the meantime, be sure to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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Can We Have a Civil Ceremony Now and a Traditional Wedding Later?

There are many reasons why some couples need to have a quick civil ceremony, without the pomp and circumstance. Everything from immigration constraints to military benefits can put a rush order on your "I do." But when you have to hurry the ceremony there's a few people — namely your parents and closest friends — who will likely feel left out. So, what exactly are the rules pertaining to needed legal marriages? Our etiquette experts weigh in to let you know how to handle this logistical necessity.

What should we do if we legally need to have a civil ceremony now, but can't afford a proper wedding? Can we go to city hall but throw a big wedding later on?
You wedding is whatever you want it to be. Because of finances, timing, and life getting in the way, many more couples are holding a civil ceremony, just them two (just look at Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard!), and throwing a larger wedding later on. While a traditional ceremony, after you've already been legal wed may feel like a farce to some, it's of course possible — especially if you'd like to say your vows in front of family and friends, not just in front of the judge at town hall. Just remember, if people begin nagging you about when you're getting married and what your status is, just tell them that you're married but you will be throwing a celebration later on. Some may feel tempted to lie so that the big day feels like the real deal for guests, but you'll inevitably just make them angry. Again, your marriage is whatever you want to make it, having a ceremonial vow-exchange and reception later on is totally acceptable for those with financial or situational constraints.

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First Look: Monique Lhuillier's New Bridal Collection

Monique Lhuillier is known for her ultra-romantic bridal collections, so if you're a fan of the perennially popular designer's dresses, her latest styles will not disappoint. Her Fall 2015 wedding dress collection is reminiscent of her Spring 2015 looks, but features more of an emphasis on the label's classic ladylike vibe.

While yesterday's sneak peek of the collection showed us a draped, white mermaid wedding dress, colorful fabrics and airy silhouettes made an appearance on the runway, too.

This ethereal light purple ball gown, seen above, is the perfect play off of Monique's pastel palette from last season. But along with the non-traditional bridal hue, the dress features gorgeous embellishments and a modern neckline.

The designer's latest offerings prove that two-piece wedding dresses are still ruling the runways (and aisles)! This lace crop top and tea-length skirt are feminine and romantic, but feature just the right amount of edge.

Peach-hued tulle, tons of glimmering embroidery, and a gorgeous illusion back make this one of our favorite gowns that was sent down the runway.

Excited about Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2015 collection as well? Make sure to check back for all of their latest looks in the complete slideshow! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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See the Pics: Go Inside Blake Lively's Baby Shower!

Blake Lively Baby Bump

Photo: Eric Lively via Preserve

Earlier this week, Blake Lively announced a big update on her end: The former Gossip Girl star is pregnant! And now, she's talking all about having a baby-on-board and the excitement of becoming a mother.

In an essay called "Bringing Up Baby" on her lifestyle-meest-ecommerce site Preserve, Lively shared more photos of her adorable baby bump all the while indulging in all that a first time mother-to-be has on her plate.

Blake Lively Baby Shower Photos

Photo: Eric Lively via Preserve

Blake Lively Baby Shower Photos

Photo: Eric Lively via Preserve

"With a new baby on the way there is so much to do!" Mrs. Reynolds wrote alongside a stream of photos from her baby shower. "But before experiencing the joy of 3am screams, seemingly impossible amounts of poop and having a favorite shirt covered in reflux... there are presents to open, onesies to dye, there is cake to serve, advice to be shared and all around celebration to be had. And that we did..."

See More: Wait. Did We Just See Blake Lively's Wedding Dress?

Blake Lively Baby Bump Photos

Photo: Eric Lively via Preserve

Then, came a flood of pictures detailing their party. Sparkly apples (just like at Lauren Conrad's wedding) decorated the table, alongside an autumnal bundt cake, orange-and-yellow roses, and multicolor leaves. Lively was all smiles with her friends — two of which are also pregnant — and their children. The friends tie-dyed and decorated onesies together, noshed on delicious eats, and opened presents full of vintage-looking wooden toys. As Lively also mentioned, it looks like they all shared advice to calm any of this first time mom's nerves.

While it seems like Lively is getting ready for baby, we wonder what Mr. Reynolds has been up to?

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First Look: Naeem Khan's New Bridal Collection

#NaeemKhan does it again--another amazing collection! #weddingdress #BRIDESFASHIONWEEK #Bridalfashionweek

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Naeem Khan has a way with wedding dresses — particularly making each piece look like its one of a kind. And for his Fall 2015 show, which he titled "A Winter Garden," he continued to pull out all of the stops. This year, fringe played a major role in his range. Whether it's the Ostrich feather-hemmed bottom to a beaded mini dress, the silver beaded fringe shift with an illusion neckline, or the scalloped white fringe dress with yet another illusion neckline.

Aside from the dangling metallic beads, though, were plenty of his famed floral motifs — in the form of beads, and threadwork — and intricate embellishments. This collection was a bit more romantic, with twinkling lace bodice topping a tulle mermaid skirt and another drop-waist trumpet with baroque-style beading and, again, the nearly standardized illusion neckline.

And while many of the flower and vine details created a whimsical air, there was plenty of glam in this collection, too, including modern takes on flapper-esque styles (as in, the fringe we raved about above), the many mini Ostrich feather skirts, and the dazzling metallic vertical and circular beads that make us reminisce about the Roaring '20s.

If you want to shimmer and shake in Naeem's latest iteration of gorgeous gowns, check back soon for the complete collection. And while you wait, be sure to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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Everything You Need to Know About Eloping

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, which is why more and more couples are choosing to elope. But gone are the days of young couples sneaking out in the middle of the night to secretly wed. These days, elopements are planned weddings with just the two of you. Many brides choose to still hire photographer, buy their dream dress, and jet off to an alluring locale with the officiant of their choice. So what are the rules for this new-found form of nuptials? Our etiquette experts are here to answer all of the common questions about eloping.

If I choose to elope, can I still celebrate with family and friends afterward?
If you're family and friends really want to celebrate with you following your elopement, there's no reason why they can't throw you some sort of reception. However, usually people elope to avoid a big party, so maybe convince your parents to do something more low-key and intimate. If not a formal reception, a house party or nice dinner could be a good way to ring in this new union.

Is it rude to have a small, city hall wedding with no reception if we can afford a bigger celebration?
Not at all, especially if that's what you want! Remember, this is you and your groom's day, it should be about you two and what you want, not what your friends or family are pressuring you to do. If you don't want to field questions from family and friends, though, don't mention until anything after your "I do," and be sure to mark in your announcements that it was an elopement rather than a traditional wedding. This way, they'll feel less left out.

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Front Row at Bridal Fashion Week: The Best Looks from Day One

Angel Sanchez and Theia Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

Photo: John Aquino; Thomas Iannaccone

Bridal Fashion Week kicked off in New York City! Designers like Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera, Amsale, and more will debut their latest wedding dress collections, and Brides Fashion Director Rachel Leonard will be in the front row for every single show. As part of an ongoing fashion week series, Rachel will spotlight her favorite looks from the day to give our readers insider access to the wedding world's most gorgeous gowns. Angel Sanchez, Houghton, Delphine Manivet, and Theia were some of the standout shows on day one. Here are Rachel's favorite looks from each collection.

Angel Sanchez (Above, left): This gorgeous ball gown wedding dress stood out not only for its illusion lace details, but for the unique take on the twisted bodice. Like the rest of Sanchez's collection, this look demonstrates how to turn a classic style into something entirely fresh and contemporary.

Theia (Above, right): With Mongolian-inspired styles, Theia's latest collection is the epitome of winter chic. Filled with cable knits, cashmere, and cozy separates, this collection is ripe for cold-weather nuptials.

Delphine Manivet and Houghton Fall 2015 Wedding Dresses

Photos: John Aquino

Delphine Manivet (Above, left): The entire '70-chic collection is filled with plenty of capes, boho-inspired styles, and simple yet gorgeous looks for the boho bride including this delicate sheath topped off with a statement hat.

Houghton (Above, right): Like Delphine Manivet, Houghton brought us back to the '70s with cool-girl bridal looks. Case in point: This fluttering pink sheath, paired with a motorcycle jacket.

For more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

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Wait, Is Cameron Diaz Engaged to Benji Madden?

Are Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Engaged

Photo: Getty Images

Could Cameron Diaz finally be settling down with Good Charlotte's Benji Madden? In July we reported that rumors were swirling that the unlikely (but totally adorable!) duo were considering marriage, and now it seems like the couple is officially ready to take the plunge.

According to the Daily Mail Diaz has been spotted twice this week with a diamond ring on the fourth finger of her left hand! While it's not necessarily the most traditional looking engagement ring, the figure eight shaped yellow gold and diamond ring, seen in the photo above, feels like the type of bridal bling the blonde beauty would rock. It's a little unconventional but still romantic — just like her relationship with Madden.

See More: From the Red Carpet to the Aisle: Steal Cameron Diaz's Wedding-Worthy Emilio Pucci Dress

Although they've only been dating since April, Diaz and Madden have been moving their relationship along rather quickly. But even their closest family and friends have nothing but good words to say about their relationship. In July, Nicole Richie, Madden's sister-in-law, spoke about the budding relationship on Watch What Happens Live. "I approve of anything that's going to make Benji happy. I'm a devoted sister-in-law," she said. "I'm happy for anyone who is happy, and I want everyone to be surrounded with love."

It wouldn't be a total surprise if the singer did pop the question. Just last month Madden made it no secret that he's ready to start a family. He told Details that a family is "what every man wants, whether they admit it or not."

"I did relationship damage to myself in my twenties. That's what your twenties are for. You learn, and then you apply it in your thirties," Madden said.

Whether or not a wedding is in their immediate plans, it seems like this couple is doing everything right!

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First Look: Marchesa's New Bridal Collection

Forever feminine, Marchesa is built on girly details and stylish silhouettes. For Fall 2015, the brains behind the bridal brand (Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig) introduced new cuts such as dropped-waist tea-length numbers and high-low hems, plus colors like rich champagnes and ombré flowers.

"Re-embroidered crystal tops layer tulle bustiers and full flowing tulle skirts," the collection statement described of the elegant range. A few other fun additions? Peplum jackets with a regal, high collar, and our favorite: detachable capes worn over dainty sheaths.

For the bride looking for a second dress or a LWD, Marchesa offered ruffled tea-length shifts and flouncy high-low hems fastened in silk organza and chiffon.

Chapman and Craig, though, stuck to their classic aesthetic, too. One sweeping embroidered lace mermaid with short sleeves would make any Marchesa bride happy, as would it's counterpart, a strapless lace mermaid with a voluminous tulle trumpet skirt.

Good morning! We kicked off day three of #BridalFashionWeek backstage at @marchesafashion, where ethereal hair was the order. Watch how it comes together! @bethswnson #BridesBFW #BridesFashionWeek

View on Instagram

The finishing touch? Flowers! Marchesa adorned the models' hair with dainty baby's breath blooms. Watch the look come to life in the above video!

Want to see more from Marchesa's Fall 2015 collection? Be sure to check back for the complete slideshow! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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10 Minutes with Rita Vinieris of Rivini

10 Minutes with Rita Vinieris of Rivini

Photos: Courtesy of Rivini

Rita Vinieris debuts her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Rivini this afternoon at the Park Hyatt in New York City as part of Bridal Fashion Week, and we sat down with the designer before the show to hear all about her inspiration, her unique in-house embroideries, and what to expect from the exciting new collection.

The designer is inspired by all things beautiful.
"I'm always inspired by the social, cultural moment in which I create a new collection," Vineris says. "Anything beautiful that my eyes come across can inspire the collection — architecture, travel, an accumulation of everything I see in my life." Vinieris designs for a particular bride, describing her customer as, "confident, with her own personal style, she's quite cultured, and she's got a bit of an edge. She's looking for a gown that expresses her personal style."

The new season is all about "quiet seduction, mixed with architectural romance."
"At the moment I love working with all the light and airy fabrics, I love all the different types of organza — everyone thinks there is only one kind of organza! Everything we do is silk, so I like mixing different fabric weights with beautiful French laces and nets," says the designer. "

See More: Browse Rivini's Latest Bridal Collection

You won't find Rivini's embroideries anywhere else.
"We do all of the embroideries for Rivini ourselves, through a combination of threadwork and mixing different elements, like some chalky stones and irregular beads, and unique crystals woven into the embroideries," explains the designer.

Vinieris celebrates the sleeve.
Asked about her favorite bridal trends, the designer exclaimed, "I love that sleeves have come back!" She called sleeves, "refreshing," noting that designing around the perennial strapless trend had become a bit tired.

See More: Watch: Our Past Interview with Rita Vinieris

Her top styling tip? Step away from Pinterest.
"Take a step back and think about who you are, and what your personal style truly is," recommends the designer. "It's really easy to get carried away with different wedding hairstyles and makeup for weddings that you might see on Pinterest." She adds, "Don't get carried away by a trend. If you don't typically put your hair up when you go to a formal event, I would leave it down for your wedding."

Your color theme should be an expression of your personal style, not just a color story.
The designer's style logic about wedding hairstyles also applies to bridesmaids dresses, too, "If you don't wear pastels when you go out, don't put your bridesmaids in pastels. Your color theme should also be an expression of your personal style, not just a color story. If you typically are into wearing beautiful neutrals, put your bridal party in a beautiful neutral palette, or if you love to wear bright colors yourself, consider putting your bridesmaids in your favorite shades. It's about carrying your sense of style in every detail you do throughout your wedding day."

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First Look: Claire Pettibone's New Bridal Collection

Three favorites from @clairepettibone this morning. Tell us which one you like best! Photo: @lisagooder #weddingdresses #BridalFashionWeek #BridesFashionWeek

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"Gothic Angel" couldn't be a more apt name for Claire Pettibone's latest wedding dress collection. The queen of bohemian couture looked to the heavenly skies for inspiration this season, drawing inspiration from iconic cathedrals like Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, and St. Patrick's.

For her 20th anniversary runway show, Pettibone played with a lot of delicate metallic details. Gold tasseled fleur-de-lis's and silver sequins added some glam, while sky blue and black lace added depth to the looks, creating a similar effect to stained glass.

Gothic angel, indeed @clairepettibone. #bridesBFW #bridesfashionweek #weddingdresses #swoon

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Pettibone's range, though, remained inherently ethereal. Angelic ribbons trailed one lace sheath, while many of the dresses looked as though they had wings thanks to voluminous sheer sleeves. A cathedral-length veil was paired with one shimmering lace mermaid number, and three other silver-spotted lace creations glistened down the runway. But it wouldn't be a Claire Pettibone show without some insane backs, which the designer delivered in the form of opulent lace appliqués over illusion backs.

Love Claire Pettibone's latest collection? Check back to see each look in our complete slideshow! In the meantime, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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The Best Celebrity Bridal Beauty Looks of the Week

Best Celebrity Beauty Looks Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightly, Emmy Rossum

Photo: Getty Images

Emmy Rossum rocks a statement lip, Gwyneth Paltrow has the beach blonde look down pat, and Keira Knightley is the epitome of a glowing, shiny-haired bride. Here, the red carpet beauty looks we loved this week.

Emmy Rossum at the Los Angeles Premiere of You're Not You: Want to venture beyond the classic red lip for your big day? Try Rossum's black-tie hair and makeup with a twist: magenta lips. (We also love this bold color juxtaposed with her jaw-dropping purple chandelier earrings — a great way to infuse color into an otherwise all-white ensemble.) Brown, smoky eye makeup intensify her eyes, and glossy, side-swept waves make her ready to walk down the aisle, er, red carpet.

See more: 4 NYFW Hair & Makeup Looks to Steal For Your Big Day

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Hollywood Costume Luncheon: Planning a laid back, destination wedding? Take a tip from Paltrow and go for sleek, easy locks, bronzer, and light pink lipstick. (She even shows us what it will look like with a white dress!) A quick tip? Use a frizz-fighting serum on damp locks to ensure your hair doesn't curl up halfway through the ceremony.

Keira Knightley at the London Film Festival: It's not hard to tell that Knightley's warm, luminous makeup was inspired by her gold Valentino Haute Couture gown. (Side note: That's exactly how you should create your big-day look, too! Start with your wedding dress and then find hair and makeup ideas that work with it.) Knightley's thick, Audrey Hepburn-like eyebrows are played up to frame her face, and gold eye shadow applied from her upper lids to her inner corners create a bright, wide-eyed effect. Blush concentrated on her cheekbones gives her complexion a burst of warmth, and rose-tinged lips perfect her pout. Oh, and if you look closely, you can see a few strategically placed golden highlights in her hair, which add depth to her voluminous waves. Perfection.

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An Unexpected Wedding Color Palette: Desert Neutrals

Desert Neutral Wedding Color Palette

Photos: Trunk Archive, Courtesy of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Green Door Photography, Courtesy of Anna Sheffield, Cathy Crawford

It's no secret that casual, rustic weddings have become increasingly popular amongst brides and grooms-to-be. But say you favor that laid-back aesthetic but prefer to channel it in a more refined style, then you should consider a wedding color palette (and theme) that showcases desert neutrals.

This blend of southwestern details and the prettiest palette of barely-there hues in shades of beige, gold, peach, and cream makes for a chic affair. To help inspire your own bash of desert neutrals, we pulled together an inspiration board that will help get your creative juices flowing. From dusty colored accessories, like a suede bootie and dainty wedding bands in shimmering rose gold, to desert-inspired reception details, like a three-tiered wedding cake and feather coasters, we have everything you need to get your planning off on the right foot.

See More: 5 Pretty Ways to Decorate Your Bride and Groom Chairs

Don't be scared to go bold with these details — a cool tepee at cocktail hour or as your photo backdrop may feel like overkill in theory, but when you see just how gorgeous it looks in your wedding photos, you'll be glad you took our advice.

Want even more genius wedding ideas? We partnered with Gartner Studios to create gorgeous (and shoppable!) inspiration boards that will help inspire your own wedding style. Check them out here!

Above: 1. Cake, $11 per slice (serves 80), Wild Orchid Baking Company; 2. Bracelets, gold-plated with cubic zirconia, $248 each, Melinda Maria; 3. Metal Hurricanes, from $7.99 each, Target; 4. Wedding Bands, from $495 each, Anna Sheffield; 5. "Piper" wedding invitation, $1,240 for 100, Bella Figura; 6. Lipstick in Delight, $33, Dolce & Gabbana; 7. Wedding Dress, raw-edged organza gown, price upon request, J. Mendel; 8. Earrings, rose-gold-plated, $225, Arme De L'amour; 9. Arrows, Cody Foster & Co.; 10. Bouquet, $250, Paz Gaete for Jenevieve LLC, 646-298-4832; 11. Coaster, $15 for a mixed set of 16, Haute Papier; 12. Calligraphy, from $1.50, Everly Calligraphy; 13. Naked Flushed Makeup Palette in Strip, $30, Urban Decay; 14. Suede Heels, $995, Alejandro Ingelmo

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First Look: Reem Acra's New Bridal Collection

The name of the game at Reem Acra this season? Flower power, and lots of it. Of course, it wouldn't be a Reem Acra show without lovely lace and feminine silhouettes — which, this Fall 2015 collection, had plenty.

Called "Let There Be Light," Reem Acra infused current trends (such as crop tops and a touch of color and even a metallic strapless dress, with an Angelina-style slit) with tried-and-true classics. A traditional element, which was a bit surprising from the designer of soft intricately embellished pieces, was richer ball gown skirts. Yet, even for the fuller pieces crafted from thicker fabrics, there was a delicate finish with petals of flowers and shimmering trains made of silk georgette trailing behind.

Every detail was as intricate and ornate has her past collections. The laces were re-embroidered and hand-stitched throughout the bodices and along the hem's edges, while crystal beads created a beautiful bridal glow. Shapes were a bit more revealing, with the slit, as mentioned above, sheer cutouts and exposed corsetry.

Flower crowns took new meaning with the 'dos at this runway show. Each look was not only outfitted with a plethora of pretty petals, blooms were pinned in the hairdo and as a halo around an actual crown. Even belts were made from the cascading florals!

If you want to see this collection in full bloom (sorry, we had to!), make sure to check back for the complete slideshow! And, while you're at it, follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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What Honeymoon? George Clooney Crashes Comic Con and Talks About His New Wife Amal Alamuddin!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Did you really think that George Clooney, the renegade actor, humanitarian, and newlywed, would really go on a honeymoon? Even though he married barrister fiancée Amal Alamuddin a mere 12 days ago, he's since jumped straight back into work.

First up: A surprise appearance at New York Comic Con during a panel for his next movie, Tomorrowland! Clooney wasn't expected to attend the event due to his recent nuptials and presumed honeymoon, something he referenced after an ovation ended. "It is not lost on me that I'm spending my honeymoon at Comic Con," he joked. "On top of my honeymoon, it is my first Comic Con," he added.

Though it's unclear if his appearance interrupted his post-wedding getaway or if he and Alamuddin even had a honeymoon. There's no word on his new wife's feeling on the work-related trip, but with her equally busy schedule, we're sure she didn't mind!

See More: Check Out Amal Alamuddin's Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress!

Speaking of Alamuddin, her makeup artist recently spoke out on how the newlywed got the perfect legs and beauty looks that she showed off all wedding weekend. London-based celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury dished the secret to Us Weekly. "I used Supermodel Body [shimmer lotion] on her legs, which looked amazing in the pictures," Tilbury said. "It really sort of shapes and contours and highlights her incredible limbs that she has and that worked amazingly because we had quite a few short dresses."

As for Alamuddin's picture perfect smile? "We used a lot of my revolutionary matte lipsticks; we used (a fiery red) Bond Girl, and (a berry tinted rose) Walk of Shame," Tilbury shared.

Tilbury explained the other products she used for the big day. "We used the blushes, the Love Glow blushes to really contour her face and highlight her cheek bones. I gave her a dusty, bronzy kind of glow. We used a little bit of my Sophisticate palette on the eyes and my Full Fat Lashes mascara."

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4 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary Like a Celebrity

4 Ways to Celebrate Your First Anniversary

Photo: Getty Images

There is an entire list of traditional gifts you can give your spouse for your wedding anniversary, but why not celebrate the momentous occasion in a way that is as unique as you are as a couple? Whether you decide on a grandiose gesture or something a bit more private, here are four ideas for wedding anniversary celebrations with a little help from some of our favorite celebrities.

Throw a themed party with your closest friends and family.
Everyone loves a good party and if your wedding reception was even the least bit fun, we guarantee that all those in attendance will want to do it again — in a smaller capacity of course. Nothing says celebration like a theme, so pick something lively and easy to plan with your spouse and make dressing up for the moment mandatory. The guest list can be short comprised of your closest friends and family who you know will get into the mood. Mandy Moore did just that for her 5th wedding anniversary to Ryan Adams — they threw a '50s-prom themed bash with fun hats to top off their ensembles.

Go for bling.
Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend — men happen to really love them too. Though a pretty penny has already been spent on your engagement ring and wedding bands, jewelry is always an amazing gift. For their first wedding anniversary, Chad Kroeger gifted Avril Lavigne with a 17-carat emerald cut stunner. No need to go that big the first time around, but if you can, show how much you care with a piece that sparkles just as much as your love. Your spouse will be able to wear it everywhere and remember you wherever he or she goes.

See More: Grandma Knows Best: Wise Women Reveal Their Secrets to Staying (Happily) Married

Bring the pampering into your home.
Anniversaries are personal, thus leaving the hustle and bustle of a public celebration behind is more than warranted. There are so many ways to keep the moment private, especially when you consider a bit of in-home pampering. Hiring a masseuse or chef for some quality time spent together is a great way to relax and unwind and begin your next year of marriage peacefully. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson hired a chef for his and husband Justin Miskita's first anniversary — a delicious gift!

The sky is the limit.
Go above and beyond when it comes to celebrating your love! The sky is truly the limit and you can take it there with a hot air balloon ride or by taking a cue from Portia de Rossi who hired a skywriter to sprawl "Six" across the sky for her sixth wedding anniversary with Ellen DeGeneres.

How are you celebrating your wedding anniversary this year? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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Puerto Vallarta: Romantic Wedding & Honeymoon Destination + Giveaway

church puerto vallarta jalisco mexico romantic destination wedding honeymoon

A destination that offers everything from gorgeous beaches to a beautiful city full of charm and history. Sounds like a pipe dream? You might want to check out Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of those truly unique places on earth that offers a winning combination of breathtaking natural scenery, exciting activities and rich culture. Add to the mix spectacular sunsets and you’ll see why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for an unforgettable destination wedding, honeymoon or dream vacation. Speaking of dream vacations, how does a romantic getaway to this tropical paradise sound to you? Read on to see how you can win a holiday for two at the excellent Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort.

What to do in Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta jalisco mexico romantic popular town during the day

Located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant destination with something to offer for everyone. From exhilarating daytime activities – including the latest in ecotourism and extreme adventure — to lively nightly entertainment, there is a host of wonderful experiences to be had in Puerto Vallarta.

vibrant mexican art culture at puerto vallarta mexico

The Sierra Madre Mountains and sparkling emerald green waters of the Pacific Ocean provide a stunning backdrop for visitors to enjoy thrilling beachside activities or a leisurely stroll along the Malecon promenade, where shops, sidewalk cafes and restaurants abound.

If you’re a fan of art, check out the charming Old Town (Zona Romantica), which is dotted with art galleries. For an outstanding dining experience, book a table at the renowned Cafe des Artistes by Thierry Blouet, which dishes out gourmet delights in a lush setting.

cafe des artistes thierry blouet puerto vallarta

From golf to snorkeling (the beautiful Bay of Banderas is teeming with marine wildlife), whale watching to sunset sailing, you can look forward to a memorable, fun-filled time in Puerto Vallarta.

humpback whale watching banderas bay puerto vallarta mexico

puerto vallarta mexico romantic destination sunset sailing

And to top it all off, Vallarta’s endless beaches mean that there’s always a spot for you and your partner to chill out and enjoy an incredible view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

puerto vallarta beach honeymoon destination wedding mexico

Hilton Puerto Vallarta

hilton puerto vallarta o west lounge at sunset

Hilton Puerto Vallarta is an all-inclusive beachfront resort, ideally located just minutes away from the airport, city center, and the cruise port. Guests at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta can enjoy panoramic views of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madres while taking advantage of a range of activities and entertainment options included with their stay at the resort. There are four on-site dining outlets and two bars, including the striking adults-only O’West lounge. To unwind, guests can book a spa treatment at Spa Ki or simply soak in the views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean from the infinity-edge pool.

hilton puerto vallarta mexico beautiful sunset pacific ocean

Weddings in Puerto Vallarta

Weddings in Puerto Vallarta are always a beautiful affair (the stunning locale helps!), but if you need help with the planning, you can always engage in of one of Vallarta’s experienced wedding planners, who will look after every detail, including the caterer, musicians, photographer, justice of the peace, and paperwork. Read more about Weddings and Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.

destination wedding mexcio hilton puerto vallarta

puerto vallarta mexico romantic wedding honeymoon getawau destination

Giveaway: Puerto Vallarta Romantic Getaway

We’re really excited to announce that the good people at Puerto Vallarta are giving away a romantic 4-day/3-night stay for two adults at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta. For a chance to win this amazing prize*, you simply need to enter your details using form below by October 30 2014. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Terms and conditions apply

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Pallas Couture 2015 Wedding Dresses

pallas couture wedding dresses 2015 audree nude coloured gown with slim skirt and french tulle skirt close up

Happy Friday! International fans of Pallas Couture, have we got some exciting news for you!

Pallas Couture, one of Australia’s top bridal couturiers, is debuting their 2015 ‘La Promesse’ bridal collection at the New York International Bridal Fashion Week this weekend. The showcase will enable retailers from both America and globally to stock the brand, meaning brides from around the world will now have access to Pallas’ signature gowns for the very first time.

Founded in 2001 by Joy Morris, Pallas Couture is renowned for luxe gowns with feminine silhouettes and intricate lace and embellishments, which combine traditional elements of bridal couture with a high fashion sensibility. The latest collection is absolutely stunning!

“The 2015 collection has drawn inspiration from the captivating yet fragile beauty of iconic English model Jean Shrimpton, channeling her beautiful softness with an ethereal-like strength hidden beneath, exploring the idea of transparency but with a luminescent glow.” All the gowns in this collection are handcrafted in-house using the finest quality French laces, silks and Italian embroideries.

pallas couture wedding dresses 2015 audree nude coloured gown with slim skirt and french tulle skirt

pallas couture 2015 la promesse bridal collection colette french tulle applique wedding dress keyhole back

pallas couture 2015 la promesse bridal collection colette french tulle applique wedding dress keyhole back close up

pallas couture 2015 arlette off shoulder sheath wedding dress three quarter sleeves

pallas couture 2015 arlette off shoulder sheath wedding dress three quarter sleeves close up appliqued bodice

pallas couture 2015 asselina v neck short sleeve wedding dress lace detail contouring over hips front slit

pallas couture 2015 asselina v neck short sleeve wedding dress lace detail contouring over hips front slit close up

pallas couture bridal 2015 angele silk crepe cap sleeve wedding dress with hand applique lace detail transparent bodice

pallas couture bridal 2015 angele silk crepe cap sleeve wedding dress with hand applique lace detail transparent bodice overskirt

pallas couture bridal 2015 la promesse abelia strapless wedding dress slit skirt

pallas couture bridal 2015 la promesse clarette strapless wedding dress lace applique petal detail

pallas couture bridal 2015 la promesse felice wedding dress transparent bodice with lace applique

pallas couture wedding dress 2015 avelina sleeveless ball gown beaded lace detail exposed boning

pallas couture wedding dress 2015 avelina sleeveless ball gown beaded lace detail exposed boning close up

pallas couture wedding dress 2015 charlette strapless wedding dress beaded lace bodice full french tulle skirt

pallas couture wedding dress 2015 idelle french tulle cap sleeve bridal gown sequin beaded lace bodice low back

pallas couture wedding dress 2015 melacine sleeveless ball gown hand appliqued sequins floral lace detail

pallas couture wedding dresses 2015 emmie silk crepe strapless gown hand applique side panels with lace details

pallas couture 2015 la promesse bridal collection halette long sleeve french lace contoured sheath wedding dress

Photos courtesy of Pallas Couture. For details, visit Pallas Couture.

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Million Dollar Listing Josh Altman Reveals the Real Reason He Postponed His Wedding

Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu

Photo: Getty Images

Don't fret, Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles fans! While Josh Altman and fiancé Heather Bilyeu may have recently postponed their wedding, they are by no means having relationship troubles.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the reality couple revealed the real reason they called off their wedding. "You won't hear this very often, but it was probably the best thing for our relationship," Altman, a superstar realtor and one of MDLLA's leading men, told Us. "At the end of the day I think we kind of forgot who the wedding was for, and when you have cameras following you around most of the year — for the last four years — you forget that at the end of the day that's gonna live a lot longer than Million Dollar Listing. It's about us, and at the end of the day, that's what was most important to us."

"Yeah, it turned into a story line as opposed to a wedding, and that didn't sit well with us. It's about a marriage, not just a wedding," Bilyeu, also an agent, added.

See More: The Most Memorable Movie Wedding Dresses

Since calling off their July 2014 nuptials, they haven't set a new date yet. But they're still very much in love and Bilyeu is still very much toting that gigantic rock Altman presented her last year. They'll likely opt for a smaller, private celebration, but also haven't completely ruled out televising their "I dos," either.

"We first met on the show so we really owe Million Dollar Listing and Bravo so much for introducing us and our fans have been so good to us and really supportive and love watching the little bit of our personal life on the show," Bilyeu said.

"People heard that our wedding was postponed and immediately it went to, 'They're done, they broke up,'"Altman explained. "We just didn't have the time. We were trying to fit it on to the show because we love the show."

One thing they are very much ready to do? Have babies! Well, at least that's what Altman constantly asks about. "This guy is trying to hit me up for babies. Left and right," Bilyeu confessed.

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The Best Nail Polish Shades for a Fall Wedding

Fall Nail Colors

Photo: Fairchild Archive

Getting married this fall? Save the hot-pink nail polishes for your honeymoon. Instead, try one of these cool new autumnal shades. From moody neutrals to shimmery metallics, we've got the perfect shade for your wedding manicure.

Essie Nail Polish in Take it Outside: This sleek, cool-girl taupe looks flattering on any skin tone, with any color of gown. $8.50, available at Essie

Michael Kors Sporty Coquette Nail Lacquer: Think of it as nude 2.0: The neutral rose-gold shade has hints of shimmer, which catch the light beautifully. Get ready for that ring selfie! $18, available at Michael Kors

See More: The Best French Manicure Ideas For Your Wedding

OPI Nail Lacquer in Thank Glogg It's Friday: Upgrade your everyday red to this deep berry shade, which pops big-time against a fall bouquet. $9.50, available at Ulta

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Take the A Train This opaque, sparkly pewter is right at home at a glam wedding. Think of it as the perfect accent for that show-stopping gown. $20, available at Deborah Lippmann

Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear in Carre Bleu: Classic, versatile navy works equally well at a yacht club wedding, a colorful garden affair, or a modern, whimsical bash. For extra wow factor, paint a thin strip of white along the tips for an unexpected reverse French mani. $25, available at Sephora

See More: Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in On the HuntL If you've been rocking pastels all summer, give hunter green a try: It feels just as fresh, but with an edgy fall twist. (Bonus: It looks especially amazing when you're holding pink flowers!) $5, available at Target

Smith and Cult Nailed Lacquer in Tenderoni: Move over, greige! Raisin-hues are the perfect compromise for offbeat brides who love purple, but don't want to go too deep for their wedding day. $18, available at C.O. Bigelow

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First Look: Zac Posen's New Bridal Collection

If there's one thing you can count on from Zac Posen (who's pictured above with Brides Editor in Chief Keija Minor), it's an impeccably tailored, ultra-glamorous gown. For his third season producing a coveted wedding dress collection for David's Bridal, Posen continued to incorporate the best from his red carpet tenure into stunning aisle-ready gowns. The finished product, unsurprisingly, is ultra-sophisticated, timeless wedding dresses that incorporate some art deco details and classically feminine lines.

While his overall, instantly recognizable aesthetic remained the same, there were some new details to note. He took his signature visible seams to the next level with cross-diagonal ribbons on the bodice of one gown, and an incredible amount of converging lines another lace one. If it weren't for the romantic florals underneath, you'd think the triangular piping was a close-up look at the Chrysler building. The pin-tucked, geometric tailoring provides a vintage air with the added, flattering bonus of texture.

It was exciting to see the king of satin play around with lace this season, too. Of course, while he dabbled with the oh-so-popular illusion necklines and soft, flowing lace mermaids, he stayed true to himself: Even the most bohemian of his designs featured plenty of 1930s-inspired elements such as a bustier-style bust, pin-tucked pleats, and architectural lines featured throughout. 

It wouldn't be Zac Posen, though, without one satin stunner. This season, it came in the form of a bustled ball gown with a corset-like bodice. Show-stopper, indeed.

Love what you're seeing so far from Zac Posen's latest wedding dress collection for David's Bridal? Be sure to check back for our complete slideshow! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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Is Snooki Finally Getting Married?

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's Jersey Shore fame has been engaged to fiancé Jionni Lavalle since March 2012, and after the birth of her two children (Lorenzo, 2, and Giovanna Marie, 1 month) these two proud parents are ready to make their union official.

In April, the Daily Mail reported that Snooki and Jionni had set an October 2014 wedding date, meaning these two will tie the knot within the next three weeks! "Basically, me and Jionni are doing what people do in a lifetime in four months," Snooki told NJ.com in August. "With getting married, having a baby... a second baby. Moving into our dream house. It's just insane."

See More: Snooki's Jersey Shore-Inspired Wedding Style

After Snooki's Great Gatsby-inspired bridal shower, it's clear that the couple is still planning to host a '20s-themed wedding day. NJ.com reports that the bride will don a "a classic, vintage-type look" without even a hint of her signature leopard! "I know a lot of people when they thought of me getting married or when they heard it for the first time, they were like, 'Okay, she's probably going to wear a leopard dress or something very gaudy. And to be honest with you, I'm kind of over that leopard stage," the pint-sized reality star said.

As for their venue, it appears the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey will be the site of their ceremony and reception. Although Toniann Bottignoli, the Venetian's Director of Dales, would not confirm whether or not the duo would tie the knot there, city officials for the town accidentally did. In early September, Garfield drafted a new ordinance that regulated filming in the city, which outlines that permits need to be obtained in order to film on any sidewalk or street within the town's jurisdiction. And, as luck would have it, MTV Productions reportedly approached the town earlier this year to get permission to shoot.

It sounds like we won't have to wait much longer to see what Snooki and Jionni have in store for their wedding day after all!

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First Look: Theia's New Bridal Collection

When Don O'Neill, the Creative Director of Theia, told us that his upcoming collection would feature lots of luxe Mongolian wool and cashmere, we knew we were in for a treat. And we couldn't have been more right.

At the start of the show, O'Neill told us that his bride was set in the Mongolian mountains and was a daughter of a shepherd, bundled up in textured layers of the warmer weather fabrics such as felted wool. Turns out the cashmere in his Fall 2015 collection came from a company called Naadam, which sources socially responsible cashmere straight from Mongolian shepherds.

As for the dresses themselves, they evoked nothing short of a winter wonderland with a few special on-trend twists. A few highlights included a cashmere crop-top sweater, embellished with beads, atop a flowing silk chiffon skirt, and a cable-knit turtleneck gown. The embellishments made each model look like a snow queen, with thin crystal beads, fringe, and sequins creating the illusion of icicles. Any lace used wasn't your average romantic bridal fabric — this season, Theia went with heavy, Venice winter lace to make its wintry range even warmer.

@theiaprchick's #BridalFashionWeek show mixed snowy Mongolian elements with traditional Irish flair, and we think this cozy #winterwedding dress shows it perfectly! Photo: @laurenfrankfort #BridesBFW #BridesFashionWeek

View on Instagram

Aside from including contemporary faves like crop tops, there were also plenty of ethereal trailing sheer trains and colored dresses like a blue set of separates and a printed purple and gray chiffon stunner. And we can't forget the finale, a voluminous Mongolian lamb poncho worn over a Venice lace mermaid gown for an ultra chic (and cozy!) finish.

Did we mention there were crazy fishtail braids too? That's a hairstyle definitely worthy trying for your wedding.

Want to see more of Theia's wintry collection? See the complete slideshow here! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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A Wedding Reception Trend We Love: Long, Banquet-Style Dinner Tables

The vibe of your wedding reception greatly depends on how the evening is organized, and one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming and warm is with your wedding tables. The trend of long, banquet-style tables has gained popularity amongst brides and grooms. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they're also a great way to make even the largest wedding feel super intimate. There are countless ways to bring this trend to life at your wedding reception, but we found six examples we really love.

Nestled under twinkling café lights, the neutral-hued, long table seen above is as inviting as it is romantic. Centerpieces play off the lush greenery that bookends the space, and simple dinnerware paired with dark wood chairs keeps the eye moving along the length of the table.

This couple decorated their long, winding table with tons of colorful accents, like multicolored blooms, bright glassware, and custom sun-dyed placemats. One perk with going with a super-windy style? It means each guest has a few more people in their eye-line to chat with over dinner. This gorgeous reception table was tucked around the bend of a private road and hidden from guests during the ceremony so the picture-perfect space would be a complete surprise.

This gorgeous long dinner table doesn't need much to dress it up — the couple stuck with simple arrangements of airy baby's breath and mismatched vintage plates for a casual-chic look that feels fitting for an inclusive table design.

If keeping your guests closely aquatinted with nature is key to your wedding aesthetic, consider a table like this Ohio couple did. Wound through trees and set with neutral white linens and dinnerware, this gorgeous table is a winner. Still a little fearful of having just one long table during your reception (or feel like you have too many guests to seat at just one table)? Consider several longer tables like this couple did. Decorated with floral table runners, this is a way to make the trend work even if you prefer your tables broken up.

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4 Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Photo: Harwell Photography

There are a ton of advantages to having a wedding outside! Whether you dream of a ceremony under the trees and a bright blue sky, or envision your guests dancing the night away under the stars, it's easy to understand why — natural beauty is always the best backdrop. An outdoor service and/or reception might be held at home; at a club, restaurant, reception hall, or house of worship with outdoor facilities; at a favorite natural spot like a park or beach, or at a historic site that's available for entertaining. Wherever it's held, there are special considerations that must be addressed as you plan. Here, a few:

Be weather-conscious: Whatever the general climate, the weather on your wedding day is the great unpredictable. But you can check with meteorological sources in your area about historical weather trends such as periods of high wind or frequent thunderstorms.

Have a Plan B: You might feel as if you're planning two weddings, but you must have a fall-back plan. This will include an alternate indoor site and a plan to notify guests. (You can prepare "just in case" phone lists and provide these to attendants and family members.) Be ready to make a quick decision as early as possible if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Check on fees and permits: For a public site, there may be fees and you may need special permits, so talk with the appropriate authorities. Ask about any restrictions, such as bans on alcohol or campfires.

Think about access to the site: That remote sandy cove or field of wildflowers may be beautifully romantic but nearly impossible to get to. Consider your suppliers and your guests. Caterers, florists, and other vendors will need access for their vehicles. Where will guests park? If walking to the site is difficult, you'll have to provide some form of transportation. Also plan ways for your guests, particularly the elderly or disabled, to get around easily. If the site has uneven walking surfaces, installing temporary level walkways may be necessary.

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How Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Settling Into Parenthood

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher

Photo: Getty Images

Happily-engaged couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed daughter Wyatt nearly two weeks ago, and, from what it sounds like, the former That 70's Show co-stars and bride-and-groom-to-be are already embracing parenthood!

"He's been so helpful — chipping in for feedings — and he loves to hold the baby," a source told Us Weekly of the Two and a Half Men star. "Ashton and Mila are both adjusting well."

See more: Expecting (and Engaged!) Celebrities

As they continue the transition into parenthood, they've also done some traditional religious ceremonies — with a little help from Demi Moore, Kutcher's ex-wife. Moore recently attended Wyatt's Kabbalah blessing in Los Angeles with two of her daughters. As an onlooker at the ceremony told The Sun, "Demi and her daughters congratulated the couple while having a quick hold and coo over the baby."

The entire event was apparently free of drama, despite the potential for it. "It was great to see her doing so well and at ease with Ashton's new life as a father and fiancé," the source added.

We're not surprised that the lovebirds are providing a loving, warm environment for their baby girl!

"I have never wanted to be the person who only has business on her mind," Mila told W magazine in July. "To me, this job has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession, but I don't eat and breathe acting...I'm excited about being a full-time mom."

Based on all of this, we feel like it's entirely possible that the happy couple and parents will soon tie the knot to complete their family circle.

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First Look: Angel Sanchez's New Bridal Collection

Angel Sanchez's bold bridal collection last season featured unexpected and unique details, like chic capes, plenty of peplums, and modern illusion accents. But Sanchez's latest batch of designs, filled with tons of lace, ball gown skirts, and beautiful illusion accents, return to a more classic style with a touch of modernity.

Take, for example, the ball gown above. Its classic shape feels new thanks to the illusion bateau neckline and sheer waist. Paired with the twisted bodice, the wedding dress exemplifies the ideal way to blend new trends with the traditional.

The sheer lace bodice, deep (but tasteful!) V-neckline, and short sleeves are the perfect combination of sexy and demure.

As always, Sanchez included beautiful embellished details, like this showstopping back. This gown turned heads on the runway and will certainly do the same down the aisle.

We love the look of this wedding dress for a winter wedding. The delicate embroidered details and the illusion cape are among our favorites of the collection.

Love what you're seeing so far from Angel Sanchez's latest wedding dress collection? Be sure to check back for our complete slideshow! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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First Look: Houghton's New Bridal Collection

There's no doubt that NYC-based bridal line Houghton designs with the cool girl in mind. Menswear-inspired separates, forward-thinking wedding dress silhouettes, and daring sheer pieces make for an edgy bridal look that always promises to make a statement. And this season's rendition of the Houghton girl was just as cool — if not cooler.

Fluffy, asymmetrical tulle skirts were worn over slouchy white T-shirts, and in some cases, pants, while an oversized turtle-neck short sleeve sweater topped another skirt. Punctuating the mixed pieces were some more colorful designs than we've seen in the past like a robin's egg blue gown. In complete contrast to one shearling-lined ivory motorcycle jacket was the addition of a few feminine pink numbers, including a tiered orchid-hued organza trapeze shift.

Houghton also played with sleeves and proportions this season, with one column dress sporting flouncy bell sleeves and another straight-cut mini featuring oversized ruffles at the ends. And it wouldn't be Houghton without at least one jumpsuit: This season the label showed a sleek short sleeve minimalist number, which is perfect for a rehearsal dinner or morning after brunch.

Excited about Houghton's Fall 2015 collection as well? Make sure to check back for all of their latest looks in the complete slideshow! And don't forget to follow Brides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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Exclusive: Get a Sneak Peek at Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2015 Collection!

Behind-the-Scenes Monique Lhuillier Fall 2015 Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier consistently designs some of the most romantic wedding dresses in the bridal world. Whether it's an ethereal swathing of tulle, three-dimensional floral-embellishments, or dreamy draped satin, it's easy to get lost in Lhuillier's lovely looks.

In anticipation of Lhuillier's latest runway show, we got an exclusive sneak peek at her newest wedding dress collection (above). Lhuillier contextualized the photo as, "Creating looks for our show #MLFall15Bridal #MLBride #moniquelhuillier." And it looks like — as we've come accustomed to with this bridal design power house — this go 'round will be just as gorgeous.

In the behind-the-scenes photo, a model is getting draped in what looks like satin or silk crepe and the silhouette is very reminiscent of Lhuillier's blush column dress two seasons back — but this rendition features a voluminous mermaid skirt and creamy white exterior. Surrounding the model, we can see rolls and rolls of fabric, from the girly blush tulle to some of the blues and grays Lhuillier showcased last season.

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One thing's for sure: If the rest of Lhuillier's latest wedding dress collection is anything like this ruched, draped mermaid, we know it will be a showstopping range.

Are you just as pumped about Monique Lhuillier's upcoming collection? Be sure to check back on Brides.com for all of the latest bridal runway shows, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + for more front-row photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Bridal Fashion Week.

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How One Bride Managed to Cut 100 People from Her Wedding Guest List

Sarah Knight Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Venue

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Knight

Meet our latest real wedding blogger Sarah Knight, personal assistant to Giuliana Rancic at E! Entertainment. Sarah is in the midst of planning her Los Angeles wedding and she's going to share each step of the process. From guest list tips to cake tasting with G while her fiancé is away playing baseball, follow Sarah's journey as she navigates the dos and dont's of wedding planning!

For me, one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning process wasn't color schemes or floral arrangements, but rather the dreaded guest list. After Bryce and I got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico we had a two hour layover between flights back home. We took that opportunity to start throwing out names for our dream guest list. 45 minutes and two Cinnabons later, we had a list of 310 people. Yes, you read that right. Three. Hundred. And. Ten. People.

"How is that possible?!" you might ask? Well, when your fiancé has played baseball for 20 years and refuses to lose touch with anyone he has played with or been friends with, you find yourself here. It's wrong of me to place all the blame on him. I admit, I was responsible for quite a bit on that list, but certainly didn't feel like I was overdoing it. We knew we would have to make cuts, but didn't know where or how to start. We decided to keep that handwritten list in a drawer and revisit it a little later. A little later finally rolled around — as it always does — and we figured out a way to make our list a little more manageable and realistic. Here's how:

See More: How to Figure Out Your Guest List, Invitations and Plus-Ones!

Decide on the venue — sometimes it will make the decision for you: We got engaged at the end of October and Bryce was due to leave for spring training the following February, so we didn't waste much time when it came to finding the perfect venue. After countless hours of scouring the Internet and asking family and friends for recommendations, my aunt called me to tell me to check out Bel-Air Bay Club. I immediately went to the Club's website and fell in love. I called and booked a tour the following day! The minute we parked our car, it was love at first sight. I got teary eyed (no surprise to those who know me!) and knew it was the place for us. While going through the details with our fabulous guide Carrie, we learned that the maximum number of guests for the club is about 200 people tops. We knew our venue search was over which meant it was time to cut our list down. Way down.

Have a sit-down with your parents: It was very important for Bryce and I to include all of our closest friends on our wedding day and in order to do that, we had to ask our parents to keep their own guest lists on the shorter side. Luckily, our parents understood.

See More: 5 People You Shouldn't Invite to Your Wedding

If you haven't spoken to someone in over two years, cut them: Sad, but true. Weddings are special, intimate and meant to be shared with your nearest and dearest. People grow apart and that is totally natural. Plus, people who have lost touch with you won't expect to be invited anyway ... Or at least they shouldn't!

No Ring, No Bring: This is the most common tip for reducing guest lists. While it would be wonderful to extend a plus one to all guests, that could send your total through the roof! Unless the person is married or engaged, they're flying solo. Besides, maybe the wedding will start a new love connection!

Hopefully some of these tips will help my fellow brides who are going through the same guest list woes that I did! Take a deep breath! It will all work out, trust me!

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Gemy Maalouf 2015 Bridal Collection

gemy maalouf 2015 bridal sleeveless sheath wedding dress art deco beading style 4195

This is the second part of our feature on Gemy Maalouf’s beautiful 2015 bridal collection. See the first part here.

There’s nothing more beautiful than starting our day with some drop dead gorgeous wedding gowns, and today’s featured collection delivers eye candy in spades. Gemy Maalouf’s 2015 bridal collection features sumptuous fabrics, striking silhouettes and exquisite embellishments. It’s all about elegance done with a twist!

gemy maalouf 2015 bridal sleeveless sheath wedding dress art deco beading style 4195 back view train

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress style 4167

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress style 4168

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 embellished cap sleeve wedding dress style 4181

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 embellished cap sleeve wedding dress style 4181 back

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short to long wedding dress 4183 sheer pants 3972

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short to long wedding dress bubble skirt 4188

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short wedding dress cap sleeves style 4180

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short wedding dress cap sleeves style 4180 4178 overskirt

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 sleeveless gown style 4175 and 4134

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 strapless wedding dress style 4171

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 wedding dress style 4162 with 3945

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 wedding dress style 4172

gemy maalouf couture 2015 strapless high low mullet dress 4198

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress 4190

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress 4190 back view train

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 sleeveless wedding dress 4175 4175 4177

gemy maalouf wedding dress 2015 draped gown embellished neckline 4194

gemy maalouf wedding dress 2015 strapless top 4173 long skirt 4173

gemy maalouf wedding dresses 2015 bridal strapless ball gown style 4196

Photos courtesy of Gemy Maalouf. For details, visit Gemy Maalouf.

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Mothers Know Best: Smart Marriage Advice from Moms

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author. Here, she shares the best marriage advice moms have given their daughters.

Does mom really know best when it comes to offering pre-marital advice? To find out, we went to those in the best position to judge:

Don't let others' lack of support affect your joy.
Since becoming engaged last June, Kourtney Joy has found her mother to be a constant source of wisdom and comfort. Both qualities proved immeasurably helpful when Kourtney was faced with an unexpected development — the lack of support shown by a few long-time friends.

Currently planning her July, 2015 nuptials, Kourtney says, "I found the negative attitudes of these 'friends' very hurtful until my mom reminded me their bad attitude is a problem they have with themselves, not me. And I shouldn't let their personal problems affect my happiness and excitement."

Kourtney finishes, "I hope they come around and if they do, fabulous." But if they don't, their lack of joy for her joy won't dim the luster of Kourtney's magical day of days.

All in the timing.
Recalls Lisa Romeo, "Before I got married my mother told me, 'Timing is everything. There is a right and wrong time for important discussions, taking a stand, stating my choices, wants and needs...'"

Twenty-six years later, Lisa still heeds mom's maxim. "For example if it's a financial matter, best not to bring it up until we are away from home — relaxed and pleasantly distracted."

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Beware if your guy shows no interest in wedding planning.
Jaclyne Kirkorian-Poliseno shares, "The first time I was engaged my fiancé didn't care much about details of the wedding. The few times he was interested I didn't take his input." This marriage showed signs of disaster within three months. By year one it was over.

The second time she became engaged Jaclyne remembered her mom's words: "If he's interested and wants to be involved, don't push him away... It shows he's interested in your wedding and marriage."

Jaclyne says, "My present husband was interested in every detail!" This marriage is in its third happy year.

Keep marital secrets in the vault.
Mothers in law can also know best. Jani Elmore, married earlier this year, reports, "The wise lady who raised my darling husband told me, 'Keep others out of your marriage,' and she's absolutely right." Jani, who is the community manager at www.weddinglovely.com, confides, "I've seen relationships fall apart as a result of telling outside sources your business."

Don't sweat the small stuff.
This is one that smart moms pass on to their daughters, often learned from hard experience. Kourtney Joy, whose wedding is scheduled for July 2015: "My mom keeps reminding me to keep focused on the fact that I am marrying the love of my life, and that's all that matters!"

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10 Things Only Bridesmaids Understand

With the title of "bridesmaid" comes certain inevitabilities, and only by taking on the challenge can you truly understand what the role entails. Sure, a moment or two will resemble the hyperbolic hilarity of Bridesmaids or the emotional roller coaster of dealing with a bridezilla like in 27 Dresses. But what no one tells you about being a bridesmaid is exactly how much behind-the-scenes drama, heartache, and joy comes with joining the wedding party. For all of those bridesmaids out there, here are 10 things only you know about weddings.

1. The bride is always right, with no exceptions.
Even if she asks whether lime green and hot pink are the perfect color scheme for the wedding.

2. No matter what the seamstress or your friends say, there is a high probability you won't wear your dress again. Even if you shorten it.
Quite frankly, this is one purchase you're making solely for someone else. Finding another occasion for which to wear your dress again is simply an unexpected bonus.

3. Whenever there is a menial task, it's your job to do it, no questions asked.
The average bride is thinking about her million-point to-do list at any given moment, so the task of playing hide-and-seek with the ring bearer or hunting down the missing groomsman is on your capable shoulders.

4. Being on your best behavior throughout the wedding planning process is the best gift you can give the bride.
Being a bridesmaid is quintessentially agreeing to be an amped-up best friend to the bride, and doing so without a disgruntled or snarky attitude is all you need to be the penultimate member of the bridal party.

5. Creating an epic night out of the bachelorette party is your enviable responsibility, so hop to it.
The bachelorette party is your time to shine and let loose after months of flying under the radar, so plan it well and prepare to enjoy your night of freedom.

See More: Lovely Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

6. There has been talk of which groomsman you'll inevitably fall for if you're single.
Something about watching a joyful couple unite in matrimony has everyone thinking about forever — and matchmaking to create the next Kimye. It's best to grin and bear it, even if you find your "ideal match" less than enticing.

7. If the bride unexpectedly snaps at you for the first time after years of loyal friendship, it's not about you.
Even the most levelheaded of brides will likely have a moment or two of sheer lunacy, but it rarely has anything to do with her dutiful bridesmaids, so don't take it personally.

8. For every thoughtful, unique, and quirky wedding detail, there were hours of scrupulous planning, last-minute changes, and lesser ideas that went out the window before the big day.
As a bridesmaid, you're privy to all of the insider information about the planning process, about which mere guests have nary a clue. The pigeons that were almost delivered in place of live doves? No one else has to know.

9. There is always a maverick member of the wedding party, and it's best to figure out who that person is immediately.
Knowing who the wild card is will be key knowledge in preventing catastrophe.

10. Every moment of uncertainty and inconvenience is worth it when you see your friend walk down the aisle.
Tears will be shed.

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4 Must-Have Anti-Aging Serums for Mothers of the Bride

Anti-Aging Serum for the Mother of the Bride

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to at-home skin-care treatments, it's all about the serum. (Serums are more potent and their thinner texture means they can penetrate more deeply than moisturizers or creams.) If your a mother of the bride, a serum will make you fresh-faced and glowing in no time. Here, a few tried-and-tested serums MOBs can use to get wedding-ready skin for their child's big day:

SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator: Minutes after rubbing four drops of this clear elixir into her skin, our tester swears her complexion looked more radiant, vibrant, and even-toned. "Over the course of a few weeks, the lines around my eyes became less noticeable, too," she says. Its powerful ingredient trifecta contains kombuchka (to brighten), hydroxyethyl urea/aminosulfonic acid compound (to exfoliate and smooth), and hyaluronic acid (one of the best moisturizers around). $73, available at SkinCeuticals

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum: If you're a newbie to anti-aging, we have one word for you: retinol. This vitamin A derivative is a super exfoliator and cure-all for everything from acne to dark spots to wrinkles. It's also the star ingredient in this wrinkle-reducing serum. "It smells fresh and is really easy to apply," our tester says. "It absorbed right away and my skin felt smooth and silky." Give retinol time, though — about six months — to see the complete fountain-of-youth-like results. $20.99, available at Neutrogena

See more: Beauty Mistakes That Can Age Mothers of the Bride

StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Concentrated Serum: Have sensitive skin? This serum contains retinol and NIA-114, which helps strengthen the skin's barrier to prevent redness. "My skin looked glowing and moist," raves our dry-skinned tester. "And it works really well under moisturizer." $119, available at StriVectin

Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum
This one comes packed with resveratrol-oleyl (an antioxidant found in red grapes and wine that stimulates collagen and prevents wrinkles), peptides (to boost elasticity), and argan protein (to tighten). "My skin immediately felt firmer and I noticed more contours in my face," our tester says. "It's so easy to incorporate into my skincare regimen — or should I say my non-existent skincare regimen — too." Oh, and did we mention that it also contains soft-focus pigments to create an optical blurring effect? That basically means you'll look like an Instagrammed photo of yourself every day. $89, available at Sephora

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Find Out What Kimye's Wedding Officiant Said About The Couple's Marriage

So happy for these two. Grateful for their friendship. The best is yet to come #marriedlifeisthebestlife

View on Instagram

For a pastor, Rich Wilkerson Jr. has a lot of famous congregants. Prime example? His close friends Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who value his religious guidance so much that they had him officiate their wedding.

Wilkerson and Kimye became close two years ago, when a friend of Kanye's invited him to the young pastor's lively, youthful church in Miami which he grew from 12 people at his first service ever to more than 1,100 now. With special services on Tuesdays called The Rendevous (or "The Vous"), featuring contemporary singers, artists, and members dancing throughout the halls, followed by a serious sermon about all of life's toughest topics, it's not wonder Wilkerson Jr. attracts A-list clientele — including Yeezus himself.

"One night, I got a text [from a friend of Kanye's] that he was going to bring Kanye to church," Wilkerson told People. "We hung out and chatted. He flew back into town the following week and came to church. The week after that, he and Kim flew in from New York just to come to church."

So #vousconf2014 has begun. We're all here. Wish you were too. No words to express what God did tonite. #thebullsandthebees #liveon #intothenight

View on Instagram

After that, their friendship flourished. "It began a relationship; we started emailing and calling each other. We collaborated on a few things: art, fashion, music, Jesus. He invited me to write a few things for his tour, and I've been able to counsel him on a few things."

Of course, his most important invite, though, came when Kimye asked him to officiate their wedding — and ever since their Florence nuptials he's gotten more attention than ever before.

See more: The Most Iconic Brides of All Time

"I never expected that anyone would care who performed the ceremony," he said of the ceremony he performed for the high-profile couple. "Celebrities get married all the time and no one knows who their pastor is. I didn't tell anyone I was doing the wedding; I just went to Italy and did it. And then everything started moving really fast."

"I got to give my message," he continued. "They wanted a Christian wedding, and wanted me to talk about Jesus. It wasn't a message of hate and judgment; it was a message of hope and love. Kim and Kanye have both told me that they're followers of Jesus; we're on the journey together as friends. I believe in them, and I believe in their marriage."

As expected, Kimye's wedding catapoulted Wilkerson into the spotlight, so much so that the handsome, young paster (he looks a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio, no?) will be starring in his very own reality show, set to air on Oxygen and to be produced by E!'s very own Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy.

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Gemy Maalouf 2015 Bridal Collection

gemy maalouf 2015 bridal sleeveless sheath wedding dress art deco beading style 4195

This is the second part of our feature on Gemy Maalouf’s beautiful 2015 bridal collection. See the first part here.

There’s nothing more beautiful than starting our day with some drop dead gorgeous wedding gowns, and today’s featured collection delivers eye candy in spades. Gemy Maalouf’s 2015 bridal collection features sumptuous fabrics, striking silhouettes and exquisite embellishments. It’s all about elegance done with a twist!

gemy maalouf 2015 bridal sleeveless sheath wedding dress art deco beading style 4195 back view train

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress style 4167

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress style 4168

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 embellished cap sleeve wedding dress style 4181

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 embellished cap sleeve wedding dress style 4181 back

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short to long wedding dress 4183 sheer pants 3972

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short to long wedding dress bubble skirt 4188

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short wedding dress cap sleeves style 4180

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 short wedding dress cap sleeves style 4180 4178 overskirt

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 sleeveless gown style 4175 and 4134

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 strapless wedding dress style 4171

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 wedding dress style 4162 with 3945

gemy maalouf bridal 2015 wedding dress style 4172

gemy maalouf couture 2015 strapless high low mullet dress 4198

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress 4190

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 cap sleeve wedding dress 4190 back view train

gemy maalouf couture bridal 2015 sleeveless wedding dress 4175 4175 4177

gemy maalouf wedding dress 2015 draped gown embellished neckline 4194

gemy maalouf wedding dress 2015 strapless top 4173 long skirt 4173

gemy maalouf wedding dresses 2015 bridal strapless ball gown style 4196

Photos courtesy of Gemy Maalouf. For details, visit Gemy Maalouf.

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Crowd-Pleasing Edible Wedding Favors: The Cookie Edition

We can't think of any sweeter wedding favor than delicious just-baked cookies for your guests to bring home. If you love cookies as much as we do, check out these six creative ways to make your cookie favor extra-special.

Personalized Cookies (above): These adorable heart-shaped cookies are from Cake Creamery, a bakery in Southern California. You could also DIY these treats by purchasing a cookie-stamping kit and baking them at home.

Macarons: Who doesn't adore these elegant French almond-flour cookies? You can usually order them in flavors and colors to match your wedding palette; box them up with a label and they can also double as escort cards.

Shortbread Cookies: These anchor-stamped shortbread cookies are packaged in cellophane and tied with striped ribbon — the perfect sweet complement to a nautical wedding by the sea.

Black-and-White Cookies: Pay homage to your wedding location by offering a locally made treat. These miniature black-and-white cookies are perfect for a wedding taking place in New York City.

Handpainted Cookies: These frosted and painted cookies by Brooklyn-based Sogi's Honey Bakeshop are almost too pretty to eat!

Cookie Mix: If you and your groom enjoy baking and cooking together, give your guests a mason jar fiilled with dry ingredients for cookies; top it off with a cute custom thank-you tag.

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Wedding Planning at Work? Lunch-Break Links Brides-to-Be Need to See

You'd never plan your wedding at work (cough, cough) — but your lunch break is a whole other story! For your #WeddingWednesday lunchtime, we rounded up gorgeous real weddings, pretty style details, and helpful tips from across the web. Our favorite recent wedding blogs feature five ways to style a vineyard wedding! From a lush, coastal wedding to fabulous centerpiece ideas, take a peek at the best wedding blogs:

The vineyards of Southern California have the lovely advantage of warm weather and coastal settings. This dreamy real wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch perpetuates laid-back beauty, and plenty of SoCal charm. —POPSUGAR

Wineries are ideal venues because they're adaptable to every time of theme. This couple planned a modern affair in Napa, sprinkling in DIY sequin table numbers, chevrons, and a candy table. —Brides

Brooklyn Winery in New York City played host to a delightful, '20s flapper themed wedding. Proof that vineyards are more than rows of grape vines and lush greens, this wedding venue is urban and refined-rustic — great for creative couples that want to run with a theme. —100 Layer Cake

Way on the other end of the spectrum is this country-inspired vineyard soiree. Cowboy boots and a barn helped this couple turn their winery wedding into a down-home party. —Ruffled

The naturalistic feel of a winery lends itself to gorgeous, rustic-inspired details. We love these 10 garland centerpieces that feel like the bring the beauty of the outdoors in. —Brooklyn Bride

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One Bride's Top Tips for Throwing a Beach Bachelorette Party

Chloe Melas Bachelorette Party in Mexico

Photo: Courtesy of Xchel Guillermo

Meet Chloe Melas, the Senior Entertainment Reporter at HollywoodLife.com and host of VH1's morning show The Gossip Table! Chloe is in the midst of planning her New York City wedding, and she's sharing each step of the process. From her bachelorette party to the honeymoon and everything in between, stay tuned for the reporter's wedding chronicles. For her latest installment, Chloe gives her top reasons why you and your 'maids should head to Mexico for your bachelorette party.

I always assumed I'd take my girlfriends to Sin City for my bachelorette party, hit the clubs for 72 hours and fly back home wearing sunglasses and popping Advil. But somewhere along the way in my year-long engagement, I decided I wanted something relaxing and of course, a fabulous tan before the big day. That's why I choose Mexico!

Be mindful of the date: Make sure your date works with everyone before you start booking your bachelorette trip! Attempting to wrangle my 10 bridesmaids was a difficult task, they all have intense jobs, some are stay-at-home moms — and I admit, I picked September. I wasn't thinking that most of my girlfriends had already used their vacation days on summer trips, and with my wedding looming only one month after, it was hard for most of my bridal party to travel overseas.

Edit the guest list: I always pictured having 20 girls in tow for my bachelorette party, but keeping it small made it that much more fun and there was so much less drama.

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Stay at an all-inclusive hotel: We chose Playacar Palace and it was simply perfect. The resort was only 45 minutes from Cancun, and it was nestled steps from the heart of downtown. We spent three days laying on the gorgeous white sand beach in front of the hotel, ordering mojitos from the swim-up pool bar and swam for hours in the crystal clear water. Plus, we went to all of the delicious restaurants at the resort like MO-MO-NO-HA-NA, Terazza and Cafe del Mar. But the best part was that it was all-inclusive: We ate everything, drank everything and there was not one awkward conversation about money.

Still party like you're in Las Vegas: The resort drove us to their sister resort, Moon Palace, in Cancun one night and it was straight out of the Vegas Strip. As soon as we got there we boarded private VIP golf carts which took us straight to our amazing Italian dinner on their golf course. Then we hit up their nightclub, Noir. The night was filled with crazy dancing, signature cocktails designed just for us and of course, it was topped off with sparklers!

Chloe Melas Swimming with Dolphins

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe Melas

Spend time bonding: We spent our last day at the Playacar's spa and it was amazing. We got massages and spent time in the relaxation pools — it was the perfect way to spend a morning after going out. We also took the afternoon to go swimming with dolphins, which was definitely on my bucket list! But the trip was topped off with a five-course meal on the beach, where the girls surprised me with a lingerie party.

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Former President Jimmy Carter Shares a Secret of His 67-Year Marriage

Jimmy Carter Rosalynn Carter

Photo: Getty Images

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn are second to only Barbara and George H. W. Bush in presidential marriage longevity. Compared to the Bush's whopping 69 years of marriage, the Carters' 67 years still seem very impressive. And now, after nearly seven decades of marriage, the Carters spoke to People about their union, and mentioned a cute tradition they've kept up nearly that entire time.

When Carter was serving in the Navy in the 1940s, he coined the acronym "ILYTG," which stands for "I love you the goodest." Don't let the phrase's unconventional grammar throw you off — the meaning behind the term of endearment is almost as cute as the words themselves.

See more: The Most Iconic Brides of All Time

"That's what my mother and daddy used to say back and forth, and I picked it up with Rosa," Carter, the 39th president exclusively told People in an exclusive joint interview with his "Rosa," his nickname for the former First Lady.

And if the phrase has provided any kind of marital luck for the Carters, their children will likely benefit from it, too! The couple borrowed it from Jimmy's parents, and have since shared it with each other and passed it down through their family. "Now all our children do the same thing — ILYTG on the phone or in emails. They generally just put the initials," Jimmy said. "And sometimes they change the initials and make you guess what they're talking about."

He even inscribed the acronym on a compact for Rosalynn; that keepsake is now on display at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta.

Clearly, spoken affection has contributed to their long, storied marriage. The parents of four also attribute their wedded bliss to knowing when to give each other space and participating in joint charitable actions through their philanthropy, the Carter Center.

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Why Doesn't Lo Bosworth Remember BFF Lauren Conrad's Wedding?

Lo Bosworth on Lauren Conrad Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

There's one fail proof way to know if your friends and family had a great time at your wedding — if they're a little fuzzy on the details! And if you use that as your gold standard for whether or not your wedding was a serious party, then Lauren Conrad's recent wedding to William Tell was a blast.

HuffPost Live sat down with Condrad's long-time BFF and bridesmaid Lo Bosworth to chat all-things wedding, and the reality star-turned chef dished on the behind-the-scenes details of the couple's big day ... well, at least the ones she can remember.

"It was a beautiful wedding, she was one of the most dazzling brides I've ever seen," Bosworth gushed. "Not a bridezilla at all, but she's not like that, she's fantastic. I wouldn't expect anything different from her."

See More: Go Inside Lauren Conrad's Italian Honeymoon

But that's all Bosworth really recalls. When asked her professional opinion of the menu options, Bosworth admitted that she wasn't quite sure about that part of the evening. "The food was ... good. I was a couple of cocktails deep, what did I eat? I don't remember! I remember it being delicious."

Though Bosworth had nothing but amazing memories of Conrad's planning skills and expertly-executed designs. "She did lots of DIY, she was crafting for weeks and weeks," Bosworth said. "She made a lot of the things that you saw. And it was such a beautiful tablescape — not one piece of china, not one piece of silverware, not one cup was identical to another piece on the table. So there was so much love and effort that went into it. It was really lovely."

And while most women aren't huge fans of their bridesmaid attire, Bosworth approved of the mismatched blush pink gowns the ladies wore. "Lauren just launched Paper Crown Bridal ... They have all of these amazing bridesmaid dresses now," she said.

It sounds like a great time was had by all!

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A Colorful California Wedding with Citrus Accents

Katie Urban, 28, and Greg Cherry, 34, met on Super Bowl Sunday in 2009, when they spotted each other from across a crowded Venice Beach bar. "We were the tallest people there," says Katie. "We started dating a month after we met."

The day Greg proposed, March 8, 2013, Katie thought they were just taking her little sister, Allie, out for a birthday dinner at favorite LA restaurant, Mozza. But, when Katie left the studio where she was working to meet Greg outside the security gate, she saw him standing next to a limo with a bouquet of flowers and knew something was up. "We jumped into the limo, and that's when Greg got down on one knee to propose (yes, inside the limo!)," she says. He continued with his story that they were picking Allie up in Santa Monica and going to eat, but the limo instead stopped on Main Street, across from The California Heritage Museum. After following candles down the hallway and up the staircase at the museum, Katie heard her family and friends yell, "Surprise!" from the top of the stairs. "It was amazing," Katie says. "I had always wanted a very private proposal, and then the big celebration with family and friends was icing on the cake!"

The two wasted no time, hiring wedding planner Nicole Arena of Green Ribbon Parties just three weeks after the proposal. "It was a good thing, too," says Katie. "I felt like the planning really did go on for the entire year."

Keep reading to see the details from their April 12, 2014 wedding at The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in Ojai, CA, as captured by Annie McElwain.

While a friend helped initially design the wedding invitation, Katie asked Julie Song of Julie Song Ink to put the vision into print. The end result: a whimsical script, a water-colored pink background, and a pretty pink-and-white patterned envelope liner.

Katie turned dress shopping into a girls' trip. She and her bridesmaids headed to Melrose Avenue, naturally, where they visited the Vera Wang boutique before going next door to Monique Lhuiller. "Trying on dresses at both boutiques was my favorite experience in the entire wedding planning process," Katie says. Once at Monique Lhuiller, she fell for an off-white Chantilly lace trumpet gown immediately.

The bride carried a gorgeous bouquet of garden roses, sweet peas, and ranunculus, all tied together with a pale pink linen ribbon.

The groomsmen's boutonnieres were made of peach and apricot ranunculus flowers, accented with bits of olive and raw silk ribbon.

"I love the look of different dresses and colors in the same palette," Katie says. To help this look come together, she created a Pinterest board and asked her 'maids to "pin" dresses they liked.

The groom wore a classic Hugo Boss tux, black braces, and an Eton tuxedo shirt. He accessorized with a Simon Carter watch (a wedding gift from his bride!), tangerine socks, and his father's cufflinks.

The bride kept her jewelry to a minimum, wearing only drop diamond earrings and her wedding band, of course!

For the ceremony, Katie and Greg said "I do" under the Inn's famous giant oak tree. They kept the décor simple, setting up white chairs for guests and letting the environment speak for itself. They did place a 1955 Buick convertible near the entrance of the ceremony site, though. "We were supposed to drive away in the car, but Greg couldn't get the engine to start," Katie says. "We had to get out and walk instead!"

The bride and groom opted for "his & hers" signature cocktails. In honor of the bride, they offered The Herban Vodka, made with vodka, fresh lemonade, lemon, and club soda, garnished with a lavender stem. For the groom, they had The Bourbon Cherry, a mix of Woodford Reserve whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, a splash of soda, and, of course, a cherry on top, a nod to the groom's last name!

Loving the ombré watercolor look, Katie ordered escort cards (and table numbers and menus!) from Minted. On the escort card table, guests found their table assignments in bowls of kumquats, pink and white peonies and ranunculuses, and greenery.

With the help of her planner and florist, Brown Paper Design, Katie dressed up long communal tables with a neutral table runner, votive candles, and low arrangements of ranunculus, poppies, and lilacs. There were also plenty of citrus fruits to go around, with a kumquat at each place setting and a wooden bowl of kumquats at each table.

Katie and Greg's tiered cake was two flavors, red velvet and white chocolate mousse with blackberries. It was covered in white ganache and decorated with bright pink peonies, greenery, and kumquats.

The day after the wedding, the newlyweds flew to Bali for a two-week honeymoon. Lastly, for all brides-to-be, Katie says, "Invest in a planner, it helps!"

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa || Event Planner: Nicole Arena of Green Ribbon Parties || Bride's Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier || Hair: Fiore Beauty || Makeup: Alex George || Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss, purchased at Nordstrom || Event Designer: Brown Paper Design || Rentals: Classic Party Rentals || Cake: The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa || Photography: Annie McElwain

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3 Fun Wedding Weekend Festivities to Consider

If the traditional wedding parties (rehearsal dinner, Sunday brunch, etc.) aren't enough celebrating for you, here are some ideas for filler events, whether held to thank a group of people, to honor out-of-town guests, or simply to keep the party going through the wedding weekend.

The Appreciation Party: Instead of trying to schedule a series of luncheons and bachelor/bachelorette parties, a couple might host one big appreciation party instead. Invited are attendants and anyone else who has given generously of their time and ideas to help make the wedding wonderful. The appreciation party is often a casual affair, a barbecue or picnic, especially if the rehearsal dinner is to be formal. It is usually held just before the wedding, when everyone has gathered, and is another opportunity for the bride and groom to give their attendants gifts of appreciation. This get-together can also be held after the couple returns from their honeymoon if their attendants and special friends live close enough to attend.

The Pre-Wedding Luncheon: For a late-afternoon wedding, a small luncheon for the bridal party may be given by friends or neighbors. This takes the burden off the busy mother of the bride to host yet another entertainment on her daughter's wedding day. It may be as simple or as elaborate as the host and hostess wish, but laid-back and relaxing may be just the ticket to put an excited and nervous bridal party at ease. The bride and groom are absolutely not required to attend, however; it depends on their schedules and energy levels.

Parties for Out-of-Town Guests: A lovely gift from relatives or friends is a party for out-of-town guests and early-arriving wedding attendants. This, too, relieves the bride's parents of extra work before the wedding and gives guests a chance to spend time together in an informal atmosphere. Invitations should be sent well in advance so that guests can plan their travel itinerary accordingly. Often the party is given by multiple hosts, who share the expenses and work. These parties may be held at a home or in a club or restaurant. Guests may include the attendants, the couple's families, their close friends, and friends of their parents. Outings, too, can be arranged rather than parties — bowling, miniature golf, hiking, visits to local tourist attractions. It's a great way for visitors to relax and explore the area before the wedding.

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Mad Men Star Bryan Batt Is Married!

Mad Men Star Bryan Batt Married

Photo: Getty Images

Mad Men alum Bryan Batt is officially off the market! After spending 25 years with his partner Tom Cianfichi, Us Weekly reports that the pair wed on September 28 in New Orleans.

"After 25 years together we tied the knot," Batt said. "First legally in New York City, and then in a ceremony and reception under the canopy of oaks in a beautiful Garden District courtyard in New Orleans."

According to the Daily Mail the pair hosted a star-studded evening, filled with Batt's former co-stars, like Christina Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend, and friends like Patricia Clarkson, Christian Le Blanc, and Harriet Harris.

See More: Want More Mad Men Wedding News? Read All About Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel's Secret Nuptials!

As for ceremony and reception decorations, the actor and his new husband, who own several home décor stores, didn't skimp on style. "I've had some good ones, but this was the best night of my life!" Batt said. They decorated their gorgeous courtyard with paper lanterns in green and gold, and exchanged vows while a jazz quartet playing "What a Wonderful World."

But their happy day was almost derailed. "It was raining all day, and although there was a tent, it could have been messy," Batt said. "At 4 p.m. Weather.com reported 100 perfect chance of rain between 6 and 10, [so] we looked to the heavens and asked our late moms to do whatever they could, [and] at 5:30 p.m. I checked the report again, and [there was] zero perfect chance of rain — it was beautiful!"

Last week, after 25 years, Tom and I were married. It was beautiful, profound, and more magical than I ever dreamed. I highly recommend it !

— Bryan Batt (@Bryan_Batt) October 8, 2014

Ultimately, the new couple had an incredible wedding day, and Batt shared the above tweet which noted their happy union.

Congratulations to the new couple!

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8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Wedding Catering

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007. Here, she's sharing the top eight things most couples don't know about wedding catering.

Most brides and grooms don't know the ins-and-outs of how catering works at their wedding reception. There are rules and schedules caterers will follow to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Unless you've planned big events before and have the scoop, the following info will help you understand the hows and whys of the food and beverages at your wedding reception:

1. You don't get to keep the leftovers. You only get what you paid for and your guests ate, unless you've pre-arranged something differently on the contract. An off-site caterer will have brought more food than necessary to make sure they have enough to satisfy all of your guests. It leaves with them.

2. When you have an off-site caterer, plated, pre-ordered meals are often less expensive than a buffet or food stations.

3. Bar packages have specific hours. If you've contracted for an open bar for five hours, that means your wedding party can't hit the bar when they're getting ready beforehand or the caterer has every right to close the bar early.

4. Buffets and service stations that require a carving chef or other special attention will require an addition fee — usually $150 of more — for that extra chef.

See More: Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Caterer

5. Like the food, any "leftovers" on the bar belong to the caterer. They've brought more booze and mixers than they needed and they'll be taking the extra back with them at the end. Prepare to be charged if any of your guests help themselves to a bottle.

6. Not every caterer has a liquor license, but they won't always tell you that. Be sure to ask so that your event doesn't break any laws.

7. The caterer has the right to cut off any wedding guest who becomes too inebriated. We had one guest so drunk that he stole a bottle of booze, hid it in his pants and then accidentally dropped it on the pool deck amongst a whole crew of dancing barefoot guests. What a nightmare!

8. If you have a complaint, you need to take it directly to the chef, owner or manager of the establishment. Making a scene at a bartender or server makes you look like a bully. Legitimate complaints should be acted upon immediately by management if you go to the right person.

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20 Things All Married Couples Bicker About

Weird Fights Married Couples Have

Photo: Getty Images

When you live with someone 24/7 and pretty much know them like the back of your hand, you're bound to get in little tiffs over the stupidest stuff, but in the heat of the moment, you simply can't help yourself. From walking the dog in the morning to putting the laundry away properly, here are some of the silliest and strangest things you can guarantee you and your fiancé will bicker about once you become man and wife.

1. Leaving the toilet seat up
2. Not picking up after yourself
3. Throwing your dirty clothes on the floor instead of the hamper where you know they belong
4. Whether throw pillows are, in fact, necessary.(News flash dudes, they are!_
5. Whose turn it is to make the bed
6. Or take the dog out to pee early in the morning
7. What to cook for dinner
8. And who's actually going to cook it this time around
9. Who has a better sense of direction
10. Eating the last [insert your favorite food here]. Oh, no he did not just do that!
11. What to watch on TV
12. And why your shows are ultimately better than his
13. His friends
14. Your friends
15. Leaving the door open to go to the bathroom
16. And not giving a courtesy flush or at least spraying some air freshener in there!
17. Being completely indecisive about where to eat on Saturday night
18. Or having zero opinion on the matter at all
19. Not listening to your riveting story about your bestie's ex-boyfriend's girlfriend's cat
20. Forgetting to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher again

Tell us: What do you and your guy constantly argue about? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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Aire Barcelona Wedding Dresses 2015

aire barcelona 2015 anabel sleeveless lace neckline ball gown

Welcome back to another gorgeous week on Wedding Inspirasi! If you’ve been drooling over the beautiful strapless wedding dresses from Aire Barcelona’s 2015 bridal collection we posted last week, get ready for more major swooning today. Here we present some of our favorite gowns with straps or sleeves from the 2015 collection… and you can trust us when we say they’re breathtaking! Elegant ball gowns with off-the shoulder sleeves, guipure lace sheaths with beaded illusion necklines — we love them all!

aire barcelona 2015 anabel sleeveless lace neckline ball gown gathered skirt

aire barcelona 2015 anabel sleeveless lace neckline ball gown side view gathered skirt

aire barcelona 2015 anand sleeveless drop waist ball gown illusion back

aire barcelona 2015 andrina sleeveless illusion neckline wedding ruffle skirt

aire barcelona 2015 anne off shoulder ball gown wedding dress

aire barcelona 2015 anouk one shoulder ball gown wedding dress tiered skirt

aire barcelona 2015 anouk one shoulder ball gown wedding dress tiered skirt close up bodice

aire barcelona 2015 ayamonte lace off shoulder wedding dress

aire barcelona 2015 bridal azor sleeveless wedding dress scalloped lace edge

aire barcelona bridal 2015 adaggio sleeveless sheath wedding dress

aire barcelona bridal 2015 aisha long sleeve sheath wedding dress

aire barcelona bridal 2015 ajedrez sleeveless beaded sheath wedding dress

aire barcelona bridal 2015 aloe sleeveless sheath wedding dress illusion neckline

aire barcelona bridal 2015 amarile sleeveless illusion high neckline sheath wedding dress

aire barcelona bridal 2015 amatista fit flare lace wedding dress off shoulder sleeves

aire barcelona bridal 2015 antonela illusion long sleeve wedding dress back view close up

aire barcelona bridal 2015 antonela illusion long sleeve wedding dress back view train

aire barcelona bridal 2015 antonela illusion long sleeve wedding dress full front view

aire barcelona bridal 2015 astrid sleeveless romantic wedding dress

aire barcelona bridal 2015 azahar fit and flare wedding dress illusion sleeveless neckline

aire barcelona bridal 2015 oman sleeveless ball gown wedding dress

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 ansel sleeveless ball gown illusion back

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 ansel sleeveless ball gown illusion back view

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 arca sleeveless ball gown lace bodice

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 arca sleeveless ball gown lace bodice back view

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 arena sleeveless drop waist ball gown pocket illusion back

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 argelia column gown off the shoulder sleeves

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 astan sleeveless ball gown wedding dress

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 astro sleeveless draped gown back view

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 astro sleeveless draped gown front view close up

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 atlanta sleeveless drop waist wedding dress

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 atlanta sleeveless drop waist wedding dress close up

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 azzuro cap sleeve wedding dress illusion lace bodice

aire barcelona wedding dresses 2015 azzuro cap sleeve wedding dress illusion lace bodice full view

aire barcelona wedding dresses bridal 2015 asunta drop waist ball gown off shoulder sleeves

Photos: Aire Barcelona. For details visit Aire Barcelona.

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A Wedding Color Palette We're Loving: Cream & Shell Pink

Cream and Shell Pink Color Palette

Photos: Jose Villa; John Aquino; Jeffrey Westbook; Devon Jarvis

Pretty pastel hues have a place in the bridal world year-round — not just in the warmer months. So if you have your heart set on a delicate color palette of cream and shell pink, it's possible to incorporate the girly tones into your big-day décor any time of the year (fall months included).

These gorgeous neutral shades are among the most versatile (not to mention popular!) picks for a bridal color combination. They're the perfect accompaniment for nearly any reception space and feature super-flattering shades that even the pickiest bridesmaid will love.

See More: 30 Amazing Ceremony Structures for Your Wedding Day

Select a chic chevron invitation in the two pale shades — a dose of gold metallic, by way of a contemporary block text, will help town down the feminine hues. With just about every wedding-worthy flower available in some shade of pink and cream, you'll have your pick of gorgeous arrangements that suit the palette. (Though, if you're leaving it up to us, we'd go with fluffy garden roses, modern ranunculus, and few romantic hydrangeas.) With such neutral shades, it's important to select a statement-making detail for your reception like this cream-and-pink wedding cake with teardrop fondant details. Shop all of our favorite cream-and-pink wedding details below.

Above: 1. Invitation, "Viceroy", $2,730 for 100, Jessica Tierney for Bella Figura; 2. Bridesmaids' Dress, $370, Amsale; 3. Earrings, $45, Banana Republic; 4. Sea-Urchin Place-Card Holders, $17.50 for 10, Beachy Chic Décor; 5. Centerpiece, $200, Seaport Flowers; 6. Cake, $13 per slice (serves 75), Elegantly Iced

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Naomi Watts's Sequin Jason Wu Dress Is Perfect for Your Wedding Day

Naomi Watts Get the Look Jason Wu

Photo: Getty Images

If there's one celebrity whose an exemplar of stunning red carpet style, it's Naomi Watts. And if there's anything we've learned from her countless fashion successes, it's that this girl looks good in aisle-worthy gowns. Take her blush, shimmering sequin Jason Wu shift that hits just below the knee and has an open back from last night's New York premiere of St. Vincent, for example. This glistening, soft pink-hued dress, with on-trend geometric detailing, modern cutouts, and a no-fuss straight-cut silhouette, is prime for emulating at your reception or rehearsal dinner. Case in point: There are plenty of recent runway looks similar to Wu's stunner on Watts.

Here, ways to get Naomi Watts's gorgeous blush sequin sheath for yourself.

Naomi Watts Get the Look Jason Wu - Vera Wang

Photo: Courtesy of Vera Wang

Vera Wang: If there was one detail the bridal design standard played with this past season was contrasting sections of diagonal ruching. Each area crashed into one another creating a wildly playful three-dimensional, geometric effect that also worked to flatter. The ruched ivory and nude tulle mermaid not only features similar lines along the bodice, but warmer hue too.

Strapless hand-draped ivory and nude tulle mermaid wedding dress, Vera Wang

Naomi Watts Get the Look Jason Wu - Rivini

Photo: John Aquino

Rivini: This sparkly Rivini mermaid mirrors a few of Watts's most striking elements: Sequins embedded throughout the gown, striped vertical details, and a high neck. Then one fun addition to this dress, though, is it's on-trend illusion neckline.

Wedding dress by Rivini

Naomi Watts Get the Look Jason Wu - Naeem Khan

Photo: John Aquino

Naeem Khan: Sure, it's not blush and the details run horizontal rather than vertical, but the gilded stripes on this Naeem Khan number offers a similar finish: a warm-toned, sparkly striped detail that adds both shimmer and dimension to an otherwise simple silhouette. Oh, and this dress sports the beloved illusion neckline, too!

"Bellagio" sleeveless illusion organza A-line wedding dress with a high neckline and silver and gold beading, Naeem Khan

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Ready to Party Like It's 1999? Listen to Our Ultimate '90s Wedding Playlist

Let's face it: The '90s were filled with some of the most divisive, and yet, most catchy pop songs. You definitely had feelings (whether they be positive or negative) toward "MMMBop", but you certainly know how to dance to it! The hip-hop, pop, and novelty songs from that not-so long ago decade are some of the best wedding dance songs you can play today.

Case in point: Celine Dion's era-defining theme song for Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On." It's cheesy, sure, but it's also wildly romantic and filled with nostalgia for love on the high seas and young Leonardo DiCaprio. Even if you and your groom don't want to share a slow dance to it, you and your bridesmaids can share an emotional dance-circle moment. Other tunes, like Boyz II Men's classic "I'll Make Love to You" are simply too good to not make a moment out of! Throw in pop hits like Britney Spears's "...Baby One More Time" and House of Pain's "Jump Around," and we have little doubt that people will be literally grooving the night away.

See more: First Dance Songs from Real Weddings

Sure, you don't have to play exclusively '90s music, but for those "gotta get on the dance floor ASAP" moments, you really can't go wrong by sprinkling in at least a few. Take a listen to our curated Spotify playlist, which features the aforementioned songs and many more, to hear exactly what we're talking about. Sit back, click play, and enjoy!

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Kanye West Crashes a Bachelorette Party in New Orleans! See the Photos

That time Kanye sent us a bottle of champs. #kanyewater #bobonbourbon #hugekimfan @kimkardashian

View on Instagram

Kanye West had a lot of practice planning and having a wedding this year, and now, he's sharing his wedded bliss. On Saturday, he gave a bachelorette party the surprise of a lifetime!

Bride-to-be Siobhan DePietro was having a dinner with friends at Galatoire's in New Orleans when the group spotted West and some pals dining at the same restaurant around midnight.

Jess Kingsbery, one of the bachelorette party attendees, told E! News that, being big fans of the rapper, they asked a waiter if they could send his table a bottle of wine. What happened next, then, must have made them really happy — West flipped the script on them and sent the ladies a drink instead!

See more: They Do! The Craziest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding Rumors

"The waiter brought it over and said the champagne was compliments of Mr. West and his party," Kingsbery told E!. "It was so crazy, we could not get over it."

Just a pic of the bachelorette thanking Kanye for the bottle of champagne he bought for us. #nobigdeal #BobOnBourbon

View on Instagram

To put the proverbial icing on the cake, West then offered to pose for a group picture. In some Instagrams posted by the women, he's seen smiling and chatting.

DePietro's friends even asked about his marriage to Kim Kardashian. "Married life is great," Kingsbery quoted West as saying in response. That, in addition, to his overall generosity, made for a night to remember for the bachelorette party.

"It was such a fun surprise," Kingsbery said. "He was very, very nice. It was the best night of our lives."

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Creative Wedding Favors: What Real Brides Gifted Their Guests

Who doesn't love wedding favors? They're always such a delightful memento, perfectly capturing both the happy couple's personality and the spirit of their ceremony. Planning your own tokens for your wedding guests? Get inspired by these ideas from readers.

"We got married in New Orleans and had a brass band play. After the ceremony, the wedding party came out following the band second-line style, waving the traditional hankie. So, of course, our guests all got second-line hankies of their own as their wedding favors so they could join in the fun!" — Marie P.

"We had a photographer take pictures of our guests as they came into the reception with Mickey by the fire place. We had a Disney wedding. Instead of traditional thank you cards, we sent them a copy of their picture with our thank you written on the back. It is a keepsake that is personally for them. We got so many phone calls from people thanking is for the pictures. Best part is it cost us .22 cents each and saved us from buying a ton of thank you cards." — Cathy G.

"A family friend is a real cartoon artist. He drew my husband and I and made custom wine labels, which we put on a bottle of wine for each guest staying at the hotel. All guests received a wine stopper. My hubby and I are known as the Princess and Hippie, so the wine label depicts him as a deadhead and me as royalty." — Katie M.

"We gave each guest a blank coin to choose one of three charities for us to donate to instead of giving out favors. It involved them and allowed us to do something amazing! They ended up choosing a summer camp scholarship fund!" — Shulamit R.

See More: Hosting a Fall Wedding? See Our Favorite Favors for Autumn "I Do's"

"We got married in Italy, so we made homemade limoncello for each guest." — Sarah P.

"We had a country wedding, and we made homemade cowboy boot and hat suckers." — Shayna W.

"We had a beach wedding in Thailand, so we gave each of our guests traditional wooden fans and wooden umbrellas to help them with the heat and sun." — Sheridan C.

"I'm getting married Friday, and we will have a wooden crate with dirt in it, surrounded by sunflowers. There will be sunflower packets glued to popsicle sticks and a sign saying, 'Take one and watch love grow.'" — Symantha C.

See More: Favor Ideas for a Destination Wedding

"Blueberry jam from Maine (where my husband is from and where our wedding was), plus peach jam (for where I'm from). We let our guests pick theirs out." — Torie W.

"We did a CD of our favorite songs and personalized the cover with a thank you note for being a part of our special day." — Kristen G.

"A custom-blend coffee in a stamped cotton pouch. One side had hearts with our initials on it and said 'Love's perfect blend.' The other side had a cappuccino cup and said, 'Thanks a latte.' We also handed out wishing wands to send us off rather than rice." — Mackayla G.

"We gave our favorite cinnamon roasted almonds from the Minneapolis Farmers Market." — Kandace K.

Find more great ideas from readers on our Facebook page.

Jolène M. Bouchon is a regular contributor to Brides.com and a freelance writer.

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Is It Ever Okay to Snoop Through Your Fianc

Wedding Social Media Trendsetter Tips

Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever had a nagging suspicion that something is amiss with your man, you may have been tempted to peek inside his drawers, briefcase or phone. But even if your worst fears are fact, is it ever okay to snoop through his things to find out?

"No good comes from reading his e-mail, texts or going through his tax returns," says relationship expert and author April Masini. "Don't call his mother behind his back and ask her questions about his prior relationships. And don't stake out his friends, amateur-espionage style, to figure out what he really does when he's with the guys."

Rather, Masini suggests, dig into yourself and your relationship to discover why you feel the need to snoop in the first place. Some reasons include:

Mistrust: "Some people have good reason to mistrust a spouse because they have a history of being misled by this very person," says Masini. "That's a legitimate mistrust. Snooping isn't going to help you with the problem, just the symptoms that are various betrayals."

Your history: "Many women have people in their pasts who have deceived them, and the man they are now married to is not someone who's ever deceived them," Masini says. "But he's getting the fallout from your past. Use the opportunity to heal your past to have a healthier present and future."

You're not honest yourself: "Lots of people project onto others what they do themselves, so if you're someone who is deceptive and isn't transparent with issues, you may think others are doing what you are," Masini says. "If you've got a lot of secret passwords on your e-mail and social media accounts because you're living a private life, you'll probably assume he is, too."

That being said, when you enter a marriage, you do have a reasonable expectation that your spouse will be open and share certain things with you, especially those that include your finances or the details of your legal partnership. "You shouldn't feel that wanting to talk about taxes and money is snooping," Masini says. "Discussing and partnering on taxes, money and legal issues is an important part of your marriage. It's learning about your partner to build a better relationship that includes all realms of life, together."

And if you do slip up and snoop, know it's okay — if you cop to doing it. "It's typical to find the wallet he left in your car, and want to go through it, or to use his computer and notice his e-mail account has been left over, and want to read what's there," says Masini. "What separates 'okay snooping' from snooping that isn't okay is, one, your disclosure after having done it and, two, the rigor and priority you give snooping."

What do you think? Is it ever okay to snoop? Let us know on Twitter at @BRIDES!

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In Season Now: More Ways to Use Ferns

Last week, we shared some of the prettiest bridal bouquets featuring lush, textural ferns. But since they're so seasonal, we're spotlighting even more ways to incorporate pretty ferns into the rest of your fall wedding day. From ceremony aisle decorations to even your cake, check out these elegant and creative ways to feature ferns in your wedding.

Ceremony Aisle (above): Tie lush ferns to the chairs along the ceremony aisle with pretty satin ribbon.

Ceremony Backdrop: For an organic and minimalist look, affix individual fern fronds to a blank white wall.

Escort Card Display Stake each guest's escort card in a rustic planter overflowing with ferns.

Centerpiece: Rustic wood planter boxes filled with deep-green ferns are an elegant (and affordable!) centerpiece idea.

Fern Tablescape: For a more elaborate, lush look, display a runner of ferns down the length of the table and also suspend them overhead from chandeliers.

Pedestal Centerpiece: If your reception space has tall ceilings, elevate an elegant arrangement of ferns on a tall pedestal.

Place Setting: Displaying a single fern at each guest's place setting is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

Cake Table: Decorate your dessert table with a striking wall arrangement of ferns and flowers.

Wedding Cake: A woodland scene of marzipan mushrooms and fresh ferns and berries is the perfect complement to an outdoor wedding celebration.

Special thanks to Sean Nestlerode at Torchio Nursery in San Francisco for his help with our "In Season Now" flower series!

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Bill Murray Gave a Toast at George Clooney's Wedding! Find Out What He Said

Nick Clooney, George Clooney's father, wasn't the only guest to make a tear-jerking speech at the actor's high-profile Venice wedding to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Comedic legend Bill Murray gave what we can only assume was a hilarious and heartwarming speech as well.

During an appearance on the Today show to promote his new film, St. Vincent, Murray answered all of Matt Lauer's curiosities about the star-studded wedding weekend.

"So everyone's just in T-shirts, real casual," he joked about the ultra-glam Italian affair. "It was a lot of fun," he continued. "People were very emotional about the fact that these two people found someone. That really was the great part of the party."

See More: See Amal Alamuddin's Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress!

He also spoke high-praise about Alamuddin. "She's a real beautiful girl, a great huge heart, and a real humanitarian," Murray noted. "And funny, too!"

Of his speech, he said his remarks were something along the lines of: ""These two ... it's kind of just miraculous that they found each other, because they're so ideal for each other. ... It's liberating, really is liberating to see them alive and in love."

Amen to that! If even one of the funniest men in Hollywood can keep a straight face and speak with all sincerity about this beloved celebrity couple, than you know it's the real deal. It sounds like all of the guests were extremely touched by Clooney and Alamuddin's love, and were eager to celebrate a genuine romance that was long overdue for these two giving and kind people.

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How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress and Accessories

Your wedding dress, as well as your shoes, your veil, and your bouquet, are treasured items even before you wear them on your big day. Even if you're not planning on wearing or using them again (or passing them down to your daughter), you probably want to save them so they look as pretty as they did on your wedding day! You want to take as much care with your wedding clothing after the event as you did before. Here are some practical ways to store your wedding attire so that it will stay fresh and wrinkle-free for years to come.

Wedding dress: Have an attendant or relative hang your gown up as soon as you take it off. Get it to a professional cleaner who specializes in wedding gowns, particularly in the event of spots or champagne spills. The cleaners will then clean and store the gown in a sealed box or container. Store the box or container on a high shelf in a closet or in the attic.

Bouquet: If your freezer is large enough, store your bouquet inside until you return from your honeymoon. When you return, have it freeze-dried by a florist or dry it yourself by hanging it upside down in a dry place.

Shoes: For cloth shoes, sponge with a cloth and a mild detergent; when dry, put them away in tissue in a box. For leather shoes, polish and store. If tough grass stains are on shoes, have them cleaned professionally, no matter what the fabric.

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